Beautiful soft vintage curls with Verge Ribbon Wand

I recently reviewed the Verge One Bubble Wand – loved how it gave me beautiful round curls.

Bubble Wand hair

Bubble Wand hair

And then I reviewed the Spiral Wand, a magnificent option for ‘S’ waves:

Spiral Wand hair

Spiral Wand hair

One more excellent texture wand possibility is the Ribbon Wand ($120) for looser, vintage-looking curls.  I know there is a Verge One Wand for you, read on to find out which one(s) you need.


Ribbon curls

The Ribbon Wand has the same great features as the other texture wands by Verge One.


The Ribbon Wand

It has Ceramic NB Technology that heats the hair evenly and leaves it healthy and manageable. It instantly heats to 410 degrees, and has the same ‘cool tip’ that makes the wand easy to use. Plus it has the same tangle-free 360° swivel cord.


The unique shape of the Ribbon Wand

What makes it different is the shape of the barrel.  The Bubble Wand has a series of ‘bubbles’ that give the hair a rounder curl. The Spiral Wand has spirals through the barrel that give the hair an S-shaped wave.  And the Ribbon Wand has a distinctive flatter barrel, giving hair a ribbon-shaped wave.


same clip, different shaped barrel

See how the barrel is sort of flat?  It creates an interesting, flatter-shaped curl than the other wands, so it can either be a curl or else it can be brushed out into more of a wave.


and another view for you

The clip on the bottom looks the same as the other Verge texture wands. It’s a short clip, you put the end of the hair section into it then roll the hair away from the face. The only difference I found was that the Ribbon Wand seems to clip a little looser, which isn’t a big deal unless you have thin or extremely fine hair. If you have either of those issues, then go for the Spiral Wand. Any of the three wands work well for shorter hair, although those with very short layers wouldn’t be happy. You need to be able to wind your hair around the wands to get the effects.



After waiting about 30 seconds, you release the clip and get a curl that looks like this:


the Ribbon curl right after curling with the iron

You can leave the curl as is, or you can run your fingers through the curl for a more dramatic, piecey look.


and the curl after finger combing through it

Sometimes I like to run my brush through the curls, which really gives a rather vintage looking wave that is soft and pretty.

soft waves

soft waves

It probably takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to style my hair with the Ribbon Wand. I separate out sections and pin them up, then curl working from the bottom sections up.

ribbon hair

Ribbon hair

While the other two texture wand options give a tighter curl, I love the looser, more casual wave from the Ribbon Wand.


I love my Ribbon Wand!

So which one is my favorite, the Bubble Wand, Spiral Wand, or Ribbon Wand? That is like asking which one of my children is my favorite. They are all unique, and they all get the same amount of love from me. It’s truly fantastic to have such a wonderful variety from which to choose. I feel very lucky to have all three texture wands, and if it fits your budget, investing in all three would be something to consider.   – Lisa

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  1. The Bubble wand style looks GREAT on you!

  2. Cindy (myfuel) says:

    They all look great on you Lisa!! I wish I had your hair, I’m jealous!! You can do any curl you want. 🙂

  3. wow, all three look great!!! I think maybe the bubble looks like it would be my favorite.

  4. You have gorgeous hair, so it just made it even more awesome. I just purchased a curling iron, so I’ll be curious how it compares to the beautiful results you got. x


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