Love & Peace Legacy Jewelry Giveaway


Peace & Love Pink Quartz necklace with White Tourmalines
Peace & Love Pink Quartz necklace with White Tourmalines

Beauty Info Zone is very excited to be involved with Nancy Davis’ jewelry line being sold on Evine. She is offering one US reader the chance to win the beautiful Peace & Love Legacy Pink Quartz necklace with White Tourmalines that you see above.

First though let me tell you about this sale and why you should tune into Evine to see the beauty of the Peace & Love Legacy line and find out about the worthy cause it represents.

At the age of 33 Nancy Davis, a well known philanthropist and designer, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Once she learned that there is no cure for this insidious disease she founded Race to Erase MS, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for MS. Funds raised support the Race’s Center Without Walls program, a unique collaboration of the world’s leading MS research scientists who are on the cutting-edge of innovative research.

Over the years she has helped raise over $30 million to fund scientists looking for a cure. Due to the efforts of this program there are now thirteen drugs with FDA approval on the market and more pending approval on the horizon to help fight the symptoms of MS.

She has dedicated the Peace & Love Legacy jewelry pieces that she designs with a portion of the sales going to Race to Erase MS, further adding to this wonderful charity.

Today Beauty Info Zone has the honor of giving away a piece that will be on EVINE on September 8 starting at 1 a.m. EST and again at 11 a.m.. There will be special pricing for this event. We encourage you to watch the show and/or go on EVINE’s website to learn more about this. Nancy Davis will be explaining it all to you.

Prime Beauty will be hosting the second giveaway of this line and we hope you’ll enter both giveaways as well.

On to the information about this beautiful necklace:

PEACE & LOVE LEGACY SS 12x10MM HEART CUT NECKLACE – 16″ + 3″ ext. 157-570

Retail $109

COLOR OPTIONS: Paradise Pink Quartz

Stone Information:

Paradise Pink Quartz – 1 Heart Cut 12x10mm, 3.6cts each

White Topaz – 4 Round Checkerboard 3mm, 0.115 cts each


GIVEAWAY INSTRUCTIONS: Please use our Rafflecopter to enter. The necklace will be sent to a US winner from Peace & Love. We hope that you will subscribe to Beauty Info Zone but for this one giveaway it’s an option and not a requirement. The giveaway ends on 9/21/16 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. Sometimes our comment section closes at the end of a giveaway, if that happens please email us at [email protected] and label it Peace & Love, submit your comment that way and click I commented. Lots of love and luck.  —  Marcia

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  1. Trinh Quinonez | 17th Sep 16

    I love to wear all jewelry.

  2. Angela Saver | 17th Sep 16

    I like to wear rings, necklaces & earrings.

  3. Rachel Beltz | 18th Sep 16

    I’ve always been a necklace girl! It’s out of the way and hard to lose hah!

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  5. Andrea Darst | 19th Sep 16

    I wear it all – necklaces, earrings (daily), rings (daily), bracelets and a watch (daily)!

  6. Alona Y | 20th Sep 16

    I love all kinds of jewelry, especially necklaces and big earrings.

  7. Birdiebee | 20th Sep 16

    I like to wear a necklace for special occasions as well as a ring from time to time and earrings.

  8. laurie murley | 21st Sep 16

    I love wearing necklaces the most

  9. Lucero De La Tierra | 21st Sep 16

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are rings, bracelets and earrings. Occasionally I will wear a necklace.

  10. gala | 21st Sep 16

    I love necklaces and earrings most of all

  11. DEBIJOT | 21st Sep 16

    I love to wear all kinds of jewelry.

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