Tune in now for an IT Cosmetics TSV “30 Seconds to Flawless Skin” Collection

Right this very second – or within seconds after reading this article – you need to turn into QVC whether online or on your TV for the latest and greatest from IT Cosmetics.

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IT Cosmetics TSV for 7/28/17

Today only you can purchase the 30 Seconds to Flawless Looking Skin set for only $49.14, a value of $118 retail and $60 after this one day special is over. The QVC number is A293532 and you will be sorry if you miss out.

IT Cosmetics 30 Seconds to Flawless Looking Skin

What will you find inside? Two supersized Celebration Foundation SPF 50+ plus a Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush.

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation SPF50+ Supersize plus Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

Celebration Foundation is going to be your best friend when you are in a hurry yet want a flawless complexion. Using the wonderful IT brush you’ll look airbrushed in 30 seconds plus you’ll have the protection of the sunscreen for UVA and UVB rays with this powder foundation.

Celebration Foundation in Medium

“Formulated with peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil, and other antiaging ingredients, Celebration Foundation SPF 50+ is highly pigmented, delivering full coverage that helps blur the look of dry, fine lines, pores, and imperfections! Now with SPF 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen, you can treat and help protect your skin while airbrushing it to complexion perfection. This hydrating formula is formulated to absorb oil and shine throughout the day without settling into fine lines.”

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Medium

This is now available in 7 shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Tan, Tan, Rich, and Deep. It covers most complexions other than the darkest ones. And remember you’ll get two.

Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

In addition you are in for a treat with the Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush. There is nothing quite like an IT brush for the face. Beauty Info Zone totally agrees that these brushes should be called Heavenly Luxe since that’s what they are. They are super plush, custom cut, and make your skin look like you’ve been airbrushed. We are totally in love with these brushes and having this in the TSV makes the bargain more so. You’d pay this much just for the brush so why not two Celebration Foundations too??

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

If you want to watch this being applied and check out the shade selections the shows are on QVC at (all times Eastern Daylight so check your time zone) Midnight, 3A.M., 9 A.M. (2 hour show), 3 P.M., 7 P.M. (2 hour show), and 11 P.M.

In addition IT Cosmetics is introducing new products like Confidence in a Cleanser Cleansing Serum with mini Miracle Water (A293790) and a new Liquid Gel Eyeliner. There’s lots to be excited about and QVC is the place on Friday July 28th only!!  —  Marcia and Lisa


  1. Sandy P | 28th Jul 17

    I love IT cosmetics but just stocked up. Their brushes are awesome!

  2. Ashley Perez | 30th Jul 17

    i would love to try this out. Sounds awesome.

  3. Nora Grahe | 31st Jul 17

    I LOVE IT Cosmetics and would love to participate in this awesome product sale but I just can’t! QVC overcharged me on a product that I didn’t find out until too late and I am at the point where even though I would LOVE to get this amazing product… I can not shop there anymore! They really made me this angry!

  4. Meegan | 2nd Aug 17

    I recently tried some IT Cosmetics products, both makeup and skincare and I am really impressed! But for some reason I am not a big fan of buying things from QVC, maybe I need to jump on board.

  5. Christine Wagner | 4th Aug 17

    I really want to order some of these new compacts..eventually. I always hear nothing but great things from their line.

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