The Sunday Scoop (for 3/12 to 3/19) is sending a bit of Irish luck to you with these giveaways


I may be rushing the holiday a bit but I’m guessing if you love to celebrate for St. Patrick’s Day that you are already prepping for it. If so I hope it’s a lovely day and that you find the perfect green polish to match your perfect green outfit.  May the luck of the Irish help you win some of these giveaways!  Be sure you read to the very end!!  —  Marcia




3/28  KLERADERM COLLAGEN CLEANSING MILK  –  4 continental US winners

Winner’s Circle: our fragrance giveaway has been won by Laura M.


3/13  Polarbelle  –  Wet n’Wild new Iridescent Highlighters, US

3/14  Ahlessa 4 Real  –  NYX Cosmetics, WW

3/14  Glitter Buzz Style  –  Infusium Shampoo and Conditioner, US

3/15  Yon-Ka  –  Yon-Ka Skincare Head to Toe Nutrition Collection (Nutri Defense, Nutri Protect, Nutri Contour), US

3/15  Pammy Blogs Beauty  –  Jay Manuel Beauty Bronzer and Classic Lip Duo, US/Can

3/15  She Finds  –  50 winners, The Icing Makeup Kit, US

3/15  Haute Off the Rack  –  4 Oil Diffuser bracelets, US

3/16  Prime Beauty  –  Nugg Masks 4 Step Hydration Kit, US

3/16  Gouldylox  –  Jay Manuel Beauty Bronzer and Classic Lip Duo, US

3/16  Dave Lackie  –  Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in “Trafalgar”

3/17  She Finds  –  100 winners, Exuviance Skincare trial sets, US

3/18  Fashionista Budget  –  Sephora Collection Give Me Some Nude Lip Set, WW

3/18  Always Blabbing  –  Lancome mascara, eyeliner and lipliner, US

3/18  Glitter Buzz Style  –  Omega Labs USA nail polishes, US

3/19  Never Say Die Beauty  –  GloMinerals Mattifying Primer, US

3/19  Deals Among Us  –  180Pro Zotos Color Remedy Haircare Trio, US

Beauty Undercover  –  Cricket Copper Clean Brush (hair) collection, US


3/13  Deals Among Us  –  Natural Candles box of tapers and pack of votive candles, US

3/14  Fab Over Fifty  –  6 month supply of Cal-EZ, $50 Athleta g.c. for workout clothes, Cal-EZ water bottle, US

3/15  Java John Z  –  Daily Goodie Box, US

3/15  Kicking It With Kelly  –  Brother Portable Label Maker and tape cartridges, US

3/16  The Homespun Chics  –  Crimson G10 10 pc Cutlery Set, US

3/18  Love Taza  –  Instax Mini Camera with Fujifilm cartridges, US

3/18  Style Spot  –  Swarovski Crystal Necklace, US

3/18  Comeback Momma  –  countertop Pizza Maker Oven and packages of Bay English Muffins, US

3/18  Ice Fairy Treasures  –  complete line of Salonpas products, US

3/18  Extra TV  –  5 winners, Ninja Coffee Bar System, US

3/18  She Savvy  –  Chesapeake Bay Candle Collection, US

3/18  Deals Among Us  –  Dr. Jacobs Eucalyptus Castile Liquid Soap, US

3/19  Budget Earth  –  HomeRight Steam Machine, US

3/19  Miki’s Hope  –  PeachSkin Sheet Set in your choice of size and color, US


3/12  Influence Nation  –  $500 g.c. to, US

3/14  Giveaway Promote  –  $100 Amazon g.c., WW

3/14  Dorky’s Deals  –  $100 Target gc, US

3/14  Michigan Savings  –  $25 Applebees g.c., US

3/14  Dorky’s Deals  –  $200 Nordstrom g.c., WW

3/14  Sandy Ala Mode  –  $1000 Target gc

3/15  Taste and See  –  $700 Amazon g.c.

3/15  Budget Earth  –  $25 Starbucks g.c., WW

3/15  Mom Does Reviews  –  $100 Container Store g.c., US/Can

3/15  Mom Does Reviews  –  $200 Amazon g.c. or Paypal, WW

3/15  Kicking It With Kelly  –  $50 Best Buy, US

3/15  Dorky’s Deals  –  $200 Barnes & Noble g.c., US

3/16  Budget Earth  –  $50 Amazon, US

3/17  NYC Recessionista  –  $500 Amazon g.c., WW

3/17  Money Can Buy Lipstick  –  $1000 Target gc, US

3/17  money and gift cards:  Generations of Savings, $20 Amazon or paypal, US  ||  The Robin’s Nest, $20 Amazon, US  ||  Still Blonde, $30 paypal, US  ||  Mommy Reviewer, $20 Amazon  ||  Practical Frugality, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Wild Redhead Homestead, $25 Amazon or paypal  ||

3/18  money and gift cards:  Still Blonde, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Wild Redhead Homestead, $25 Amazon, US  ||  Mom the Magnificent, $25 Amazon ||  Lisa’s 2900, $25 Amazon or paypal, US/Can  ||  Nicki’s Random Musings, $25 Visa and 3 Pfizer Children’s Products, US  || Miki’s Hope, $50 g.c. of choice or paypal, US/Can  ||  Heartbeats, Soul Stains, $25 Amazon and Gourmet Bakery Gift Basket, US  ||  Frog Reviews, $25 g.c. of your choice, WW  ||

SUNDAY SCOOP GIVEAWAY:  This is a surprise giveaway open to all Beauty Info Zone subscribers unless prohibited by law. The prize is Ecotools 6 piece Day to Night Clutch Set. This is open through 3/27 at 11:59 p.m. ET. If comments close please email me at and label it Ecotools, send me your comment and continue on.

The DAY TO NIGHT COLLECTION includes all of the tools to transform an everyday look into a bold nighttime look.

CONCEAL: Use the Pointed Concealer to blend imperfections

SMOOTH: Sweep color onto face with the Powder brush

SHADE: Apply eye color with the Shadow brush

DIFFUSE: Blend colors with the Smudge brush

ACCENT: Add a pop of color with the Lip Brush

The 6th piece is a clutch to carry your belongings.

Ecotools Six Piece Day-To Night Clutch Set

Ecotools Six Piece Day-To Night Clutch Set

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  1. Lisa Brown says:

    I am looking for anything that strikes my fancy; I do like makeup giveaways.

  2. Emily Ann Benzing says:

    I love your Sunday Scoop. I honestly look forward to it every single week and I love that you post a lot of giveaways that I haven’t even heard of yet. I love the makeup giveaways the best!

  3. Stephanie says:

    i love your blog

  4. When I read the Sunday Scoop I love checking out the beauty giveaways first and foremost!

  5. Beauty giveaways are my favorites.

  6. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I enjoy all kinds of giveaways. I like the beauty giveaways because I love beauty products and because they are usually given by one blogger and entry isn’t that time consuming.
    I love the cash and gift card giveaways and the giveaways that are usually given by a group of fashion bloggers for Nordstrom gc, Target gc, PayPal do take a little more time but entering isn’t difficult.
    I love some of the prizes that the review & giveaway blogs give and I enter some of them but some of theirs will be like a $25 gc, for example, and have 15 blogs hosting and co hosting and take ffooorreevvverrrr to enter. Thetefore these latter types are my least favorite.

  7. I mostly look for the beauty giveaways, but sometimes something else will catch my eye. 🙂

  8. Paol Trenny says:

    I am looking for anything relating to beauty such as beauty products or sephora or ulta gift card. Thanks!

  9. I especially love the new beauty products I’ve not seen before and of course anything anti-aging. I learn a lot from the reviews with the giveaways. I glance at the non-beauty giveaways since you have them so nicely organized and easy to peruse, although I don’t often have the time to enter all the ones I would like to! I don’t often enter the money giveaways.

  10. Lorraine F says:

    I am always on the lookout for a good organic/non-toxic makeup or skincare giveaway, as well as organic, non-gmo food giveaways!

  11. Monique S says:

    I am looking for ones that have multiple winners so there is more chance I might win something.

  12. I really enjoy reading every line in your Sunday Scoop. I appreciate all the hard work it takes to put this together every week.
    I like beauty product giveaways especially new to me items. I love perfume and fragrances and wish more of those giveaways were out there. I enjoy reading about different and unusual items you find. Jewelry is always a winner!

  13. Patricia Caradonna says:

    I am looking for Starbucks, Amazon or gift card giveaways, but I enjoy all of the giveaways to be honest.

  14. I look for beauty/cosmetic giveaways and scroll through the other categories for any that look interesting.

  15. Courtney South says:

    I really like looking for my favorite brands like urban decay, bare minerals and nyx and tarte but I love in general looking at the Sunday scoop! I find articles and giveaways of things I’ve never heard of before!! ??

  16. Bilqees Bano says:

    I love to look skincare giveaways

  17. Gabrielle says:

    I am always excited to see what nifty beauty giveaways you’ve unearthed. I rush to enter right away!

  18. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love beauty giveaways! I also like goft cards.

  19. I love beauty giveaways, but it’s nice to see accessories sometimes, too 🙂

  20. I really love makeup and skincare giveaways 🙂 but above all: open worldwide!

  21. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I like the beauty giveaways best and the money giveaways least (always way too many entries)

  22. I like beauty giveaways

  23. Ashley B. says:

    I love beauty giveaways!

  24. I didn’t know you showcase giveaways! This is awesome!

  25. Ehmkay nails says:

    Wow so many generous giveaways going on right now! Thanks for the info!

  26. Nicole Ackerman says:

    I love everything you post! 1. Skincare 2. Makeup 3. Gift Cards!

  27. i love all the giveaways.

  28. gift cards and beauty products!

  29. Cynthia R says:

    I’m looking for gift cards and cool beauty products. I love your list!

  30. Julie Barrett says:

    Canadian or international giveaways for Makeup, jewelry, tech and fashion. (and gift cards if they aren’t long loop entries with lots of bloggers)

  31. Ioanna Katalagarianou says:

    I love beauty products!

  32. I absolutely look forward to Sunday Scoop. I am most interested in beauty because it usually gives me the opportunity to try and win something I have never heard of or something that’s on my want list.
    I also just love the list because even though I may not enter the giveaway itself it gives me some great opportunities to see different quirky little places that have unique offerings that I would never have found on my own.

  33. Rhonda W G. says:

    I enjoy skincare and bath products alot…Thankyou.

  34. I love beauty giveaways, but always open for something interesting or something I have never heard of before.

  35. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I enjoy all giveaways I give my adult children stuff I win and my grandchildren . I just enjoy doing giveeaways and trying new products

  36. Fun and interesting giveaways where I can either learn or new products or win products I might not normally buy for myself!

  37. Michelle Castagne says:

    I look for a Tria Age-Defying Laser giveaway that isn’t only Instagram entries.

  38. beautyin says:

    Good luck with that Michelle. Expensive items like the Tria are few and far between.

  39. Erin Madigan says:

    I love looking for giveaways for new products or brands I have never heard of. It gives me a chance to win something and try it out.

  40. Tandi Cortez says:

    I love beauty giveaways!

  41. My favorites are fashion and make-up giveaways.

  42. Shilpa Shetty says:

    I read during Monday evening the Sunday Scoop,.. I love beauty products,tools and bag giveaways,..

  43. Lyndsey R. says:

    I love reading about beauty products and anything to help my aging skin really.

  44. beauty, hair products, and money

  45. I love beauty and skin care giveaways the most! Thanks so much!

  46. Beauty products reviews g/a & gift cards, jewelry all are great to learn about and to win.TY

  47. Kimberly B. says:

    I like giveaways for gift cards, baby items, electronics but I really enjoy the beauty product giveaways.

  48. I have not been entering lately. But I like fashion/beauty ones. Thanks so much.

  49. Teresa A Thompson says:

    I like skin care, cosmetic and gift card giveaways.

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