Going gray? Get Color Wow Root Cover Up!

Color Wow Root Cover Up

Color Wow Root Cover Up

I don’t know about you but gray hair grows in my family. It’s hard to believe isn’t it?? I’ve been hiding my grays since my early 30’s but my sister had to start even earlier. It may look distinguished on my brothers and husband but it sure doesn’t look distinguished on me. It makes me look and feel old. I love to get my hair tinted but I don’t have the time or money to do it as often as I’d like. The answer: Color Wow!! To be specific Color Wow Root Cover Up.

Color Wow Root Touch Up in Light Brown

Color Wow Root Cover Up in Light Brown

Color Wow Root Cover Up is the newest invention that helps me disguise the gray that plagues me. This root cover up is different from any I’ve tried and I’m loving it. What you’ll see when you open this is a product that looks a lot like an eyeshadow or eyebrow color. What you’ll get though is a product made specifically to cover your gray hair and keep it covered all day long. When this was sent for review purposes I was so excited to try it out.

Color Wow Root Touch Up Kit

Color Wow Root Cover Up Kit

This is a powder but one that sticks to your hair. It doesn’t come off and it doesn’t stain my hairline or my pillow cases. It comes with a brush that helps you do larger areas on one side and get to smaller areas with the other. color wow oepn 3It’s so easy to use that even a true lefty like me can do it without a problem. Here’s my before picture a few days prior to getting it professionally colored:color wow beforeMy part is not that big. The light doesn’t show you well but what you are seeing are white hair and gray hair mingled together where there should be brown hair.

Here’s my after which only took me a few minutes: color wow after1

I had no help at all. I just brushed it on my part area (and later along my hairline by my ears) and went over each area about 3 times. The powder only sticks to hair, it doesn’t stick to itself so you won’t be building up layers of it. It wasn’t sticky, it wasn’t hard to do and it didn’t take me long. My only mistake was that I couldn’t see the very top of my head so there was a small circle I missed but that was only the first time. By the second time I did this I was a pro. There is a video that shows you just how easy it is.

It does fade after a day so if you don’t wash your hair the next day then you’d need to repeat the process. You can apply this on freshly washed hair or day/s old hair. While it says it lasts from shampoo to shampoo, I usually added more the second day.color wow box2

My favorite part – it does NOT stain my scalp. I’ve used other products that have either stained my scalp or have dripped and become visible. Since this is a powder there’s no dye involved. As a matter of fact it’s a great product for pregnant women because it lacks the chemicals that dye has.

Color Wow Root Cover Up ($34.50) is available in 6 shades: Platinum, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black. “Root Cover Up is a professional mineral powder with a unique oil-based, non-waxy formula that stays in place, creates multi-dimensional shine and looks completely natural. Each shade contains a number of colors and pigments to ensure natural blending with the tones in your own hair. Because of its extreme portability and ease of use, it’s ideal for travel and last minute, on-the-go fixes.”
You can find Color Wow Root Cover Up at Ulta.

look ma - no gray!

look ma – no gray!

Color Wow has a full line that contains other products to protect color treated hair like shampoo, conditioner, mousse and styling cream. It was created by Gail Federica and John Frieda who are responsible for so many innovative hair products.

They say this will last for 60 applications which is approximately 3 months. I’m sure this will last me longer since I’ll just need it before root touch ups. However long it lasts though, it gives my hair that Color WOW that’s needed when I’m feeling drab from those darned grays. How do you manage your gray hair? (And don’t tell me you don’t have them!!) — Marcia

*press sample

If you want a scientific understanding of how this works you can check out the review on Future Derm.


  1. I don’t see an auburn or red WOW

  2. I could probably get away with a light brown, but I’d love to see an auburn since that’s my color. Love the idea, though!

  3. @Natasha – I have a lot of red in my hair although it’s not auburn. I agree that they should have a shade like that but I bet that’s hard to match.

  4. @CJ Walsh – I noticed the same thing about the colors. I think they need to work on that. I love that this never “bleeds” and I’m lucky that the light brown is such a good match for me.

  5. Heather USA says:

    That literally made me say “Wow”. What a fantastic “after” result!!! Impressive.

  6. Thanks @Heather USA. I’m thrilled with Color Wow. I got such a great match.

  7. I need this!!!!

  8. Hi Carol, you probably do though the Medium Brown would probably be better if I remember your hair color from when I met you.

  9. Thats really cool! I’ve never seen a powder like that before!

  10. This looks awesome! I just wish they had one that matched my color, I would totally grab it!!

  11. Hi Ange
    I think the colors are pretty flexible for the most part. I had trouble choosing between light and medium but went with light. It blends in so well. I think I’d have had luck with medium too though.

  12. @Eugenia – you are too young to use this, I’m not!! I’ve searched for a long time and this is the best I’ve ever tried.

  13. that looks great! total transformation

  14. I have something like this but haven’t tried it yet. This one you are showing looks like a winner!

  15. Hi Kimberly, I’ve tried a lot of root cover ups and nothing compares to Color Wow. I’m thrilled with it.

  16. Hi Laura, I wish I was a better photographer since you couldn’t see exactly how gray I was but it was a transformation. I feel more confident when my gray is covered.