The Vintage Cosmetic Company: 1950’s glamour that you’ll love (mini giveaway too)!

What makes you stop and look at a display when you are shopping? Is it color? Is it creativity? Is it something unique? If so you’ll be thrilled to learn about The Vintage Cosmetic Company since they embody all of these attributes and more. This range of cosmetic accessories has been inspired by the glamour and charm of the 1950’s. You don’t have to have lived back then to enjoy the adorableness and practicality of their products. We’re excited to show you these and have a mini giveaway with them too.

This UK company has products that you are going to want to own and use because even as cute as they are, they are practical and fabulous. Ulta has the U.S. exclusive on the products available currently that want to make you feel like a glamour puss.

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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Peach Shower Cap and Hair Turban

These two products are making shower time even more fun. Whether I decide to wash my hair or give it another day of rest The Vintage Cosmetic Company has the right tool for me and at the right price.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Peach Shower Cap and Hair Turban

Since I no longer wash my hair daily I need something to keep it from getting wet and a shower cap is the right solution. Not only is The Vintage Company Shower Cap ($6.99) cute as can be but it’s super comfortable.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Peach Shower Cap

(I tuck my hair in and don’t wear my glasses, I promise!) The outer material is 100% polyester and silky soft while the inside has a PEVA lining that keeps your hair dry as can be. My favorite part of this cute peach cap is how it’s not tight and doesn’t leave marks around my face. I can take a quick shower and not have to worry about it leaving telltale signs behind. There’s also a flowered version for more 50’s glamour.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Peach Shower Cap

I’m really happy with the Vintage Company Hair Turban ($7.99). I needed one so badly and this exceeds my expectations. This machine washable towel looks like terry but it’s made of absorbent microfibers so it soaks up moisture quickly.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban

What makes this different from all others I have is the closure. If you look above you’ll see a loop on the left and buttons on the right. Once you’ve twisted it closed you then secure the towel with those two. I can do anything around my house without it falling off. I just made a dish that takes an hour to bake. I had my turban on while combining the ingredients and sticking it in the oven. It stayed on perfectly. Other days I’ve left it on for a few minutes while I get ready to blow dry. Either way it’s fabulous. I already have this on my list to take on my winter cruise.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban

Since my hair is shoulder length I use the second button while those with shorter or finer hair would use the first. One size fits all. One head of hair dried more quickly. This doesn’t pull at all and is amazingly comfortable. You need this in your life!!

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The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Makeup Melts ($14.95) are wash cloths that remove makeup without any cleanser. Just get it wet, then gently scrub face in a circular motion. It really does remove all traces of makeup! The washcloth is definitely full of makeup after, so you pop it into the washing machine and it comes out looking fabulous and ready for another go.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Melts

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Melts

There are three Makeup Melts in a pack, so it’s great for a long weekend away. As an extra bonus, the washcloths have a side that is perfect for exfoliation too!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blue Bell Makeup Headband

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blue Bell Makeup Headband

While you are removing that makeup with the Makeup Melts, keep your hair off your face with the super fabulous and always stylish Blue Belle Makeup Headband ($4.99).  This comes in different colors, mine is a blue polka dot design with an adorable large bow.

The bow is elastic so it keeps everything securely in place, but it’s nice and soft so it doesn’t hurt your head or pull your hair.  I absolutely love this.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Manicure Purse

My final adorable product is the Manicure Purse ($10.95), a compact manicure purse that comes in four different patterns. I have the pink striped one with pink lining. Isn’t it the bees knees??  The Vintage Cosmetic Company Manicure Purse

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Manicure Purse

No wonder this is one of The Vintage Cosmetics Company’s best sellers! Inside are Nail Scissors, stainless steel Nail Clippers, Cuticle Pusher, and Floral Emory Board. This is a fabulous gift for teachers, bridal showers, stockings….the possibilities are endless!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blue Bell Makeup Headband

GIVEAWAY:  We have a small giveaway for two readers to introduce you to The Vintage Company. The cute Makeup Bows are the prize, pink for one and blue for the other. The giveaway is open through October 12, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EDT for US and Canadian subscribers. This may be a small prize but we can promise you’ll enjoy winning!

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