A holiday for your lips: Butter London Winter Peach Lippy Trio

A fantastic stocking stuffer idea that will really gives you gorgeous holiday lips is the Winter Peach LIPPY Trio ($39, a $58 VALUE) from Butter London.

Butter London Winter Peach

Butter London Winter Peach LIPPY Trio

I know we are all in a ‘wine’ frenzy this season- both in terms of color and in terms of beverage, ha! – but peach is a wonderful way to go for winter. The Butter London Winter Peach Lippy Trio includes Jaffa LIPPY Liquid Lip, Wag LIPPY Shimmer, and Apricot Sunray LIPPY Tinted Balm.

Butter London Winter Peach Trio

Butter London Winter Peach Trio

Jaffa LIPPY Liquid Lipstick is an opaque, warm reddish-orange-coral liquid lipstick.


Jaffa LIPPY Liquid Lipstick


Jaffa doe-foot applicator

Jaffa swatch

Jaffa swatched

The LIPPY Liquid Lipstick has a thick, slightly sticky texture with wonderful pigment and staying power. It has great mouth feel and slip. It smells of vanilla but not in an overbearing way. It’s very shiny on, and that shine lasts through most things…like most lippies, it wouldn’t withstand a shredded barbecue pork feast.

Wag LIPPY Shimmer is a beautiful, shimmery peachy-pink with golden flecks.


Wag LIPPY Shimmer


Wag brush applicator


Wag swatched

The LIPPY Shimmer has a thinner consistency than the LIPPY Liquid Lipstick and it glides on like silk. Despite it’s thinner formula, it’s still very tenacious and sticks around a good long time. The color is so, so pretty…I see this as a winter option, but really it could work for any season, especially summer.

The Apricot Sunray LIPPY Tinted Balm is a coral creme with medium coverage.


Apricot Sunray LIPPY Tinted Balm

Apricot swatch

Apricot Sunray LIPPY Tinted Balm swatch

This is really beautiful. It’s a perfect coral shade and the texture of this lipstick is definitely balm-like, although it has much better staying power than a typical balm. It’s extremely fun to mix and match all three lippies. I like to wear Wag over Apricot Sunray, or for a powerful pout I put a thin layer of Jaffa over Apricot Sunray. They all complement one another and are a fabulous alternative to the season’s darker hues.

If I haven’t convinced you that peach is perfect for the season and you still want some wine, then check out the Cherry Kiss LIPPY Trio instead!  – Lisa

*item reviewed was a press sample; all opinions are mine!

Cherry Kiss Trio

Cherry Kiss Trio


  1. Love the look of Jaffa! I’m a late entrant to the coral club so it’s great that it’s lasting for a while!

  2. So pretty! Love peachy shades too! 🙂

  3. I love the gloss!

  4. I’m definitely convinced that I need the peach trio! It’s so pretty!!