Take me away Panasonic~ your guide to the nanoe™ compact hair dryer

Panasonic nanoe Compact Hair Dryer
Panasonic nanoe Compact Hair Dryer

Meet my hair’s new best friend, Panasonic Beauty Compact Hair Dryer with nanoe™ technology. She’s a travel dryer but she’s oh so much more. While this is small in size it’s incredibly powerful and does the job of a larger, more powerful hair dryer with ease.            press sample

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer EH-NA27
Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer EH-NA27

She’s been designed for fast and easy styling no matter where you take her – the gym, traveling, or home. She’s just 13.1 oz and 8.7×3.2×6.1 inches so she fits in your purse, your carry-on, and in your gym bag leaving room for all of your other necessities.

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer folded
Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer folded

PANASONIC created nanoe™ technology which draws moisture from the air to infuse hair with moisture-rich particles 1,000x richer than typical ions to reduce damage caused by everyday brushing and enhance hair’s smoothness and shine.

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer with the quick dry nozzle
Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer with the quick dry nozzle

My hair is just shoulder length but it takes forever to dry. It just retains water. Imagine my surprise then when this 1400 watt hair dryer was able to dry my hair in a shorter time than my 1800 watt regular dryer. I thought it was a fluke but noooooooooo… I’ve been using it for weeks now and it’s just as fast as the first time I used it.

Panasonic nanoe compact hair dryer, EH-NA27
Panasonic nanoe compact hair dryer, EH-NA27

The secret behind nanoe™ technology and your hair is that it helps reduce the damage that would be caused by heating your hair for a long time as well as brushing it. It has 3 settings though no cold button. I’ve only used it on high since my hair wouldn’t dry at a lower temperature. High power is a strong hot airflow, Medium is a gentle hot airflow, and Cool is your cool airflow so that you don’t need that extra button.

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer nozzle with the nanoe™ outlet above it
Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer nozzle with the nanoe™ outlet above it

Just above the quick-dry nozzle is the nanoe™ outlet. The nanoe™ outlet works just as well with or without the nozzle but I really like it with the nozzle since it helps with drying time. The Quick-Dry Nozzle provides strong and soft airflows for concentrated styling, fast drying time and smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair.

This is the newest member of the Panasonic Beauty hair dryers and they’ve done an outstanding job. The cost is $99 on Amazon and on the Panasonic website. There’s a  different model available online at Ulta.com that’s $129 and has 1875 watts and a diffuser.

With Spring Break around the corner what better time to get yourself some sunscreen, a new bathing suit, and a Panasonic Beauty nanoe™ Compact Hair Dryer. — Marcia

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  1. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 7th Feb 17

    It sounds awesome–I love cutting down on dying time!

  2. Judy | 8th Feb 17

    This dryer would be great for my bathroom with limited counter space too, easy for storage love it!

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 8th Feb 17

    Looks and sounds like a terrific dryer. I wouldn’t mind a smaller, faster hairdryer for everyday regardless of where I am!

  4. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 8th Feb 17

    It sounds perfect! It’s so hard to find a hair dryer that’s compact but that works well! Every hotel should upgrade to this!

  5. Lola Seicento | 8th Feb 17

    This sounds fantastic! It’s also the coolest looking compact dryer that I have seen!

  6. NORAH | 8th Feb 17

    The nozzle looks pretty awesome, will have to check this out for sure.

  7. Julie | 8th Feb 17

    This is definitely the most interesting looking blow dryer!

  8. Kathryne | 8th Feb 17

    I need everything fast and efficient so this fits the bill

  9. Erika | 8th Feb 17

    This looks awesome. If a blow dryer can dry faster at lower heat, I’m all for it.

  10. Phyrra | 9th Feb 17

    This makes me want to give it a try. I need faster drying.

  11. Aleya Bamdad | 9th Feb 17

    I love a good dryer that works fast – especially in the winter when I don’t want to go out with wet hair.

  12. Bailey | 9th Feb 17

    I rarely ever blow dry my hair, but this looks so interesting.

  13. Anastasia | 9th Feb 17

    What a unique looking hairdryer! I would definitely love to try it some day.

  14. Stephanie Louise Telford | 10th Feb 17

    How different!

  15. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 10th Feb 17

    So cute and compact! It sounds like it works extremely well.

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