It’s time for Beach Bomb Tousled Texture hair (review)

If you live in Michigan you are probably complaining about the weather 75% of the time. It seems to be a pastime around here although you don’t have to live in Michigan to complain about the weather this summer. We have our fair share of beautiful days but then we have days like the current weather – hot, humid and miserable. When the temperatures are in the 90’s and the humidity comes out to play my hair takes a beating. That’s why I like to have a keratin treatment to keep it straight. Unfortunately my treatment has grown out so while I’m deciding what to do it’s PLAY TIME. The first item I’m playing with is called Beach Bomb and it’s made by AG Hair.

AG Hair has a category called Curl which I’ve personally ignored for my whole life. I had straight hair until hormones and illness changed the texture to slightly wavy. I’ve been fighting that texture but I decided to give in and see what it would be like to have some beachy waves when this was offered for review. The one thing that totally sold me on this product was that there is no salt or sodium chloride in it. Since there are remnants of the keratin in my hair, I don’t want to totally rid my hair of that. Plus I’ve personally always felt that salt products were very drying.

Beach Bomb, Tousled Texture is made for girls (and women!!) who have curls and for those of us with just some waves. It’s a light hold option. This has an amazing fragrance and this is from a woman who dislikes fragrance. AG says it reminds them of a vacation in Hawaii. I think it reminds me of a freshness with just a lilt of pretty.

What I do: wash and condition as usual. Then take about a quarter’s worth of this cream and scrunch it through my hair. You can instantly see and feel that it’s moisturizing. I use just less than the size of a quarter since you can always add more. My hair is just below my shoulders and on the thick side. I dry my bangs and then set the dryer on a lower setting (I don’t have a diffuser) and got some of the moisture out. My hair retains water so it takes a long time to dry if I’m in the house but once outside it dries more quickly. 

(If you have curly hair though you may want to blow and scrunch as seen in THIS VIDEO.)

What’s my outcome? I have soft waves that don’t feel hard. My hair moves, which is what I want from it. The hardest part for me is to remember not to brush my hair  during the day. I’m so used to that but it’s not necessary with my Beach Bomb hair. Actually the best thing for me to do is to scrunch it more. The very best part is that I’m not heating up my bathroom with my hair dryer and I’m feeling more confident about leaving the house without my pin straight hair.

(WARNING: the first time I used this I brushed my hair after it dried. That wasn’t a good idea. I’m so used to brushing that I didn’t realize that my hair would grow. The volume was pretty amazing but it was too much for my taste.)

The next day I have the option of scrunching it more or using my flat iron if it seems too wavy. My hair still feels clean the next day and it’s looking good. This is a great option for me that I’m especially going to be taking advantage of on the hottest days of summer. AG Hair knows what they are doing and Beach Bomb, Tousled Texture just proves it even more.

Adding to the review (8/9/12)… I gave this to my daughter-in-law to try out and she fell in love with it. Her hair is a gorgeous blond and fine with a natural wave. This brings out the wave in such a natural form and she doesn’t even have to blow dry. I seriously doubt I’ll ever get this back now but honestly, she looks so amazing when using this that I’m thrilled for her.

*received from pr for review


  1. I wonder if this would be good for my naturally curly hair?

  2. I’ve used other AG hair products that my hair stylist recommended. I didn’t know they made this.

  3. beautyin says:

    This was just brought out on July 1st so it’s new to the line. If you are looking for beachy hair and no salt in a product then I’d definitely recommend this.

  4. beautyin says:

    I think it would be great for curly hair. My hair has a few uneven waves so it’s not the ideal hair for this product. Curls would work beautifully.

  5. This sounds like a perfect product for my hair and I like that it has no salt. Thanks for the information.


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