Fighting aging from the inside out with Correxiko

anti agingHave you looked back at photos of yourself over the years? Does it surprise you to see how you’ve aged? We all (or most of us) think we not only look younger than others the same age or even older than us, I know I do. But then again I won’t share my face on Beauty Info Zone and a lot of that is because of the effects of aging. What’s a person to do?

Plastic surgery? Can’t afford it. Afraid of undergoing the procedure. Downtime. Bruising. What if it doesn’t do what you want it to do?

Non-invasive procedures? Again a money issue. Pain. Bruising (in my case). Continued upkeep. What if something goes wrong?

Taking care of ourselves to fight this? Not free but not expensive. The only upkeep is food and supplements that we’d be using anyway. Possible reaction to a supplement or food but then you just stop whatever it is and that should be it.

CORREXIKO sent two boxes of CLOSE-UP supplements that I’ve been using for over a month and I’m happy with the results of these. I’m not a doctor and I do clear anything new with my internist since I’ve had some health issues in the past. Correxiko got the okay!

Correxiko Close Up: Skin Supplement and Hair Supplement
Correxiko Close Up: Skin Supplement and Hair Supplement

I’ve previously written about my hair issues. On two different occasions I lost a considerable amount of hair. Not typical hair loss but mountains of hair falling out without provocation. It’s traumatic but I’m very lucky because my hair has grown back each time. Therefore I don’t take healthy hair for granted and I do what I can to make sure I don’t have another problem. CORREXIKO HAIR SUPPLEMENT FOR WOMEN is my current way of keeping my hair healthy.

Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women
Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women

The difference with Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women and the hair vitamins I’ve been taking is that the Correxiko is all natural. It contains 27 Active Ingredients, including Horsetail Extract (a natural and more bio-available source of Silica), Biotin, Gingko Biloba, Zinc, B Vitamins, Selenium, Copper, Iron & Inositol. These capsules nourishes the hair follicle and scalp more effectively from the inside, boosting the hair growth cycle.

Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women
Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women

This is a vegan product that strengthens hair follicles. It was created for women with hair loss, hair thinning, weakness in hair (hair that breaks easily), and slow growing hair. They claim it helps with gray hair but I haven’t experienced this yet and since I’ve been gray forever and a day I don’t expect it to help.

Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women open
Correxiko Close-Up Hair Supplement for Women open

One box contains a 28 day supply if you take 2 pills a day. I started at two pills but now I’m taking 1 pill per day in order to savor it. When you look at a capsule you can see all the natural ingredients within. It contains the vitamins your body needs as well as the active natural ingredients. This is radically different than the supplements I’ve taken in the past and I’ll continue to use them but at 1 per day.

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women
Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women is the other box I received and this too is very different than what I was previously using. What attracted me to this product is that it’s meant for anti-aging, skincare, and blemish reduction. Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women is their flagship product so it’s a great way to learn the line.

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women
Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women

Inside the box you’ll find 28 sachets with 5 capsules in each. Each of the 5 capsules was created with different natural ingredients to help with areas of concern. Capsule 1 is made for Cell Anti-Aging and contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Calendula Extract, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Lutein Extract, Resveratol Extract, Vitamin E, A and D3, and Zinc. Capsule 2 is for Soft, Smooth Skin. This contains MSM, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Rosehip Extract, Acai Berry, L-Cysteine, and others plus it has Hyaluronic Acid and Selenium. Capsule 3 is the Suncorrex capsule containing Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract etc. Capsule 4 is the Pro-Absorb one and contains Spirulina, Chlorella, Probiotics, Wheatgrass, Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Iron and many more ingredients. Capsule 5 is Energy + containing Korean Panax Ginseng Extract, Guarana Extract, Pipase, Potassium, Vitamins B5, B6, B3, B2, B1, B12, and Folic Acid.

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women - the 5 capsules
Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women – the 5 capsules

If you got through that long list (which you probably didn’t) you’d see that many of the supplements, herbs and vitamins that you already take are included in these capsules meaning you can stop many of them on the days you use a sachet. In total there are 60 active ingredients.

This is considered to be a food supplement and not used in place of food products. It’s free of Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, GMO, Soy, Sugars, Sweeteners, Seafood, Bovine & Porcine Collagen. The capsule shells are all vegetarian. These fit in well with many diets and food styles.

I take both the Hair Supplement and Skin Supplements with my breakfast. I want to have some food in my stomach as is recommended. They also recommend drinking 2 liters of water per day to help makes these more effective. Once you’ve taken these and start noticing results it’s okay to move to one sachet every 2-3 days. If you hate swallowing pills, then open these into your yogurt, smoothies, or juice.

Correxiko Collagen Booster
Correxiko Collagen Booster

Correxiko Collagen Booster is on my wishlist for an order. This helps with skin glow, skin firmness, and wrinkle reduction. With these three I’m sure I’ll look younger than everyone I went to high school and collage with. And that’s without plastic surgery!  Are you a supplement taker like I am? If so CORREXIKO is a brand worth your time and money.  — Marcia

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  1. Erika | 19th Aug 16

    These both sound great!

  2. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 19th Aug 16

    I have the skin supplement but haven’t begun taking them yet. I rarely eat breakfast but I guess I could take them wiht dinner.

  3. beautyin | 19th Aug 16

    Cindy, you can take these with any meal. I find if I take the skin supplement on an empty stomach they are harder to properly digest.

  4. Phyrra | 20th Aug 16

    They sound great!

  5. Bailey | 21st Aug 16

    These sound like really great options. I’m interested in the hair ones in particular.

  6. Lisa Heath | 21st Aug 16

    I want to try out their nails one!

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