Side by Side: It Cosmetics Hello Light Crème Illuminator (giveaway alert)

It Cosmetics Radiance Creme Illuminator
It Cosmetics Radiance Creme Illuminator

We’re back raving about It Cosmetics. This brand continues to thrill us with their new products. They never disappoint. How could they when they bring you two different Illuminators (powder and crème) and amazing brushes? We were sent Hello Light, Anti-Aging Radiance Crème Illuminator along with the Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush to review. And the good news is that after you read what we have to say about this, you’ll have the opportunity to win this set for yourself.

We’ve previously reviewed It Cosmetics Hello Light Radiance Powder and we were totally wowed. Since not everyone likes powders Jamie Kern and It Cosmetics delivered a Crème Illuminator. Now you have your choice but it’s going to be hard to make a decision since both are wonderful. The Crème Illuminator has Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides and Drops of Light Technology. It contains good for your skin ingredients like Vitamins A, E & E, green tea, hyaluronic filling spheres, silk and aloe. As if the crème wasn’t good enough they also created the amazing Pointed Precision Luminizer Brush. Like all It Cosmetics brushes this is 100% cruelty free with bristles that are so soft. The brush is wonderfully versatile since it allows you to reach anywhere on your face, even the smallest areas. You can even use it to blend eyeshadow in your crease.

The cost for this duo at QVC is $35 which is amazing. If you prefer to buy just the Illuminator it’s $24 on It Cosmetic’s website, the brush isn’t for sale separately though so that’s why the duo is so wonderful. The Creme Illuminator is also available at Dermstore.

Marcia and Lisa have a lot of love for these two so read on to find out why and then to see how you can win one for yourself.


Illustrations for placing the illuminator

*products provided by PR for review and giveaway

It outer packaging
It Pointed Precision Luminizer brush

Lisa’s Side:

There aren’t many lines about which I can say this:  I have never tried anything I don’t LOVE.

I can say that about IT Cosmetics. The Hello Light Creme Illuminator is no exception!

Inside the Illuminator

This comes in a modern, sleek compact that is as gorgeous as the product inside. The illuminator is a cream highlighter that works wonders on my…ahem…aging skin.  I find that as I get older, I lose that ‘luminosity’ that I had when I was young. This cream recreates that illusion and makes me look…and ultimately feel…younger.


Here it is swatched pretty heavily. It’s not this obvious on, in fact when you smooth it on with the (flipping fantastic) brush you almost can’t tell…except you just look BETTER.  The brush is terrific for picking up the right amount of product, and I smooth this on after foundation but before a light layer of loose powder.  (Too much loose powder and you lose the effect, so be sure to proceed with caution with that Kabuki!) I use the cream everywhere it recommends on the packaging – the forehead, nose, under the eyes, tops of cheeks, lips and chin. It is VERY difficult to overdo this, and the results are subtle but make a huge difference. Chalk up yet another winner from It Cosmetics.

The perfect brush for illuminating

Marcia’s Side:

Since we gave you so much information about the amazing Crème Illuminator already I want to talk a little about the differences between the creme and the powder. They are both absolutely fabulous and I love them both. I don’t know which I’d pick if I had to pick only one but I might just go with Anti-Aging Radiance Crème Illuminator because I love cream products so much. I find on my aging skin that a cream looks dewier and less dry. If you look at our previous review of the powder you’ll see it has a more golden touch to it while I find that the creme has some of that gold but also a touch of pink.

My absolute favorite way to use this is in the inner corner of my eye. I read over and over about putting a light shade there but with powders it looks so fake on me. I don’t have the smoothest eyelids anymore (boo hoo) so that area is a little crinkly. The creme though is perfect. No powder shows and because it has that highlighting effect it actually makes my eyes look a little younger. It does what all the makeup artists say that a light shadow will do.


I use the Radiance Powder on my cheekbones when I wear a powder blush but when I wear cream blushes (which is often) that’s when I’ll use this creme illuminator instead. I can even put some of the creme on first and then blend the blush over it to get a look that’s lit from within.

it creme illuminator with packageThere aren’t many products I own that I absolutely keep the box but I love the illustration on the box to remind me of all the places I can wear this.

Here’s what It Cosmetics has to say about the Anti-Aging Radiance Creme Illuminator – if this and our raves haven’t convinced you we’d be surprised!! “Who is it for: Anyone who wants natural-looking radiance with antiaging benefits; wants to diffuse the look of pores, lines, and wrinkles; wants hydrating, brightening, and antiaging benefits; wants to visibly improve the appearance of the skin; or wants to add light to their complexion for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.”

Now that we’ve told you all there is to love, we are happy to say that It Cosmetics not only sent both Lisa and I these for review but they sent us one for a reader. This giveaway is open for US and Canadian subscribers until 4/22/13 at 11:59 eastern time. Wait for the Rafflecopter to see the ways you can enter. Good luck!!

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  1. Kelly Commerford | 10th Apr 13

    I have adored every cream type makeup I have tried to date, cream based eyeshadows have awesome longevity & for some reason cream blush seems to blend perfectly without looking obvious.

  2. Colleen Boudreau | 10th Apr 13

    Cream blush!

  3. Grace Inman | 11th Apr 13

    I use an awesome cream cheek and lip tint from benefit!

  4. Claire | 11th Apr 13

    Undereye cover up!

  5. Rebecca | 12th Apr 13

    I don’t have much experience with creams, but I’m getting older and think it’s time to broaden my horizons.

  6. Stephanie H. | 13th Apr 13

    I like cream blushes and highlighters

  7. Belinda McNabb | 13th Apr 13

    cream eyeshadows

  8. Cassandra | 14th Apr 13

    I love cream blushes and highlighters. Not a fan of cream eyeshadows.

  9. Lori Bazan | 14th Apr 13

    Cream blush is my fave!

  10. Christi | 14th Apr 13

    I love using cream blush! Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  11. Rebecca | 14th Apr 13

    I love cream eyeshadows! Maybelline color tattoos are a godsend!

  12. Lucía Valencia | 14th Apr 13

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  18. angelyn hood | 15th Apr 13

    My new 2nd Love Cosmetic’s Creme Blush!
    Just want to say great blog, & thanks so much for a chance to win!
    Good Luck to All

  19. Quinn Ryan Smith | 15th Apr 13

    I’m a big fan of Josie Maran’s Cream Blush! It’s the perfect hint of natural color and so easy to use!

  20. Tara L | 16th Apr 13

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    Cream illuminator is excellent. I’ve also just got a berry-brown cream blush (Heather-something?) from Marcelle that I really love; it looks dark in the pan but goes on sheer and is buildable. Cream concealer of course; I have Almay Wake-up under-eye concealer that I was lucky enough to get in my exact colour with foundation at a boxing day clearance.

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