Mini giveaway number 1 – what is it?

Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String

Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String

I’m going to be doing a series of mini giveaways. There’s usually just one item in each giveaway and you’ll never know when I’m going to be popping in for a mini. The giveaways will last for 3-4 days each and won’t be announced. To be eligible for a Beauty Info Zone giveaway you need to be subscribed to the BIZ so you’ll find these in your email plus the article will be on our Facebook page.

One of the reasons for the giveaway is to build up our Facebook page numbers so we ask that you follow us on facebook.

Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String

Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String

MINI GIVEAWAY #1 is for this SPONGELLE BODY WASH, You Have My Heart on a String. It’s a $15 value. To use this there’s a soft side for cleansing and toning and a textured side to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. It’s fragranced and contains hydrating olive oil and a blend of energizing and toning extracts. This giveaway is an international one and is open through 8/21 at 11:59 p.m. ET. I can’t wait to see who wins. — Marcia

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  1. Aveeno Body Wash in the Soothing Oat and Chamomile is what I’ve been using recently.

  2. leah davis says

    I use a washcloth with a 2% salicylic acid body wash.

  3. I use a washcloth, but one side has a scrubby side to it. It works well and i change it out every few days. The Spongelle Sponge sounds really interesting though. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  4. I usually use a loofah and some kind of body wash or scrub. The sponge looks really neat, I like the idea that it has everything in it already.

  5. Victoria K says

    I use various different body wash.

  6. I use a washcloth

  7. Shawna Brooks says

    I use a loofah.

  8. Wendy hutton says

    I use a loofah and dove body wash

  9. Erika Letson says

    Usually I use a washcloth. This sponge looks cool and thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I have a scrubber sponge as well as a loofah and bath mesh sponges.

  11. Vicki Wurgler says

    I use a washcloth and body wash

  12. I currently do not have any special items I use in the shower. I just threw away a bunch of old, broken, worn out stuff from my shower and am ready to use clean new things.

  13. Hands… Washcloth on some lucky occasions.

  14. I use a washcloth

  15. Anne-Marie Tvete says

    I use a loofah with some Aveeno bath/shower gel.

  16. I use a loofah and coconut body wash.

  17. I just use my hands

  18. I use a loofah.

  19. Nicole Ackerman says

    I use a loofah and body wash!

  20. I use a loofah!

  21. I use a scribbie and a washcloth.

  22. Shilpa Shetty says

    I use The Body Shop Bath Gloves from quite few years,.. I love the way they help to exfoliate and clean my body.

  23. I use a natural sea sponge and a shower gel.

  24. I use a simple soft sponge.

  25. I was with a wash cloth and body wash.

  26. Patricia Caradonna says

    I have a loofah scrubber to wash with and exfoliate.

  27. Maryann D. says

    I sometimes use just a wash cloth with soap.

  28. I use a simple washcloth and a herbal body wash 🙂

  29. I use my hands with a bar of soap or a scrubbie with body wash.

  30. I use a loofah and body wash.

  31. Sheila Chaffins says

    Wash rag

  32. I use bar soap or body wash, a washcloth or bath pouf.

  33. Dana Rodriguez says

    I use a Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge and Olay Age Defy Moisture Outlast body wash.

  34. Audra O'Hara says

    I’m boring…I use a plain washcloth in the shower. I like using body washes and have even used scrubs in the past.

  35. samantha schreiner says

    I use a washcloth and i use body washes with all the good smells.

  36. rose duster says

    I use a loofah and shower gel!

  37. violet taylor says

    half the time i just used shampoo because my kids have moved the soap, lol

  38. I use a loofa and philosophy body wash.

  39. I use a bath pouf thingy and my newest body wash is Dove Dry Oil Moisture.

  40. Anastasiya says

    I use different body wash

  41. Stephanie M says

    I use a bath sponge from The Body Shop

  42. Michelle Castagne says

    I use a loofah ans body wash.

  43. I use a shower poof… it’s seen better days though…

  44. ashley perez says

    I use body wash and a loofah(:

  45. Dawn Monroe says

    I use a poof or wash rag.

  46. BlackAsphodel says

    Lately I’ve been using Nivea’s rose scented shower gel & BBW’s lavender & honey body wash.

  47. laurie murley says

    I have a long brush with a sponge on it when I shower

  48. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    If I am traveling I use body wash if I’m at home I use bar soap.

  49. Loofah


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