I’m getting ready for Mother’s Day with Helen Ficalora jewelry

Mother's Day with Helen Ficolora
Mother’s Day with Helen Ficalora

Mother’s Day may not be until May 10th this year but that’s closer than you think. As a daughter, mother, and grandmother I don’t want to be caught last minute shopping because that means I’m buying something just to buy. Thinking ahead is the key, especially if you want to order online.

Helen Ficolora packaging
Helen Ficalora packaging

Helen Ficalora is a jewelry site with products that you and your mom will love. I am fortunate because they sent the perfect necklace as an example of their products. The packaging is wonderful and set to give as a gift. The red box with the perfectly tied ribbon and the inner boxes are beautiful and sturdy. (My crooked jewelry box is a long ago Mother’s Day gift from my sons.) You know just from the packaging that there’s quality inside.

MOM necklace from Helen Ficolara
MOM necklace from Helen Ficalora
Helen Ficolora MOM
Helen Ficalora MOM

My necklace is a Sterling Silver Mom Disk Charm on a Sterling Silver 18″ Fine Chain. It fits nicely in the crook of my neck. Stamped disk charms are available in 14k yellow gold, white gold, pink gold or sterling silver. The prices range from $55 for the sterling silver MOM to $185 for white gold or pink gold. There are a lot of options too so that all budgets and taste can be accommodated. They carry chains in 4 different lengths and the same four metals so you can really personalize what you buy.

some MOM options
some MOM options

helen ficolora 2Helen Ficalora is the jeweler that started the craze for alphabet charms and she has created so many special designs. You can choose add ons like the photo above or keep it simple like my necklace.

letter charms
letter charms

Just looking at one of their stores (NYC, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Palm Beach, and Bridgehampton) has me drooling to go in and see the choices.

Helen Ficolora store in Bridgehampton
Helen Ficalora store in Bridgehampton
Palm Beach Helen Ficolora store
Palm Beach Helen Ficalora store

No matter what you are looking for – necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. – you’ll find a great selection at Helen Ficalora. Even though I have a lot of jewelry that I wear, something with MOM on it will melt my heart and surely your mother’s too.

What kinds of jewelry do you like best? — Marcia

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