It’s finally here…the Kleraderm giveaway, enter to win a $200 Botofit Serum

I recently gave you a teaser about a Kleraderm contest – and the day has finally arrived!  Here is your chance to win a full size Botofit Serum ($200 value).  Actually, there will be four winners, so your chance of winning is even better than normal.  Plus, everyone who participates will be sent many samples packs of different products personally selected for you by Joanne Recchia, the US owner of Kleraderm, herself.

First, let me give you some info on some of the products Joanne may recommend for you, then I will explain this very different giveaway.

Kleraderm at Nordstrom

Kleraderm Advanced Skin Care of Italy is known as “one of the best kept secrets in skin care.”

Kleraderm products are superb.  They actually deliver results; the brand loyalty is off charts.   This line is famous for its happy customers who are all very committed to the line and very loyal.  

Kleraderm customers take their skin seriously.  These are people (men and women) who were very tired of not achieving results with topical solutions. Luckily, Kleraderm hit the U.S. market eight years ago with Nordstrom Michigan stores.  Owner Joanne Recchia says, “Kleraderm science has broken the code to anti-aging and many other skin concerns.”

And even better is their motto:  At Kleraderm we’re into your skin, not your pocket books.


Roxanne and Joanne

Kleraderm is a company that is family owned in Italy and the United States.  Joanne says it’s really what separates them from the brutal world of cosmetics.  While I was at the Kleraderm counter, who showed up but Joanne’s gorgeous sister Roxanne.  Now here are two ladies who love to tell people their ages – Roxanne (on the left) is 57, and Joanne (on the right) is 51.

Both sisters have been Kleraderm users for eight years and have never had a Botox injection or filler.  Instead they use Kleraderm Botofit (topical Botox alternative made from plant) and Ysaline (topical filler made from Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids).

The sisters never wear foundation or powders, they only use makeup around their eyes and some lipstick.

The same can be said for most Kleraderm users.  Every so often Joanne has informational meetings at Nordstrom where we learn more and get pampered, and her customer base has the most amazing skin ever.  In talking to them, most of the Kleraderm customers say the first thing they stopped using was foundation and powders once their skin turned around from Kleraderm.

Clima Defense

Clima Defense

Here are some of my personal favorite products:

Clima-Defense Serum:  this is a synergy complex of vegetable extracts, purposely created to prevent the production of free radicals and to increase skin’s defense system to help protect from sun damage, while promoting anti-age throughout the skin. Clima-Defense is the first UVA/UVB protection derived from pure plant that can filler out radiation from Sun rays.  So that means I get my SPF from my treatment serum – awesome!



Aromacosmesi / Synergy (Healing Oils from Plants):  Synergy is very unique type of healing oil, cold pressed from first generation plants only.  Synergy has strong healing properties to heal all skin concerns and helps to strengthen collagen and elastin fibers, while promoting fresh, healthy skin.  I probably own three or four of the different types of Aromacosmesi, some promote lymph drainage, others like the one pictured above are fantastic for blackheads.  The Propoli and Lavender actually makes the blackheads come right out, apply at night and in the morning your face looks like it’s covered in tiny hairs.  Those blackheads just pop right out, it’s crazy.

Botofit...could this be what Joanne is going to give away?  Stay tuned!

Botofit Serum

Probably the product Kleraderm is most noted for – and the product Joanne is giving away to four different Beauty Info Zone readers – is the Botofit Serum.

Botofit is made from pure plant and hexapeptide 3 amino acids.  When applied, Botofit will wrap around broken ends of collagen, building bridges taking depth out of wrinkles.

With daily application Botofit travels down the derma not only repairing broken collagen fibers, but also jumping on to neurotransmitters, slowing down the nerve flash keeping the muscle from constricting.

Botofit has no moisturizing properties and must be used with moisturizer. Botofit is safe for under eyes and should be used morning and night for best results.

So here is our wonderful contest:

This is not a Rafflecopter contest.  To enter:

1.  email Kleraderm (meaning Joanne) at [email protected] about your skin and concerns.  Joanne will email you back.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS WITH YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.

Kleraderm sample packets

Kleraderm sample packets

2.  Joanne will then send you sample packages based on your skin concerns.  Everyone who emails Joanne will get samples!

3.  For your entry, you MUST leave a comment about your Kleraderm experience on this post.  You can speak of the service and / or knowledge you received.

Don’t wait for your samples to arrive,  jump right on it and comment after your first contact with Joanne from Kleraderm.

This contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on February 14, 2013.

Your comment regarding your interaction with Joanne is your giveaway entry to win your own bottle of Botofit Serum, a  $200 value.  Four people will be chosen at random to win, so what are you waiting for??  Email Joanne right now, and remember to come back and comment after you speak with her!  Good luck, I know you will love this line as much as I do.  – Lisa


  1. Vicki Neulinger says:

    I am super excited to try this line. I contacted Joanne and she quickly replied her recommendations for my skin ailments. She offered to send me samples. If I can go without foundation, I am sold! Thanks

  2. Heather USA (@aitch77 FB: rosie areola) says:

    I contacted Joanne via email less than an hour ago and already received a very interesting reply! She informed me that I may be suffering with “couperosy skin”, which I’d never heard of. I will be doing some research and finding out more about it’s causes and products to help with it 😀

    Joanne also offered advice on the best products for my other skin concerns and to send me samples.

    Very impressed!

    Thank you BIZ and Joanne, very much appreciated.

  3. I contacted Joanne yesterday and expressed my concerns about redness in my skin. She informed me hat she will send me samples of some new products to help counteract some of the redness in my skin which I am looking forward to receiving.

    Thank you Joanne!!!!

  4. @Vicki, Heather and Rhonda – isn’t Joanne amazing? She gets to the root of problems and is so helpful. Thanks for contacting her. We’re sure you’ll love your samples and now you’ll be entered to win Botofit!!

  5. sandy weinstein says:

    thank you, cant wait to try, already emailed.

  6. This sounds amazing! Even if I don’t win, I’m totally impressed by this line!

  7. I wrote Joanne with all my mature skin concerns. Excited about her line. Cannot wait to hear what she suggests .

  8. Caryn Noah says:

    Hi Joanne,
    I have been in the cosmetics industry all of my adult life, and ALWAYS on the hunt for the “latest and the greatest”. I, too, have NEVER had botox. My main concern is anti aging, at this juncture in time. I am a sin care/makeup afficinado, and people are constantly asking me for the “best products”, as there is so much available today. i am very interested in your line, as it sounds like something different than the rest. Please get back to me with what you feel the top products in your line are.
    Caryn Noah

  9. Jessica Gordon says:

    I contacted Joanne and she got back to me almost imemdiately! She suggested a few products for my oily, acne-prone skin and offered to send me some samples. I’m looking forward to testing out the Kleraderm line!

  10. Jennifer D (JenLily) says:

    I contacted Joanne and she replied within minutes. Very impressive! I described my skin conditions and also mentioned a specific product I was interested in and she replied with recommendations as well as an offer to send me samples of a few specific products that she thinks will help address my skin concerns. I’m quite excited to try out this line!

  11. Mary Wright says:

    I was surprised at the quick response. Joanne said she had just the cream for me …..”Oxalis Cream used during day and Essential cream at night, you’re going to love them both … I promise.”
    I like their slogan:
    Kleraderm we’re into your skin,
    Not your pocket books

  12. I contacted Joanne and received a response within a day! If only all companies responded that quickly 😉 She had some great product suggestions for my acne, oily-prone skin. I look forward to receiving the samples to see what this product line can do for my skin.

  13. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I heard back from Joanne (and let me say, “I hear ya’ loud and clear, @Glogirl!”) so quickly, and she recommends: “You most defiantly would benefit from Kleraderm couperosy cream, this product was made for your type of skin along with its sister cream Lenitive 25.” So I’ll be getting samples to test and I can’t wait to see if it helps my dry, rosacea and eczema prone skin! Thx!!!

  14. I contacted Joanne and she replied within a few hours! She recommended some creams for my skin as well as for my mom because I told her I also wanted to let my mom try it out! Thank you!

  15. Joanne got back to me very quickly as well! I have way too much going on with my poor skin right now. She said I need to stop all that I am doing, and let it get back to normal, as I am a super sensitive skin type. I can’t wait to see what she has in store! 🙂
    This is a great contest, thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Joanne got back to me very quickly and has great recommendations for me too! I can wait to try Kleraderm and if they can clear up my skin I will be forever greatful! Thanks so much to you and Kleraderm for hosting an amazing giveaway~ Hope I am one of the lucky ladies!

  17. I emailed and Joanne and she’s going to send me some samples!!

  18. Joanne addressed the problem I am having with the combination of moisturizers and make up I am using and told me to make sure I am using makeup that does not contain mineral oil or mineral powders. She is sending me samples to use in the morning and evening. I’m looking forward to trying her recommended products!

  19. Kathleen Gereg says:

    It’s great that Joanne replies in a personal way to each email, addressing each skin issue…a wonderful way to do business. It speaks volumes! I’m excited to try the Kleraderm product(s).

  20. Laura Royal says:

    Joanne let me know that I would benefit from Kleraderm acid cream ( made from fruit acids) for day and firming cream for night. I’m really looking forward to testing out the samples. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  21. Viktoria Czire says:

    Joanne replied fast, and I find it very good, that she sends samples to test the products.
    I’m really looking forward to the samples! 🙂

  22. angelica aguilar says:

    love these giveaway thanks

  23. Kami Dumis says:

    I contacted Joann and she replied this morning and said she would send me some samples. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  24. I received my email for Joanne, she responded so quickly! She suggested Kleraderm couperosy cream and Kleraderm Vitalize cream. She will be sending samples for me to try! Thank You!

  25. I contacted Joanne yesterday and received an email from her! I am excited to try the creams she is suggesting for balancing out my skin! She seems very knowledgeable, and the products sound great!

  26. sandy weinstein says:

    i emailed them, got an email back w. some questions which i answered and have not heard back since

  27. I received an immediate e-mail response from Joanne and am anxious to try the Kleraderm product samples that she is sending me. This is exciting!

  28. @Sandy, Joanne will get back to you. If you provided her with your address she’ll send out some samples that she things are appropriate too.

  29. Wow, I am amazed at the lightning fast response time! Joanne recommended Ophelie and firming cream for me. I can’t wait to try them out. Thanks Joanne your customer service is beyond excellent.

  30. Can’t wait to receive the samples that Joanne recommended I try. Thanks so much for the quick reply!! Finally, something good to wait for, coming in the mail…

  31. I have been going to Nordstrom Somerset for facials from Michael for a while, and I absolutely love this line!! The facials are really affordable, and the products are great.

  32. Rosemary ford says:

    I can’t wait to get my samples to fix my 48 year old skin to win this would be amazing
    [email protected]

  33. Just emailed Joanne and cannot wait for her reply! I’m excited to hear any skin advice she can offer me 🙂

  34. shelley bershof says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my positive experience with Joanne’s customer service and the Kleraderm products. First of all, I met Joanne several years ago when I was visiting my best friend who lives in Huntington Woods, Michigan. She (my friend) treated me to a facial with Joanne at Nordstrom’s (she also enjoyed one afterwards) and I was quite surprised at the high quality of this experience! It goes without saying that Joanne knows skin and its many foibles, many problems, and many strengths and weaknesses! After that, I purchased the Botofit cream, eye treatment gel, and received several generous samples to try. Having the chance to try the samples is a great way for potential clients to fall in love with the quality of the products. So many skin care/makeup companies have become very stingy with handing out samples in the past few years, probably due to the obvious recent recession. However, it’s really difficult to tell how a particular skin care product works when it’s only applied at the makeup counter one time. A follow-up trial period is necessary and that’s where the Kleraderm samples come in! As always, quality comes through . . . these products are lovely, amazing, and they work!!

  35. Well said!

  36. I was shocked this morning to find that Joanne had emailed me back already – I don’t have any of her products and I’m already pleased with her business because few companies offer such swift and helpful customer service. I have oily, breakout-prone skin and some fine lines emerging (I’m in my mid-20s). Joanne recommended not over exfoliating and warned against products containing mineral oil – sure enough, my BB Cream lists mineral oil at the top of the ingredient list (which is a shame because I love it! Clearly it does not love me in return). She also said she’s happy to send me samples based on my skin concerns and to keep her posted. I can’t wait to try the products!

  37. I emailed Joanne and she recommended Kleraderm Purifying Liquid and essential cream; I’m so excited to try the samples and hope my experience is as good as yours. 🙂

  38. Kelly Commerford says:

    Like everyone else it seems, I received a prompt, thorough response. I had included pictures of my skin with my email, and received some very interesting feedback that I intend to put into pratice right away! I was delighted to be informed that there is help for my excessively oily, yet combination skin. I can’t wait to try her recommendations, and I was just floored by the customer service. Thanks to all involved for their genorosity!

  39. I am 36 and have adult acne. I can also see the crows feet and forehead wrinkle already deepen in my skin. Joanne had ideas right away. She was informative, not pushy at all, and seemed to genuinely care. Like their slogan says “We are into your skin, not your pocket book” She really listened and did not just start to spout out sales pitches. She asked more questions to really try to find a solution to my problem skin. Thank you Joanne! I am really looking forward to the samples you send and sharing this with my family and friends.

  40. thanks cant wait for the sample.

  41. Joanne has a passion for skin care!!! She LOVES what she does! I moved from metro Detroit to the west side of state and now live in an area with extremely hard water. Ugh. It has taken its toll on my skin, especially my eye area. The dry and dehydrated look isn’t very attractive at all!! My eyes look awful
    And my face just appears to be dull.
    I can’t wait to experience the samples I receive.
    Thank you Joanne for the info!

  42. Kristina V says:

    I almost forgot to write on this post! Yes I emailed her on Feb 1st and she replied on the same day. She said there is hope for my acne prone/oily skin and would send me some samples of the products she thinks will help! Thanks So much Joanne and Beauty Info Zone

  43. Seriously good customer service backs up seriously good products. I spend a considerable amount of money on facial product because I am finicky about my skin. I don’t like the huge amount of chemicals in most products and was pleased to see the Kleraderm line uses plant extracts. The affordable prices are an added bonus!

    I was delighted to find Kleraderm products are now available on-line and being offered by an aesthetician with such a stellar reputation as Joanne’s. I was traveling a lot for work and having trouble with break outs and blackheads. A friend gave me a sample of proppoli and lavender serum and it was fantastic. I’m really looking forward to trying Clima-Defense Serum.

  44. Thank you for letting a “Klera-nut” rave about what great product these are.

    I found Kleraderm on a quick stop into Nordstroms, while looking to replenishing an acne product that I thought was helping me. I was talked into trying Kleraderm, with few samples to see if some products worked (aka didn’t make me breakout), and we scheduled a facial within the next week. Being really hesitant falling for the temptation of another skin care line, as I had heard all of the testimonials and tried all kinds of products, during my late teens and into my early 30s to rid me of the redness and acne pock marks on my cheek which dermatologists suggest collagen injections for..,

    I took the suggestion and had my first facial with Joanne. Not only could I talk to her about what I didn’t like about my skin, with out feeling judged, I could confess that I wanted to feel like I had that “perfect” skin. The skin I had always dreamed, cried and hope for as a pimple faced high-school/college student and young professional. So facing down my 40th, I plunged into the Kleraderm world. Slowly and surely the monthly facials and daily use of the products (especially Shea Butter during Michigan winters) progressed my skin into that happy place where I feel absolutely confident about what my skin shows. No more redness, rare breakouts and gratefully nearly disappeared acne scars!

    Now after what Joanne and I think has been a five-year relationship, I have not only jumped into my 40s with gusto but by using Kleraderm I have with the skin I dreamed of, the skin that lets me walk out of the door Saturday mornings without makeup and has other women have asking me “What do you use on your face? It looks so good!”


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