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When the BIZ was first offered a chance to try the Pearl Hair Remover ($199), I remember Marcia said, “I was interested in this until I saw the part about the smell of burning hair. I’ll just grow a beard instead.”

After I recovered from my laughing fit, I decided I was game – I can take the smell of burning hair as long as my hair isn’t like really on fire. And I was happy to find that the smell is pretty mild after the first time, so unless you are hugely sensitive to the smell of singed hair, you can keep on reading.


The Pearl Hair Remover


inside the box

It is a pain – both literally and figuratively – to keep on top of hair removal. Razors get dull, skin gets irritated, which results in ingrown hairs…and don’t even get me started on the level of masochism needed for a leg or bikini wax. So a hair removal system that is quick, easy, and relatively pain-free is on my wish list. I want something that doesn’t involve chemicals, hot wax, or office visits. And if it includes the smell of burning hair and maybe a little smoke, I am totally ok with that.


portable for easy traveling


all the info on the Pearl

The big question: does it hurt?? I don’t think so, and I am on the wimpy side. I can feel heat, but it’s far from unbearable. The most difficult thing is getting used to seeing a little smoke. The smoke and smell come from the hair being crystallized, so it’s not a bad sign when using the Pearl. A cool feature is that this system can be used on pretty much any area of the body – face, arms, legs, bikini line, even your husband’s back! Plus it’s small, portable, and easily packed so it’s great for travel.

Hair does grow back so I end up using the device about twice a week. The amount of time needed for hair removal is less and less time each time I use it, although shaving is still the quickest option. I think this has smoother results than a razor, though.


Pearl Maxi Guide

how it works

how it works

There are two different sized roller tips included. The Maxi Guide, pictured above, is the choice for larger areas like arms and legs. The smaller one is the Micro Guide and it’s for the face, under arms, and bikini line.

Here is how the Pearl works:  As the Pearl glides across the skin, thermotransmitters radiate heat down into the hair follicle, removing the hair. Continuous slowing of hair growth promotes longer lasting results and does not irritate the skin. Unlike waxing that tears off the first layer of the epidermis, the Pearl gently glides across skin and removes hair painlessly and effortlessly. Using the built-in bi-directional optical sensor, the Pearl removes hair in two directions instead of one.
So the process begins with gliding the roller along the skin against the direction of hair growth. There is a red light that stays on when the Pearl is used correctly. The light flickers if the angle is wrong so it’s easy to correct. It should remove hair on the very first pass, but if you have very thick or coarse hair it might take a few times.

The next step is to buff out the area to remove any crystallized hair that might be left behind. There are large buffers for bigger areas and a finger-sized buffer for smaller areas.


buffer pads


The Pearl buffing device

After buffing, it’s time to moisturize.  The system includes a Soothing Serum for after hair removal. I like the applicator, it has these cooling and soothing metals balls that feel very pleasant on recently de-haired skin.


The Pearl Soothing Serum


Soothing Serum applicator

Once moisturized, skin is super smooth and hair-free. I find my skin is much less irritated, and regrowth has definitely slowed down. If you are looking for a hair removal system that doesn’t hurt and has great results, this is definitely one to try.  – Lisa

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  1. omg haha I love Marcia! (Even if she is going to grow a beard!!) I’m glad to hear a review on this. Ever since I turned 35 I have been finding odd hairs in places they shouldn’t be. Yuck. I need to put the word out that I want to review a hair removal device on my blog lol!! 🙂

  2. Beauty Info Zone tells the truth Amber and we have no inhabitions. LOL

  3. Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks for the review Lisa! 🙂 I’ve been trying to find something to get rid of unwanted facial hair, but unfortunately I think this device is too far out of my meager beauty budget. I was curious, did it say anything in the instruction booklet about whether or not this can be used if you have a pacemaker? I know that is not the typical thing to report about in a review, but I’ve come to learn that a bunch of the beauty devices out there can’t be used if you have a pacemaker, and since I have one I was just curious. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Hi Bonnie, I am not sure but I will check and and respond on this post. It’s a good question!!

  5. What a cool device! I totally love gadgets so I’m going to have to investigate this one further! Thanks for the info.