How would you like to win a 1″ INSTA-CURL EZ STYLER in this Hot Tools Giveaway?

Hot Tools

I’m always excited to have a new giveaway for our Beauty Info Zone readers so when I was asked if I wanted to do one for this Hot Tools 1″ Insta-Curl EZ Styler I of course agreed. Once I started reading about it I was more eager to do this. And then something wonderful happened – I was told that 10 US BIZ readers will win one. Now I’m thrilled and I hope 10 of you will be also.

Hot Tools is sold at Ulta and at major beauty supply stores throughout the states. While I don’t have this particular curling iron I’ve certainly used Hot Tools products with success.

Let’s learn about what you can win:

Professional Features

Pulse Technology®
– Variable heat settings
– High speed heat up Maintains constant, even heat, from low to extra-hot, while you style.
– Creates long-lasting hold
Perfect heat for beautiful, cascading curls
Smooth surface for frizz-free styling
LED Heat indicator lights
High, Medium, Low temperature heat settings (LED indicator lights – High, medium, and low heat settings up to 430°F)

Separate On / Off switch
Cool tips
8-ft. professional swivel cord
One-year warranty

I’ve found prices from $42.99 to $54.99 for this particular model.

Are you going to be one of 10 winners? With holiday gatherings and gift giving right around the corner I’m sure your answer is yes!  —  Marcia


Open for US only (excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) through November 20, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter to enter and be sure you do what it says to do. I’ve sadly had to eliminate people who aren’t subscribers, don’t make a comment or click without doing the task. The giveaway prizes will be sent by the Hot Tools representative and Beauty Info Zone is not responsible for sending. Picture your beautiful hair and enter now!

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  1. Lindsey Tanberg | 11th Nov 17

    I curl my hair when I have enough time, but not as often as I would like to.

  2. Mindy DeLisi | 12th Nov 17

    I just got my hair done today but a beauty student. I love the curls she did in mine and my daughter’s hair. If I had this, I would learn how too!

  3. Annette | 12th Nov 17

    I curl my hair.

  4. Carolsue | 12th Nov 17

    I do curl my hair. It’s wavy, but I like it curlier!

  5. Gladys | 12th Nov 17

    I do it very infrequently but I would love to do it more for special occasions. I need to get better at doing it. 🙂

  6. Jamie Williams | 12th Nov 17

    I do on special occasions.

  7. Caitlyn S. | 12th Nov 17

    I have hair that can either be straightened, or put some gel in it and I get curls…. I don’t have the right curling iron right now- I need a bigger barrel- I had been curling my hair and trying to achieve the look that is so popular- the messy loose, waves…but they were xo ing out too tight and looked perfect… now I either straighten it or wear it curly with gel… I would love to win this because I can’t afford a nice and good size curling iron right before the holidays, especially. I would love to win it because I’ve been watching youtube video tutorials on how to get the look I want, but I can’t do it til I get a correct sized iron lol…

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  9. gala | 12th Nov 17

    I do my hair and my daughters’ too

  10. Wendy Pesce | 12th Nov 17

    yes, I do curl my hair

  11. Susan P. | 12th Nov 17

    I don’t curl my hair very often, but would use this once in a while.

  12. Ellen Casper | 12th Nov 17

    Yes I curl my hair

  13. Mita | 12th Nov 17

    I do curl my hair.

  14. Paol Trenny | 12th Nov 17

    Yep, I curl my tresses four times a week.

  15. Cheryl Krangle | 12th Nov 17

    I do curl my hair. It makes it look so pretty!

  16. Shannon | 12th Nov 17

    I curl my hair once or twice a month.

  17. Holly Thomas | 13th Nov 17

    I curl it for special occasions.

  18. Gia Welch | 13th Nov 17

    I never curl my hair, but now that it’s much shorter, I might try.

  19. TERA MCNEIL | 13th Nov 17

    I curl my hair for special occasions.

  20. Chris L | 13th Nov 17

    I curl my hair sometimes. I might do it more often if I had a good curling iron.

  21. Holly Thomas | 13th Nov 17

    I do curl my hair occasionally. My hair is so fine and thin it doesn’t stay curled for very long sometimes!

  22. Tabitha | 13th Nov 17

    I occasionally curl my hair.

  23. Elle | 13th Nov 17

    Not often but I have.

  24. Jessica Mcfarlin | 13th Nov 17

    Yes at least once a week or more 🙂 !

  25. Melissa Storms | 13th Nov 17

    I curl my bangs and french braid the rest. My bangs are long and pin straight so I have to curl them or they just look weird.

  26. Laura B. | 14th Nov 17

    I curl my hair from time to time. I like to experiment with different looks.

  27. Kayla Norris | 14th Nov 17

    I attempt to buy t usually falls within an hour.

  28. Shanna | 14th Nov 17

    Yes I do 🙂

  29. Nikki | 14th Nov 17

    I love curling my hair, when I have time. Usually just a few times a month.

  30. Laurajj | 16th Nov 17

    Yes, I love to put curls in my hair!

  31. Ashley Martinez | 16th Nov 17

    I used to before I had kids. I would lovery to start again.

  32. Tiffany Banks | 16th Nov 17

    Yes I curl my hair 🙂

  33. Laurie Nykaza | 17th Nov 17

    I love to curl my hair but my curler broke so this one would be perfect to use.

  34. Ashley Perez | 17th Nov 17

    yes, I curl my hair quite often.

  35. stephanie | 18th Nov 17

    yes i do

  36. Elena | 18th Nov 17

    I curl my hair sometimes

  37. Dianne Robbins | 19th Nov 17

    I usually use hot rollers to curl my hair but I need a curling iron. I have one but it’s clipless and I lost the glove for it. I’m too afraid of burning myself to use it.

  38. Melissa A. | 19th Nov 17

    I do curl my hair every once in a while!

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  40. Tina B | 19th Nov 17

    I curl my hair every day with hot rollers.

  41. susan campbell | 19th Nov 17

    yes I curl mly hair thanks for the chance

  42. Rachel Beltz | 19th Nov 17

    I never have but I really want to see how my hair holds up!! 🙂

  43. Michelle Tamasa | 19th Nov 17

    I don’t usually curl my hair, I guess I haven’t practiced enough to really master it. It usually takes me an hour+, so I usually convince my mom to curl it for me ?

  44. Lauren | 19th Nov 17

    Yes, I like to curl my hair and my daughter’s hair.

  45. Crystal Fuentes | 20th Nov 17

    I curl my hair almost everyday! So do three of my girls. It’s always a fight for the curling iron in the morning, so having an extra one and a good one at that would be so so appreciated!

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