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NailMates Finger Mates
NailMates Finger Mates

Yes, another Beauty Info Zone giveaway!!  A few months ago I reviewed the fabulous NailMates Finger Mates ($14), a polish removal system that works for fingernails, toes, glitter polish, and even removing gel nails. You can read the full review HERE.  So many of our readers were intrigued by it we asked to have a giveaway with two winners! What’s also intriguing is that Sally’s Beauty has repackaged them and sells them under the ASP brand. They are the same so when you go to Sally’s looking for NailMates you’ll find ASP.


NailMates Finger Mates are reusable finger caps that hold removal pads. Soak the pads with acetone then slip them on – they work on both fingers and toes (there are larger toe size sets available). The cap keeps the pads in place, and the pressure from the cap eliminates the need to sit still since there is direct contact. The caps also keep in body heat, which speeds up the process.  Some other benefits:
  • The re-usable one size fits all NailMate caps are QUICK and EASY to apply.
  • NailMate caps completely cover the removal pads. This protect the acetone from exposure to air which can result in pre-mature acetone evaporation.
  • Contrary to cotton products, NailMate pads are extremely absorbent and provide consistent and even distribution of the acetone across the entire nail.
  • NailMate removal pads, used with the caps, are so efficient that there is virtually little (light if at all) to no scrapping of residual polish from nails.
  • NailMate removal pads do not drip acetone.
  • Pads are oversized and match the NailMate caps. This insures the pad completely covers the nail top to bottom and from side to side. The caps hold the pads in place as fingers slide under the pad and into cap.
  • Removal pads are a proprietary formula. Removal pads can be rinsed and reused if sterilization is not required. Terrific value!
NailMates remover pad
NailMates remover pad
NailMates Finger Mates
NailMates Finger Mates

Whatever your pleasure – glitter, holo, crelly, or just plain old polish, NailMates are an easy, mess-free way to deal with the removal process.  I know you want a set, so why not enter our giveaway? Your nails will love you for it!  – Lisa

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  Two Beauty Info Zone subscribers will win one set of 10 reusable NailMates. This is open for continental US only through April 28, 2016 at 11:59 eastern time. If comments close please email me at [email protected] and label it NailMates, comment and that counts as your entry.

*giveaway courtesy of NailMates.  Check out NailMates Finger Mates at Sally Beauty or online at

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Here’s some new information from Nail Mates:

*the large toe size, are only available on NailMates website We are including them in our 20 ct foam refill bags.

*We will be sending out our new configuration, 10 pink caps, 2 lg yellow for the big toe and 10 reusable foam pads.


  1. Emily Benzing | 15th Apr 16

    I change my nail polish about every other week! I love pampering myself and finding new colors that I love! Right now I’m wearing a nude color!

  2. madisyn johnson | 15th Apr 16

    These are such a unique product! I would love a chance to use them. I have never found a way that I like to take off my nail polish off yet but these might just do it!

  3. Nornee | 15th Apr 16

    Nail polish doesn’t like to stay attached to my nails for very long, and chipped polish is a pet peeve of mine, so I tend change polish every 2-3 days. If I could keep it on longer, I’d probably change polish once a week.

  4. Ashley Perez | 15th Apr 16

    I change my nail color every two weeks(:

  5. Teresa koedyker | 15th Apr 16

    I change my polish once a week!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  6. Christina B. | 15th Apr 16

    I change mine about once a week. I have to because I wear it off by the 5th day or so and by the 7th I can’t stand to look at them anymore.

  7. Jill Rivera | 15th Apr 16

    I change my polish weekly.

  8. latanya | 15th Apr 16

    about twice a week

  9. Darlene Schuller | 15th Apr 16

    I change my polish colour weekly, sometimes again if there’s a special occasion.

  10. Mary W | 15th Apr 16

    I change my nail polish once a week. Sometimes I want a different color and remove polish twice a week or more often depending on my schedule.

  11. DeAnna Keller | 15th Apr 16

    I change my nail polish weekly.

  12. Laurie Nykaza | 15th Apr 16

    I change my polish each week to a different color .

  13. Dawn Monroe | 15th Apr 16

    I hesitate changing mine because of the removal process. Weekly/biweekly.

  14. Maren | 15th Apr 16

    I seem to do it less than every 2 weeks. Would do it more often if it was easier.

  15. Adriana | 16th Apr 16

    Once a week 🙂

  16. Rebecca b | 16th Apr 16

    I change mine weekly and I love my glitters. I go through lots of acetone and cotton pads.

  17. ken ohl | 16th Apr 16

    my wife does it about every 2 weeks or so. thankyou, ken

  18. Margaret | 16th Apr 16

    I change it once a week.

  19. Liz | 16th Apr 16

    Manis – once a week. Pedis – every 2-4 weeks depending.

  20. Amanda P | 16th Apr 16

    I change my nail polish every week on my fingers, and every month on my toes!

  21. Melissa | 16th Apr 16

    I change it every week!

  22. Stephanie M | 17th Apr 16

    I change my colours weekly, but usually 5 days in

  23. Vicki Wurgler | 17th Apr 16

    I change my colors weekly unless I have alot of chips in them

  24. Edye | 17th Apr 16

    About every 5-7 days 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  25. Chelsea M | 17th Apr 16

    I change my nail color about once every 10 days or so.

  26. Tabitha | 18th Apr 16

    At least weekly!

  27. Stephanie Hartman | 19th Apr 16

    I used do the soak off gel so it was every two weeks, now with just regular polish it’s usually 1 or 2 times a week.

  28. Paol Trenny | 19th Apr 16

    I change polish every 4-5 days.

  29. Shannon | 19th Apr 16

    I do my nails every Sunday but I touch up a little during the week.

  30. Darla | 20th Apr 16

    I actually just started wearing nail polish so haven’t developed any habits yet. These look good for a beginner like me!

  31. Susan P. | 21st Apr 16

    I give all the nail polish stuff to my sister or daughter and they usually change their nail polish 2 or 3 times a week!

  32. Rachel Beltz | 22nd Apr 16

    Usually once a week- twice if I have time to kill!

  33. Zoey | 22nd Apr 16

    I change my nail polish 1 to 2 times a week.

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  35. Alona Y | 24th Apr 16

    I’m super into nail art and change my polish about twice a week.

  36. denise | 24th Apr 16

    as soon as it looks too chippy, after a few days

  37. jeanette sheets | 24th Apr 16

    i change every 3 days

  38. Kaylin Bruce | 24th Apr 16

    Once a week at least.

  39. susan byrne | 25th Apr 16

    About every other week.

  40. Emily W. | 25th Apr 16

    I’m embarrased to say that I change it about every 2 days!!!! Oops!

  41. Nidia - Lit From Within | 27th Apr 16

    I change my polish many times a week… I’m always painting my nails!

  42. laurie murley | 27th Apr 16

    I change my polish when it starts looking bad

  43. Katie R | 27th Apr 16

    I change mine about every week.

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