Is it really a 10? It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product and Miracle Blowdry Volumizer

My mom has beautiful hair.  I have always been extremely envious of it – her hair is thick, naturally curly, and it looks good even when she hasn’t washed it in a week.  It’s like miracle hair, especially compared to the ultra fine, frizzy, lackluster locks I inherited from my father’s side of the family.  My hair is high maintenance, and it used to just burn me up that all of my brothers inherited my mom’s miracle hair…but when they all went bald and I felt much better!

It's a 10 Miracle

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

My mom’s hair is so wonderful that she has never cared one way or another about hair products.  So when she raved and raved about a product line that she thought was amazing, I paid attention.  I thought wow, if it can make miracle hair look even better, I wonder what it could do for mine?

The line that has earned her raves is It’s a 10.

The first product I tried is the one most people know about, the Miracle Leave-In Product ($20 for the 4 oz size).  This is a spray-on, leave-in conditioner that is supposed to accomplish 10 things instantly – hence the name ‘It’s a 10’.  Here’s what it does:

1. Repairs dry damaged hair, 2. adds shine, 3. smooths and controls frizz, 4. protects hair color, 5. acts as a flat-iron spray and thermal protector, 6. detangles, 7. stops hair breakage, 8. creates silkiness, 9. enhances natural body, and 10. prevents split ends.

It's a 10 info

It’s a 10 info and ingredients

Carolyn Plummer and Scott Scharg, owners of It’s a 10, wanted to create extremely effective multi-purpose hair care products, and the Miracle Leave-In Product was one of their first creations.  10 things is pretty much the definition of multi-tasking!  To complete all those tasks, the formula includes Panthenol to strengthen,  Sunflower Seed Extract to protect, Green Tea Leaf Extract to shield and treat, Silk Amino Acids to add strength and shine, and Citric Acid to protect.  And guess what?  It works!

I love how my hair looks when I use this.  It’s a very light spray on lotion.  It’s a 10 recommends spritzing some into your hands then running it through damp hair, but I am not a fan of getting my hands all sticky.  I just spray this right onto my damp hair and it works great.  Combing distributes the product, and my hair ends up looking awesome even when I go a little spritz-overboard.  This is a great conditioner that gets rid of frizz and leaves my hair soft and full of body.

It's a 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer

It’s a 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer

Per my mom’s recommendation, I also tried the It’s a 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer ($19 for a 6 oz can).  This really rocks, I think I like it even better than the Miracle Leave-In Product.  It looks like a can of  hairspray.


Is it a miracle?

After I spritz on and comb Miracle Leave-In Product through my damp hair, I spray on the It’s a 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer, focusing on my roots.  It gives my hair lots of volume and bounce, much more than it normally has.  As an added bonus, it also moisturizes and conditions hair.  I don’t get any build up with it, and it doesn’t leave my hair stiff or crunchy like a lot of volumizers do.

Inside are great ingredients like Marshmallow Root Extract for volume, Acai Extract for shine, Chamomile Extract for treatment, Green Tea Extract for nutrition, Wheat Amino Extracts for strengthening, and Sunflower Seed Extract for sunscreen.

all the info

all the info

I found that while these two products don’t actually give me my mom’s amazing hair, they certainly make what I do have live up to its fullest potential.  And in my book, that is a 10.  Or maybe even an 11.  – Lisa

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  1. I use the leave in 10 and I love it. After reading of the volumizer used in combination, I have to try that one too!

  2. Hi Rust, if you love the leave-in you will absolutely love the volumizer!!

  3. Vicki Neulinger says:

    I need some volumizer. I have about 2 hairs on my head 😉

  4. This is my favorite line for moisturizing…love their leave in conditioner. Excellent line…I agree that they are def an 11 on a scale of 1-10