Glitter lovers giveaway with Models Own Celestial Collection

MODELS OWN has a collection that is going to be a glitter girl’s dream. It’s called Celestial and is out of this world with unicorns and fantasy galore. The pieces include the Celestial Enchanted Palette, Celestial Lip Glitter Kit, Celestial Face Glitter Kit, and Celestial Chrome Lip Topper. If you or someone you buy for loves the fun of cosmetics then you’ll want to know about these and enter our giveaway.

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Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Toppers

Looking for ethereal, shining, glittery lips that won’t budge through that magical evening? Well, look no further because I have the prize at the end of the rainbow!!  Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Topper ($8) is a fabulous lip product that had me fooled – at first I thought these were horrible, but then I realized I was using them all wrong.

Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Toppers
Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Topper in Stardust and Rose Comet
Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Toppers are lip TOPPERS. That means use them over lip product, not on their own! On their own, they don’t have much effect, they look odd and I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want them. But over a matte lip color – oh my my. Unicorns and rainbows and magical bunnies everywhere!! The effect is shimmery, glittery like diamonds lips – almost unreal.

While the dry down is still odd since there is no slip at all, the wear is fantastic. Also you don’t apply this like regular lip gloss. You need to dab it on so the glitter and shimmer is even, sort of placing it properly. Then it dries matte and stays put. This stuff lasts and lasts forever. It won’t kiss off – my husband and I tested it with a really slobbery, teenage-type makeout session in the back of his truck. Success! He had NO evidence of feminine wiles on him and I did not look like I was about to embark on a walk of shame.

Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Topper in Rose Comet
Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Topper in Stardust
Models Own Celestial Chrome Lip Topper in Rose Comet and Stardust
Try Stardust for beautiful silvery shimmer and Rose Comet for gorgeous pink shimmer.  And I am so sorry I ever disparaged these super cool unicorn awesome lippies! They are the bomb!!


“Be the queen of hearts with Models Own Celestial Enchanted Palette. From ladylike hues to fairytale blooms, live happily ever after!” Oh to be young enough to wear this pretty pastel eyeshadow/highlighter palette.

Celestial Enchanted Palette

10 shimmery glittery shades that will make someone’s going out face radiate ($8.99). Let me give my best descriptions since this is a prize for the giveaway so it’s only been opened and not swatched.

Top row: PURITY white, MAGICAL cream, GRACEFUL pinky brown, ENTICE peachy pink, ALLURE gold

Bottom row: CHARMING dark brown, WITH LOVE rose gold, DOVES silver, ANGELIC denim blue, DIVINE purple

Models Own Celestial Palette

When I look at these colors I so want to wear it but I know that it’s not right for me. The nudes are shimmering, the pastels are iridescent, and it all looks perfect for the right person. The Ulta reviews say that it’s not highly pigmented but that it adds a fun sparkle to eyes and that it should be used with an eyeshadow primer.

Celestial Lip Glitter Kit

There are 3 Celestial Lip Glitter Kits available and these are extremely sparkly. Cute as can be with Cerise Star (hot pink), Moon Dust (iridescent white), and Rose Meteor (peachy pink).

Models Own Cerise Star
Models Own Celestial Lip Glitter Kits

What you’ll find is a the latest trend of glitter on your lips: loose lip glitter, a lip glitter sealer, and a dual ended applicator. At only $3.99 each they will make someone in your life squeal when they find this in their holiday stocking/gift pile. They can be worn alone or over a lip color for a hot look.

Models Own Glitter Lip Kit colors

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: First place prize is the Celestial Eyeshadow Palette and one Lip Glitter Kit of your choice, second place will win the 2 Lip Glitter Kits left. This is open for US and Canada through 10/21/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If you are young yourself, have gifts to give for young at heart friends and family, or just love trying the unusual then this is a giveaway for you! Just decide which is the Lip Glitter Kit you want to try if you win first place and use the Rafflecopter for your entries.

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Available exclusively at Ulta


  1. wcs53 | 15th Oct 17

    I’d probably choose Moon Dust

  2. Michelle H. | 16th Oct 17

    I think I would choose Moon Dust. It is the most versatile of the colors.

  3. Teresakoedyker | 16th Oct 17

    I love them both but I think my first choice would be Moon Dust!! Thank you for all the great posts!!!??????

  4. Jessi Buehler | 16th Oct 17

    Moondust for sure! Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Paol Trenny | 16th Oct 17

    I would choose Rose Meteor.

  6. Michele Cupp | 16th Oct 17

    I would choose the Rose Meteor.

  7. amybelle2001 | 16th Oct 17

    I’d choose Rose Meteor.

  8. Cassandra D | 17th Oct 17

    Rose Gold.

  9. serum bioeffect | 17th Oct 17

    ¿Puedes explicarnos màs sobre esto?, ha sido fantastico encontrar mas datos sobre este tema.


  10. Louisa Dent | 17th Oct 17

    I really like Rose Meteor

  11. Alexandra Y | 17th Oct 17

    I would pick Moon Dust.

  12. Jana Williams | 18th Oct 17

    Hi Marcia & Lisa I Hope You Two Ladies Have Been Doing Ok, I See You’ve Been Keeping Busy With a Ton of Great Giveaways! I Really Want to Thank You So Much for This Amazing Models Own Giveaway, I’m So Excited Because First of All I’ve Always Wanted to Try Models Own Because They Have Such Beautiful Makeup But I’m Also Really Excited Because I’m a HUGE Fan of Colorful Eyeshadows & Anything Sparkly! All of the Eyeshadows are Beautiful Especially the Gold, Blue, Purple, & Silver and I Adore All of the Lip Glitter Kits But I Think My Favorite Color Would Probably Have to Be Rose Meteor Because I Love the Flecks of Purple in it! Well Thanks Again for Another Fantastic Giveaway My Loves, Have a Blessed Day! ?????????

  13. Julie Waldron | 18th Oct 17

    I would probably choose Rose Meteor.

  14. Julie Waldron | 18th Oct 17

    I commented on the Your great hair day awaits with Ms. Pompadour! post.

  15. missy w | 18th Oct 17

    Any of them are good.

  16. Luna S | 19th Oct 17

    I am not sure maybe the rose meteor

  17. Laura G | 19th Oct 17

    I like them both and would be happy with either.

  18. Rhonda | 19th Oct 17

    The Rose Meteor stands out for me!

  19. Jamie Williams | 21st Oct 17

    I would choose star dust.

  20. amanda whitley | 21st Oct 17

    i would choose the rose meteor! i love them all

  21. Heather Dawn | 21st Oct 17

    I would pick Moondust!

  22. Julie Terry | 21st Oct 17

    I would pick Moondust, but I really like them both.

  23. Chris L | 21st Oct 17

    I would go for Rose Meteor

  24. Eileen Boyce | 21st Oct 17

    I would pick moon dust.

  25. Sab Edwards | 21st Oct 17

    Cerise Star (hot pink),because lips should be noticed

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