It’s your last chance to enter the Kleraderm giveaway! Plus inside info…

This is it…today is your LAST CHANCE to enter the Kleraderm giveaway.

Kleraderm sample packets

Everyone who enters gets free Kleraderm sample packets – so why not take a chance?

Take a minute and read the comments on the Kleraderm Contest post HERE.  People are simply blown away at the fantastic customer service as well as general insight into skin care issues from Joanne at Kleraderm.  She is exceptionally generous and amazingly helpful.  I love that she insisted on doing a different, completely personalized contest.

Everyone who emails her wins because she gives great advice and sends a lot of samples to try.  Email Joanne today, comment on the ORIGINAL  POST HERE, and do it before 11:59 pm EST tonight!!  In addition to your sample packs, you could be one of the four super lucky people who wins a $200 Botofit Serum.

One of the fantastic perks of being friends with Joanne is she lets me test out products that aren’t even on the market yet in the U.S.  I want to tell you about two great products that are coming soon, I know you will want them when they are available.

Kleraderm has amazing skin products for your face and for your body.  I have been trying out the No Gravity Breast Serum and Emulsion for the past few months, and they are nothing short of fantastic.  I can’t wait for them to be available in the U.S.  It’s already available to those of you in Europe, you lucky ladies!

No Gravity Breast Serum

No Gravity Breast Serum

No Gravity Breast Serum and No Gravity Breast Emulsion were created for the delicate tissue surrounding the breast.  Breast tissue acts like  a beacon for harsh chemicals, with not much defense against such chemicals. Breast tissue has a habit of providing storage for such things.

The Kleraderm doctors did research and found that the tissue around the breasts must be handled differently than any other part of a woman’s body. No Gravity Breast products were developed and are coming soon.

No Gravity Breast Emulsion

No Gravity Breast Emulsion

Joanne tell me these new products are the first to consider the health of women’s breast and its delicate tissue. Science has proven that the breast tissue attracts and actually stores harmful chemical and atmosphere pollutants.

serum swatch

serum swatch

 No Gravity Breast Serum ($127) is a concentrated serum that restores compact firmness to breast tissue and the neckline.  This serum guarantees the correct level of hydration and supports elastin fibers, giving an  immediate lifting effect to the breasts and neckline. It fights off the effects of gravity and tightens elastin fibers, emphasizing firmness to the breast.  I put this on first every morning and every night.  Then I follow with the No Gravity Breast Emulsion.

Emulsion swatch

Emulsion swatch

The No Gravity Breast Emulsion ($98) is a fresh, light emulsion that when applied daily fights against tone loss of breast tissue.  It fights off the effects of gravity and tightens elastin fibers, emphasizing breast firmness.  This goes on after the serum, and it soaks in beautifully, leaving your chest and neck smooth and firmer.  And both provide protection from atmospheric chemicals and pollutants.

Breast health is extremely important for women, and I absolutely love that Kleraderm addresses the unique issues we face.

You have until tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST to enter the Kleraderm contest!  If you haven’t entered yet, here is all you need to do:

1.  email Kleraderm (meaning Joanne) at [email protected] about your skin and concerns.  Joanne will email you back.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS WITH YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.

2.  Joanne will then send you sample packages based on your skin concerns.  Everyone who emails Joanne will get samples!

3.  For your entry, you MUST leave a comment about your Kleraderm experience on the original contest post HERE.  You can speak of the service and / or knowledge you received.

Don’t wait for your samples to arrive,  jump right on it and comment after your first contact with Joanne from Kleraderm.

This contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on February 14, 2013.

Your comment regarding your interaction with Joanne is your giveaway entry to win your own bottle of Botofit Serum, a  $200 value.  Four people will be chosen at random to win, so what are you waiting for??  Email Joanne right now, and remember to come back and comment after you speak with her!   – Lisa


  1. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I didn’t, either, Sandy!

  2. Mary Wright says:

    Joanne emailed me right away. I am sure the samples will be great once they arrive. Nice to have personalized service!

  3. I got my email response very quickly, but have not yet received my samples. I’m very enthusiastic. What great individualized customer service!

  4. Joanne has been bombarded with requests and she’s personalizing them and paying for this on her own. Give it time, they’ll arrive.

  5. Hi everyone, the glitch at Nordies with the samples packet packages has been found and fixed!! All samples are on their way. You will love them!