Diaper bags can make or break your fashion sense (and a diapers.com giveaway)

Parents holding baby feet

Once the thrill of learning you are pregnant is over; once the pain of morning sickness is over; once you decide whether you want to learn the baby’s gender then it’s time to go shopping. Whether it’s making a wishlist on Diapers. com or searching for your own diaper bag and getting it ready, you’ll want to pick out a bag that is your style and will accommodate your needs.

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Picking out the perfect bag means you need to take a few things into consideration.

Are you the only one who will be carrying it? If so their purse like diaper bags would be quite stylish. It’s not a huge diaper bag at 12.8 x 5.5 x 13 inches but it’s big enough for all the essentials plus it’s got modern chic styling. There are pockets at the side for bottles and it’s fully lined with a spillproof lining. There are so many features to it and it looks like a purse.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall
Petunia Pickle Bottom Cafe Carryall

Is your significant other going to share in the diaper bag toting? You don’t want anything too feminine if that’s the case. The McClaren Messenger Bag is one that my son wouldn’t mind hauling around. It’s 16.2 x 11.9 x 6.2 inches, 3.3 pounds and comes in three colors. Just the name McClaren would make it okay for him.

McClaren Messenger Bag in Medieval Blue
McClaren Messenger Bag in Medieval Blue

Is a backpack more your style? If you’ve got more than one child you can use a hands free bag for sure. And you can go fun or you can go for style. I happen to love the LeSportsac Utility Baby Backpack that comes with a matching changing pad. This one is fun to look at and is great no matter if you have a girl or boy. Plus you never know what that next child might be so keep that in mind.

LeSportsac Utility Baby Backpack in Baby Le Stripe
LeSportsac Utility Baby Backpack in Baby Le Stripe

It’s a good idea to include reading about diaper bags in your planning. You know you’re going to want to be reading books like What to Expect When Expecting. But there are also a lot of online articles that will help. Baby Gear Lab has one of my favorite articles on picking out the right bag and a great list of the items you’ll need. One of the things I learned from this article is why velcro is a no-no for a diaper bag. Who knew? When filling out your baby registry you want all the items you’d need to put in that diaper bag and Parents.com has a great one with items you might have missed. Since my son is the one that takes the kids to preschool/daycare he’s the one that needs to read The Bump’s article on best bags for dads. I love looking at Pinterest and this page on Diaper bags has great ideas, especially for the stylish kind.

Whatever your bag style, you’ll find it on Diapers. com. Creating a registry there will save your friends, family and colleagues a lot of time and effort and get you exactly what you want.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: This is a WW giveaway to win a chance to purchase your own diaper bag or anything you find to love with a $50 e gift certificate. You’ll be amazed at what you can find there for all of your children. The giveaway is open through 12/19/16 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. If comments close please email me at [email protected] to leave your comment but be sure you click “I commented” so that Rafflecopter will recognize your entry.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez | 6th Dec 16

    I really like the messenger bag style.

  2. christina purvis | 6th Dec 16

    I like diaper bags that look like a purse.

  3. Gladys M | 6th Dec 16

    I tend to pick the messenger bag styles with lots of pockets! 🙂

  4. Danielle | 6th Dec 16

    I think diaper bags that can double as tote bags are the best — if it’s taking up room in my house I want to get more than one use out of it!

  5. Lyndsey R. | 6th Dec 16

    I like diaper bags that second as purses. Basically, size matters in this department. I don’t want anything too big. This just sounds bad, doesn’t it? LOL

  6. Paol Trenny | 6th Dec 16

    I love a backpack or messenger bag since I can carry it to class as well as work.

  7. Meghan | 6th Dec 16

    Love the backpack!

  8. Tina Barker | 6th Dec 16

    The messenger bag is definitely my style!

  9. latanya | 6th Dec 16

    I like the backpack style

  10. Stacey Roberson | 6th Dec 16

    I like a tote style diaper bag – something I can easily throw over my shoulder and doesn’t have too many pockets.

  11. Elaine R | 6th Dec 16

    The Maclaren Messenger Bag is similar to the style of the diaper bag my daughter uses. Large and roomy but yet doesn’t stand out looking like a diaper bag.

  12. Mary W | 6th Dec 16

    I like backpack styles for the hands free advantage.

  13. Dagmar | 6th Dec 16

    I really love my cheetah patterned backpack!! So great to be hands free

  14. Michelle Castagne | 6th Dec 16

    I like the diaper bags that loo more like a purse.

  15. Susan P. | 6th Dec 16

    I like a backpack or messenger bag style.

  16. Amanda S. | 6th Dec 16

    I tend to like monochromatic, spacious diaper bags.

  17. Christy Peeples DuBois | 6th Dec 16

    I like the purse type messenger bag however the messenger bag would probably work better.

  18. Cindy | 7th Dec 16

    I like diaper bags that look like a handbag.

  19. sarah s | 7th Dec 16

    My favorite bag style is a backpack and messenger bag,

  20. Anne C | 7th Dec 16

    I like the purse style in either solid colors or playful prints 🙂

  21. loraine | 7th Dec 16

    I like something to have a zip in pocket inside and also a zip enclosure for the whole bag

  22. Sonya Morris | 7th Dec 16

    I love a big messenger bag to carry everything.

  23. Tabitha | 7th Dec 16

    The more multi-functional, the better!

  24. Deb E | 7th Dec 16

    I like the purse like diaper bag with long enough straps to wear over my should or across the body. I tend to pack too much in a tote so a purse would keep it manageable and is more versatile.

  25. Jennifer b | 7th Dec 16

    I like simple style, like a backpack. Helps me keep hands and arms free while carrying my baby

  26. Laura G | 7th Dec 16

    I like totes with plenty of pockets

  27. Tabathia B | 7th Dec 16

    I like the messenger style with plenty of pockets

  28. Jamie Williams | 7th Dec 16

    I like the messenger style the best. I have a few and they hold a lot of stuff.

  29. Stephanie Phelps | 7th Dec 16

    My diaper bag style is the hand bag style .

  30. Jessica M | 8th Dec 16

    I gotta have the backpack style diaper bag. I like to be able to have both hands free especially when shopping with the little ones. I have ttied other styles but always end up back with the backpack style.

  31. gloria patterson | 8th Dec 16

    just a plain off the wall diaper bag nothing special………… backpack diaper is on my want list

  32. Vicki Wurgler | 8th Dec 16

    I like the messenger bag style.

  33. KENNETH OHL | 9th Dec 16

    my wife loves a big backpack style diaper bag

  34. Jenny Scheldberg | 11th Dec 16

    Something that looks sleek and easy to clean up.

  35. Amy Orvin | 12th Dec 16

    I love the back pack style as well.

  36. Amanda Miller | 14th Dec 16

    I like the messenger style.

  37. Damla | 18th Dec 16

    I prefer tote style.

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  39. Kimberly Harrison | 18th Dec 16

    I like a tote bag style

  40. Adriana | 18th Dec 16

    Messenger bags.

  41. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 18th Dec 16

    I like a Messenger Style.

  42. Lindsey Green | 19th Dec 16

    I like the tote style.

  43. Kelly D | 19th Dec 16

    I like a classic carryall style.

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