My Kleraderm facial at Nordstrom Patridge Creek, plus an upcoming giveaway!

I consider myself very, very lucky.  I happen to live in an area where I can find Kleraderm, the Italian skin care line, in person.  It’s been my go-to skin care line for the past six years.  In Michigan, you can find Kleraderm at Nordstrom Somerset in Troy Michigan, as well as at Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Township.  Kleraderm is also sold in many upscale spas in the area.

Kleraderm at Nordstrom

Kleraderm at Nordstrom

What I love so much about Kleraderm is that Joanne Recchia, the US Kleraderm distributer, is truly all about finding the very best products for you.  Kleraderm is a huge line that addresses many different skin conditions, and Joanne works with each customer personally via samples until she allows you (I am not kidding) to buy something.  Plus, if you live in the area she gives these amazing facials for only $20.  Based on the products she uses, a facial like this at any spa would cost upwards of $200!

Even the store managers use Kleradem, like  (on the left, Joanne is on the right)

Joanne (left) with Nordstrom store manager Magdalena Valentino, who also uses Kleraderm!

Very soon, Joanne is going to be sponsoring a unique giveaway for Beauty Info Zone readers.  What makes the contest unique is that in order to enter the giveaway, you will be speaking briefly with Joanne herself so she can determine the best products for you – and then she is going to send you a bunch of samples to try.  You will get some fantastic samples just for entering the contest.  She is amazing!!  In the meantime, though, let me give you an idea of what Kleraderm is all about.  Here is what I experienced with my last facial a few weeks ago:

love my Kleraderm

love my Kleraderm

Joanne cleansed my skin with Bleaching Cleanser, which contains 27 active enzymes to help brighten skin, then topped it with 25% glycolic acid and had me sit for 3 minutes. Then, she applied Drainage Synergy and lightly massaged my face for one minute.   Then she wiped off the product with hot towels and spritzed me with Chamomile Healing Water (something I now use all the time – I keep it next to my bed and spritz to heal the dryness from indoor heaters.)

Next, she applied Intensive Serum which is made up of 40% Hyaluronic acid and 40% Native collagen, aloe and rose water.  Then, she applied an anti-age mask made from pressed collagen and the same cholesterol fibers that suspend skin. She actually melted the mask into the layers of my skin, it was pretty impressive.

Botofit...could this be what Joanne is going to give away?  Stay tuned!

Botofit…could this be what Joanne is going to give away? Stay tuned!

Finally, Joanne applied eye gel, eye cream, and neck firming cream.  As a finishing touch, she applied Ysaline Filler Cream and moisturized.  My skin looked nothing short of amazing afterward, and I went shopping for the rest of the day with no makeup on at all – and wasn’t the least bit self-conscious.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Kleraderm giveaway, you are going to love it.  Meanwhile, this weekend, January 25 and 26 is the Winterize Your Skin Event at Nordstrom Partridge Creek and Kleraderm is offering a gift with purchase for guests who attend:  free 20% Glycolic acid peels and free anti age eye treatments! For those who cannot attend Joanne is offering a free full size product gift with purchase for pre-sell orders.  You can contact Joanne at  [email protected] .  The Kleraderm motto is: we’re into your skin, not your pocket books.  – Lisa


  1. Sounds great! I would love to try the products, and am in the metro Detroit area, too.

  2. This sounds all kinds of amazing!

  3. Am soooo jealous!!!!! Wish I lived closer – but absolutely love the products and love Joanne – she is amazing – and like Lisa said “not into our pocketbooks”. She will load you up with samples to try before you buy!!!!!!!

  4. Rhonda, be sure you come back when the giveaway is posted. We know you are a big fan of the line.