Your great hair day awaits with Ms. Pompadour!

In the sea of hair products out there, every line needs to stand out. Ms. Pompadour does on several counts. First, it has a fabulous name – I mean, who doesn’t want their hair care to be named Ms. Pompadour?? Besides that, Ms. Pompadour is known for having products with salon grade ingredients that leave hair silky soft and looking fantastic every single day. They ship super fast and have a 30 day money back guarantee. And, if you refer friends, you can earn free products and discounts.


Ms. Pompadour comes from the same guys who created Mister Pompadour, Zack Henry and Matt Davis. Women loved the men’s line and demanded a line specifically for them, so Zack and Matt got busy and created Ms. Pompadour. I tested four different items:  The Strengthening Showering Experience Shampoo and Conditioner, the Leave-In Conditioner, and the Dry Shampoo. Did Ms. Pompadour leave me with a great hair day every day? Read on to find out!

Ms. Pompadour Strengthening Shower Experience:  Shampoo and Conditioner
Ms. Pompadour Shampoo and Conditioner

The Strengthening Shower Experience Shampoo and Conditioner Set ($32) is perfect for my fine hair. My hair is long, about mid-back, and it tends to tangle and break. It definitely needs strengthening as well as moisturizing. The Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner do this without weighing my fine strands down, which is tough to find. They also correct the pH level, so my hair is left extremely shiny and very smooth.  I love the results and am happy to say this duo gives me a great hair day every time and will definitely be a repurchase.

Ms. Pompadour Leave-In Conditioner

The Leave-In Conditioner ($21) is more serious stuff for hair that needs extra attention. It has tons of Pro Vitamin B5 to smooth broken strands, repair damaged cuticles, and prevent hair from breaking in the future. It does a very nice job of getting rid of frizz, although I did find it left my fine hair a little more weighted down than usual. So, I use this when I want to go with a straight style and it’s perfect. I like to alternate this with the regular Strengthening Conditioner.

Ms. Pompadour Dry Shampoo
Ms. Pompadour Dry Shampoo

I think I was most excited to try the Dry Shampoo ($19.50) because nothing makes my life easier than an awesome dry shampoo. I am always running late and dry shampoo saves my butt more times than I care to count. The Ms. Pompadour Dry Shampoo is an interesting one…it’s probably the wettest dry shampoo I have ever used. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that it is imperative you use this correctly to get the best results – and if you do so, the results are fabulous. I found that I need to hold the can a good 10 inches away from my scalp. I spray it on my part and around my hair-line, then section off areas and spray my scalp. Then I clip up my hair and let it dry while I run around like a crazy woman trying to get ready. After 5 minutes, my hair is perfect – clean, smells fresh, tons of volume, looks amazing. And yes, it’s another great hair day!

Overall, I am very impressed with Ms. Pompadour.  Great products that give me great hair at great prices. You can find this line at  – Lisa


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 11th Oct 17

    I have seen this brand on blogs over the past couple of years, and both the witty brand name and the lace on the bottles have stood out to me. The idea of a “strengthening” hair care duo is very appealing to me.

  2. Erika | 11th Oct 17

    This line sounds very good. I like conditioning products that can strengthen and detangle.

  3. Phyrra | 11th Oct 17

    Happy you enjoy them!

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 11th Oct 17

    My hair has been terrible lately. I don’t like the color, it needs to be cut and I’m just sick of it! I hope Ms. Pompadour can help!

  5. Stacie Hamilton | 11th Oct 17

    I agree, the name of the line is perfect!! I like hair products that add moisture to give my hair some extra shine.

  6. Brooke | 11th Oct 17

    I’m obsessed with dry shampoo. Live for it!

  7. Kathryne | 12th Oct 17

    I’m going for another hair color change this weekend. I’m looking for new nice products to try, thanks for introducing me to this brand

  8. Lisa Heath | 12th Oct 17

    I’m always on the hunt for a good dry shampoo! I might need to try this out!

  9. Crystal Fuentes | 12th Oct 17

    The packaging it’s self is so appealing! I have both seen and read about this brand, and think that I’m going to have to try it! I love the name also!

  10. Anastasia | 12th Oct 17

    I like their packaging! That henna lace print is really beautiful.

  11. Bailey | 13th Oct 17

    This range sounds really great- especially the dry shampoo. I love the packaging too.

  12. Gabrielle | 13th Oct 17

    I’d like to try the dry shampoo. The other products sound like they might weigh down the curl in my hair (mine is fine as well). Love the brand name, that’s for sure!

  13. Polarbelle | 15th Oct 17

    They sound like nice products. I’d probably really love that leave in conditioner.

  14. Autum | 17th Oct 17

    I’m not a huge fan of dry shampoos but the leave in conditioner and strengthening shampoo are right up my alley. I’ve got such fine hair that tangles like crazy so it would be something I would definitely try!

  15. Julie Waldron | 18th Oct 17

    I’ve never heard of this line. I’d like to try the strengthening shampoo/conditioner, my hair tends to experience breakage.

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