The perfect “S” wave with Verge Spiral Wand

Every once in a while, something comes along that is a total game changer for me. I wore my mid-back length hair perfectly straight for a long time – I would blow it dry straight, and if I wanted to really get serious I would follow that with a flat-iron. Well, Verge One has given me a new outlook with their ‘texture’ wands.  I previously reviewed the Bubble Wand, which you can read HERE, and I will be reviewing the Ribbon Wand in a future post. But today I want to tell you all about my current love, the VERGE™ Spiral Wand™.



The latest craze in hair styles is the ‘S Wave’.  I’m not talking about these S waves:

PSWAVESI am talking about THESE S waves:

s wave

The S wave is the latest trend that you will find all kinds of celebrities embracing, like Sarah Jessica Parker –

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

or Taylor Swift –

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

or Emma Stone.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

You certainly don’t need a stylist to get fabulous S waves like these stars.  All you need is a Verge One Spiral Wand ($120). All of Verge’s texture wands have Ceramic NG™ (Nano Gold) Technology, which means perfect, even heat every time that really locks in the curl.  When I use a Verge texture wand, the curls last for three days with no problem. It also means that hair moisture is ‘locked’ in, so there’s no heat damage like with other styling tools.


The Verge Spiral Wand

What else is great about the Spiral Wand? It heats up instantly to 410 degrees. It has a ‘cool tip’ at the top of the curler that stays cooler so it’s easy to use. And it has a tangle-free 360° swivel cord.


looks complicated but it’s so easy!

It could not be easier to use this wand. In fact, I think it’s even easier than using a regular curling iron. The clip is small and at the bottom of the wand:


See the clip?

You put the end of a section of hair into the clip, the roll the wand away from your face. Your hair automatically curls around the wand and goes in between the spirals.

Verge Spiral

The Spiral Wand in action

Then, just hold the wand for a minute or so. I find the longer I hold the wand, the stronger the curl, although you never need more than about 45 seconds even for very thick coarse hair.

Verge Spiral

And right after curling.

Then, release the clip, and voila – a gorgeous, perfect curl. To get that S wave, just run your fingers through the curl and here’s what you get:

Verge spiral


It works perfectly every time.  Here is my daughter Marina’s hair before we use the Spiral Wand:

Verge before

before the Spiral Wand

And here she is after:


after the Spiral Wand

Absolutely perfect, gorgeous S wave curls – and it was so easy it’s unreal.


waaaay better than a spiral perm!!

I can’t even tell you how much I love my texture wands from Verge, and the Spiral Wand is exactly on trend right now.  Is it worth the $120? YES.  Yes, yes, yes, and about a thousand more affirmatives.

me spiral

Not exactly Sarah, Taylor, or Emma…but it still gives me great hair!

I absolutely love my Spiral Wand and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  You need one of these!!!  – Lisa

*pr sample


  1. Wow, just beautiful!!!

  2. Holy smokes, I need one of these STAT!

  3. That looks awesome!

  4. that’s fantastic!!!!!! i need one!

  5. Kim Crawford Cheever says:

    Lisa, you and your daughter both have absolutely gorgeous hair!! Do you think the Verge Spiral Wand would work on my baby fine shoulder length hair? Thanks so much & Happy New Year!! Kim

  6. Hi Kim! Thanks for the compliments. You know, I was hesitant to use this on my other daughter’s hair – hers is shorter than shoulder length and baby fine. But it worked well! The clip was able to hold onto her hair and she got some great curls from it. The only texure wand I wouldn’t recommend for baby fine hair is the Ribbon Wand – that review is coming up. That one does not grab onto thin hair well. And between the Bubble Wand and the Spiral Wand, I think the Spiral is the best for shorter, finer hair. It’s worth the $120!!!


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