Say goodbye to gray with our Everpro Gray Away giveaway!

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Everpro Gray Away
Everpro Gray Away

I am beyond excited about today’s giveaway!  I first reviewed Gray Away a year ago, and I have purchased and repurchased this product over and over since then.  I used to use Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder, which is pretty expensive and not perfect.  It puts too much color on the scalp, creating a slightly strange ‘wig’ effect since it camouflages my part as well as my roots.  Plus, the color rubs off on fingers and my pillowcase.

Then, one fine day Everpro Beauty Gray Away Temporary Root Color ($9.99) came into my life.  This is much easier to locate – my local CVS carries it – and much friendlier to my pocketbook.

A few fun facts about Gray Away:

-Instant gray hair coverage in 10 seconds
-Temporary root concealer that extends the life of your color
-Natural emollients that adhere to hair and washes out with shampoo
-Self-adjusting color technology that blends with hair color
-No mixing, no mess – just spray and go!
-Keeps hair feeling soft and natural
-Unique applicator for targeted coverage
-Free of harsh chemicals and dyes

The Light Brown shade matches these hair colors
The Light Brown shade matches these hair colors
The Dark Brown matches these hair colors
The Dark Brown matches these hair colors

It comes in two shades, Light Brown and Dark Brown. I use the Light Brown, which is great for light to medium brown hair. If you aren’t sure which shade is right for you, go for the lighter shade rather than the darker one.

cool applicator
cool applicator

It has a thin spray wand which makes for excellent control and less color on areas you don’t want covered, like your natural part. The spray itself is mineral-derived pigment which means it is safe for everyone to use, even pregnant women. Plus it dries very quickly. It will come off if you rub or scratch your head, but not nearly as noticeably as with the Bumble and Bumble.

Application couldn’t be quicker or easier.  Just shake the can, then spray on dry roots. It takes seconds for all that gray to disappear! The color is natural looking, temporary, and easily washed out with your next shampoo.


I don’t even think I can count how many people I have converted to this fantastic way to cover up those tell-tale roots.  One bottle provides up to 40 applications, so this is a fantastic and affordable way to stretch out the time between visits to the salon.  You can find Everpro Beauty Gray Away at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Take a moment to enter our fantastic giveaway today for the Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer in the color of your choice!  Three lucky people will win, and it could be you.

This giveaway is open to US only through May 31st at 11:59 p.m.

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  1. beautyin | 17th May 15

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  2. Ashley Bree Perez | 17th May 15

    When I was a teenager 🙂

  3. Mary W | 17th May 15

    I have been coloring my hair sinice I was in my 40’s. That was quite a while ago!

  4. Katie | 18th May 15

    I’m 33 and I just started coloring my hair last year. I don’t have a ton of gray yet, but it’s mostly on my hairline framing my face, so was starting to get really noticeable.

  5. Beauty Tips | 19th May 15

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  6. Susan P. | 22nd May 15

    I started coloring my hair in my 30’s just to brighten and lighten it up. I haven’t colored my hair for 10 years because it is so long it took 2 boxes of dye so I gave up. This would be for my sister.

  7. Nancy | 23rd May 15

    I started about three years ago.

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  9. Shawna | 25th May 15

    I started coloring my hair about 5 years ago!

  10. Carol | 25th May 15

    This is a good product I find the color runs dark. Just use sparingly too!

  11. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) | 26th May 15

    I’ve been coloring my hair in some way — highlights, low lights, color, etc. since High School.

  12. Lucy Nguyen | 29th May 15

    I have started coloring my hair since college

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