Enjoy wining and dining with Evine and the Deen Brothers giveaway #EvineEntertains

I have a secret to share. I don’t like to cook! I used to be a prolific cook and baker but I’ve gotten lazy and prefer to do the minimum. No longer having extra mouths to feed I make sure it’s easy for my husband and I. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to eat or entertain. I just do it the easy way. Big salads and fruit bowls are easy and should please everyone. Thanks to the shopping channel Evine and Deen Brothers I have new products and easy ways to do this. #EvineEntertains #EvinePartner.

French Bull Melamine Two-tone Serving Bowl, 13″ Melamine Salad Servers, set of Mini Bowls

Recently we went to the local farmer’s market to see what we could bring to a casual dinner at a friend’s house on a lake. The end of summer brings some of our favorites like tomatoes and small cucumbers, local peaches, end of the season blueberries and strawberries. Putting together a salad and a bowl of fruit to bring was a breeze.

French Bull Melamine Two-tone Serving Bowl, 13″ Melamine Salad Servers, set of Mini Bowls

French Bull is a company that sells on Evine that has beautiful colorful melamine products for serving. The 12.5″ Melamine Two-tone Serving Bowl comes in a choice of purple/turquoise or pink/orange and complements the brightness of fruits and vegetables as well as livens up a bowl of chips, popcorn, or corn chips. What I truly love though are the French Bull Set of Two 13″ Melamine Salad Servers which come in a choice of 6 combinations. I have used these many times since I had previously bought them.

French Bull Salad Servers

Evine has sold out of the great French Bull mini Melamine Mini Bowls but I’m sure they’ll be back. The ones I have are a set of 6 mini bowls. These bright and cheerful colors and get a lot of use around my home. Hand my little ones a bowl of popcorn or Goldfish crackers in one of these bowls and they will sit quietly for a while (whew). They love the bright colors and I love the safety of these. These are all dishwasher safe and BPA-free.  (Similar set)

Paula Deen Set of Three (12 oz) Gourmet Dressings

When making a salad there’s Paula Deen’s Set of Three (12 oz) Gourmet Dressings. These are great as a marinade as well as salad and coleslaw. The three flavors are: –

  • Vidalia Onion Peppercorn which has a creamy sweet taste. Great on coleslaw or spinach salad. Even though I don’t like onions this is a delicious dressing so I’ll forgive it for having an oniony base.
  • Raspberry Vinaigrette which is my favorite. It’s a thinner light dressing and makes flavors stand out even more. My husband doesn’t like creamy things so this is perfect for him. Try it on fruit for a change too.
  • No Sugar Added Italian is recommended as a marinade as well as a tangy salad dressings. There’s no after taste which makes it a great choice. This is another that we both like.
Evine French Bull and Paula Deen dressings

Now we really want to add some fun to this gathering and that’s where Paula Deen’s sons The Deen Brothers and their Savannah Cellars wines come in. I’m a white wine drinker and certainly not a connoisseur but I find the Sauvignon Blanc to be a crispy slight sweet flavor that is easily consumed, maybe a little too easily! Here’s the official description of this wine:

Fresh, Subtle, Dry and Zesty.

Soft, delicate and refreshing with notes of white peach, green apple, white rose and lemon creme. Silky, subtle and beautifully balanced with apricot and lime zest to cleanse the palate.

The Deen Brothers Savannah Cellars Sauvignon Blanc wines

The Deen Brothers partnered with an award winning master vintner to develop the wines they sell. They are sold in sets of 3, 6 or 12 and you can even order a monthly subscription. A Sauvignon Blanc wine is to be consumed when young, this isn’t a wine that tastes better with aging so you can dig in right away!

The Deen Brothers Savannah Cellars Sauvignon Blanc wine

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And now for the giveaway!!! We will have two winners for your wining and dining pleasure. One winner will receive a 3 piece box of Deen Brothers Sauvignon Blanc Wine and another winner will win the French Bull bowl, salad servers and a set of mini bowls plus the set of 3 Paula Deen Gourmet Salad Dressings. Winners will be picked at random through the Rafflecopter widget. I cannot guarantee which prize each entrant will receive. This giveaway is limited to US residents 21 years of age or over, where permitted by law. Giveaway ends Wednesday, 8/30 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Follow the mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter widget to enter to win. To gain additional entries, complete the optional tasks on the widget. Note: by participating in this giveaway entrant acknowledges that entrant’s email address will be shared with a third party. We are sorry but delivery to AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK and UT is currently prohibited by law.

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  1. Teresa Koedyker | 24th Aug 17

    Commented on the Dirty Bird!! They sound amazing!!

  2. Lisa Williams | 24th Aug 17

    I love a nice white wine it goes lovely with dinner.

  3. My Nail Polish Obsession | 24th Aug 17

    That spoon is amazing! Every time I see Paula’s face I hear “More butter y’all!”

  4. Anne | 24th Aug 17

    Sauvignon Blanc wine always!

  5. Linda Madden | 24th Aug 17

    I always drink white wine.

  6. Jen Rodrigues | 24th Aug 17

    I love white wines. Willing to try any of them.

  7. adriana | 25th Aug 17

    white wine

  8. Emily Draher | 25th Aug 17

    Those bowls are so colorful! I love them!

  9. Darlene Carbajal | 25th Aug 17

    Red wine!

  10. Kelly D | 25th Aug 17

    I like a rosé

  11. Nikki | 25th Aug 17

    The bowls are cute! Great giveaway!

  12. Alice Boswell | 25th Aug 17

    Too badI would love to participate to win the white wine. But too bad I live in Toronto, Canada 😉

  13. Maren | 25th Aug 17

    Sauvignon blanc, Champagne… I’m sure there are others in the world I’d like that much.

  14. Tara L | 25th Aug 17

    It depends I like fruity wine so maybe like a spritzer wine of some sort, but my husband loves win and he’ll drink and try anything.

  15. MaryAnne JK | 25th Aug 17

    I love making my own white wine spritzers with 7up or sprite…pinot and sav blanc both work excellent for these. I’ve been making them for over 30 years 🙂

  16. Fran | 25th Aug 17

    free wine!

  17. The Gypsy Gurl | 26th Aug 17

    I must say I share a similar philosophy when it comes to cooking, I have never analysed it but even I prefer shortcuts and hassle free recipes. I guess it’s because of the shortage of time on hand in this day and time. Probably that’s why I am a big fan of salad dressings. Paula Deens set of three looks promising.

  18. ChrissyAdventures | 26th Aug 17

    I don’t really care about the wine but I love your serving bowls in the blog post pictures!

  19. Helen | 26th Aug 17

    I love cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen especially during weekends. But that might change when our little girls fly the nest some day. Those salad servers and salad bowl are so cute!

  20. Deb E | 26th Aug 17

    I commented on the post Just dreamy! Decorte Creme Concealer and Powder Foundation.

  21. Leela | 26th Aug 17

    I love white wine.

  22. Karley Moore | 26th Aug 17

    i love Chardonnay, but I love trying new wines all the time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. bn100 | 26th Aug 17


  24. Sherry Barnes | 27th Aug 17

    White wine

  25. amybelle2001 | 27th Aug 17


  26. Honeygirlk | 27th Aug 17

    I’m a white wine or rose kind of gal… but this sounds fun.

  27. Dan Dykstra | 27th Aug 17

    Cabernet Sauvignon from Chilie

  28. Up Run for Life | 27th Aug 17

    I love the colorful spoons. My eyes were automatically drawn to the vibrant colors.

    Im not a huge wine drinker but my husband enjoys a glass every now and then.

  29. DeAnna Keller | 28th Aug 17

    I like red wine the best.

  30. Jamie Williams | 28th Aug 17

    My favorite wine is white Zinfandel.

  31. S. Carter | 28th Aug 17

    I like Shiraz

  32. Margarette Puno | 28th Aug 17

    I love win! They said wine is really good for the heart. 1 shot of glass will be great in a day.

  33. krystal | 28th Aug 17

    I love the bright colors of that kitchen ware. The white wine is so good!

  34. Cynthia Richardson | 28th Aug 17

    I like riesling wine the best

  35. Tracy Robertson | 28th Aug 17

    Red wine is my favorite, but I would love to try this white and share it with my Mom, who loves pink and white wines.

  36. Lesley F | 28th Aug 17

    I like anything that is not sweet. Merlot is my first choice to drink

  37. Jenny Scheldberg | 28th Aug 17

    I like something with some bubble!

  38. KENNETH OHL | 29th Aug 17

    i love a good glass of Merlot

  39. Kimmy Ripley | 29th Aug 17

    All about that sweet,fruity moscato!

  40. Lauryn R | 29th Aug 17

    I am a fan of red wine, usually a Merlot. I do like an occasional white wine as long as it is not too sweet.

  41. Audrey Stewart | 29th Aug 17

    I like rose’s. I think they are pretty and kind of mild.

  42. Audrey Stewart | 29th Aug 17

    I commented on this non giveaway post. http://beautyinfozone.com/stila/makeup-splurges-for-better-or-worse/comment-page-1/#comment-166489

  43. Sarah Mayer | 30th Aug 17

    My favorite is Pinot .

  44. Francine Anchondo | 30th Aug 17

    I like moscato

  45. DealinDiva | 30th Aug 17

    I love trying new wines.

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