Correxiko Skin Supplement giveaway

Last summer I received Correxiko Skin Supplement to use and review. When I was recently offered a giveaway for one of my readers I was thrilled to have this opportunity. You might find other blogs that also have the same giveaway so if this interests you then keep your eyes open.

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women

Correxiko is different than any supplements I’ve used before and since. It’s time for me to get back to using these since they were helpful for me. You can use a package every two to three days for the maintence mode or use one per day to get your skin in shape. Here’s what I wrote last summer

“Inside the box you’ll find 28 sachets with 5 capsules in each. Each of the 5 capsules was created with different natural ingredients to help with areas of concern. Capsule 1 is made for Cell Anti-Aging and contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Calendula Extract, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Lutein Extract, Resveratol Extract, Vitamin E, A and D3, and Zinc. Capsule 2 is for Soft, Smooth Skin. This contains MSM, Curcuma Longa Root Extract, Rosehip Extract, Acai Berry, L-Cysteine, and others plus it has Hyaluronic Acid and Selenium. Capsule 3 is the Suncorrex capsule containing Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract etc. Capsule 4 is the Pro-Absorb one and contains Spirulina, Chlorella, Probiotics, Wheatgrass, Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Iron and many more ingredients. Capsule 5 is Energy + containing Korean Panax Ginseng Extract, Guarana Extract, Pipase, Potassium, Vitamins B5, B6, B3, B2, B1, B12, and Folic Acid.”

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women

This is considered to be a food supplement and not used in place of food products. It’s free of Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, GMO, Soy, Sugars, Sweeteners, Seafood, Bovine & Porcine Collagen. The capsule shells are all vegetarian. These fit in well with many diets and food styles.

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women - the 5 capsules

Correxiko Skin Supplement for Women – the 5 capsules

More information from the company:

You’ll receive all of the benefits of this doctor recommended, ground-breaking formula that includes 60 active clinically proven ingredients.

Astaxanthin to neutralize free-radical oxidative stress

Lycopene for UV protection

Collagen precursors to support the strength of the dermal matrix (including elastin and collagen fibers)

Hyaluronic acid to maintain extracellular hydration

Resveratrol to help the body’s fight against inflammatory action

Additional Potent Probiotics to help your body absorb nutrients effectively

Natural Energy + Mood boosters to help awaken your body and mind

Essential Nutrients, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Minerals and Superfoods to stimulate skin renewal

For all skin types.

What can you expect? You will start to see skin firmness, texture, glow and a lessening of fine lines and wrinkles within 12-18 weeks of consistent daily use, though benefits may be seen earlier, increased energy may be noticed from Day 3 onwards.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  You can win a box of Correxiko (value $98.95) that will be sent by the PR company they are now working with. It’s open to US subscribers of Beauty Info Zone. This giveaway will be open through 4/13/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments close early please email your comment to [email protected] and label it Supplements, be sure you click I commented so Rafflecopter will recognize your entry.

I am not a doctor and I’ve never played one on TV so it’s best to check with your physician before starting any new health regimen. — Marcia

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  1. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    I’ve recently started to add supplements to my daily beauty routine. They’re a slightly $ – but I think they’re worth it. Would love to win!

  2. monique s says

    I really like that they help with so many different things like hydration, mood, renewal, etc.

  3. I’m very excited about Correxico. I take some supplements to help my skin but these are an amazing mix that I could never get by trying to’assemble’ a regimen like this. I love the all in one aspect and the range of ingredients for optimum results is incredible.

  4. Lorraine F says

    I would love to win these because they are all natural, and I love adding natural supplements to my routine.

  5. Sheila Chaffins says

    I want to win. I have aging skin.

  6. Sheila Chaffins says

    I would love to win this. I have aging skin.

  7. The pill that promises Natural Energy + Mood boosters to help awaken your body and mind intrigues me the most. I would like to try these products to see if they really do live up to the advertising.

  8. The probiotics and ingredients that benefit the skin would interest me.

  9. Sandy Cain says

    I’m interested because I can use all the help I can get. I’m no spring chicken…just a stringy old hen, OMG!

  10. I don’t know why but lately I have become a skincare fanatic. I really think it’s because of the K-beauty trend and most of their products are for skin care. I know that beauty starts from within so even the best skin care products should work a lot better if supported from within. So even though it sounds good in theory I would actually like to see it in action. That is why I would love to try this product!

  11. I enjoy using supplements and these sound interesting!

  12. Jolene Johnson says

    With all my health issues, I need all the extra nutrients I can get! Supplements are a big part of my routine since I don’t absorb everything I need from diet alone.

  13. Erin Madigan says

    I am starting to see the signs of aging, and I think these supplements would be a great addition to my regimen for skin care.

  14. I really like what the product is able to offer my skin!

  15. gloria patterson says

    at 67 its not to late to slow down the aging on my face

  16. Michelle Castagne says

    I’m interested in Correxiko for the collagen precursors to support the strength of the dermal matrix.Skin care is important especially getting older.

  17. Paol Trenny says

    I would like to try supplements that provide everything my skin need and Correxiko sounds like the brand to try.

  18. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Over the last couple of years I have had situations such as hair loss, nails getting horrible ridges and they use to be think, hard and grew fast and in March I discovered that I am horribly anemic(thank goodness there is a physical reason I have felt horrible and every step has felt like an incredible effort to accomplish) and this is all due to hormonal changes and numerous ovarian cysts. Having said this, I am now taking iron and b12 and need all the helpi can get. These supplements sound like I could benefit from their useage.

  19. Gabrielle says

    The idea of helping my skin from the inside is very appealing, so I’d love to try a supplement like this.

  20. Kimmie B. says

    I’d love to win these because it sounds like a very thorough and natural approach to improving my skin and overall health.

  21. Christine Wagner says

    Brighter skin and minimizing of fine lines, the natural energy is a bonus too.

  22. I’d like to win this for my grandma as a gift.

  23. Samantha Hill says

    A glow and less fine lines would be wonderful

  24. I want to try anything that can help my skin.

  25. Jamie Williams says

    Im interested since these are pills. I wouldn’t mind taking these at all if it would help my skin.

  26. Stephanie Hartman says

    I am always looking for a more natural way to help my skin and health.

  27. I’m 42 and I want to do all I can to protect my skin from aging. Thankfully I don’t have wrinkles, I stay out of the sun, but if there is something that can give me energy, well that is something I do need!!

  28. I don’t have the healthiest diet and my skin is showing signs of aging. I think the supplements would help my skin age slower.

  29. I haven’t tried supplements before- but they seem like such an easy solution to many of my everyday complaints!

  30. I use supplements for my heart and eyes so why not for my skin?

  31. Lyndsey R. says

    Even though I am 34 years old, I still get awful acne. I also have age spots and because I pick at my acne sometimes. I am hoping this would help me with those issues.

  32. Dawn Monzu says

    I have terrible scars from old acne, and I would LOVE to try this!!! My poor skin is so dull and blah too. God bless and good luck everyone!

  33. Patricia Caradonna says

    My aging skin needs all the help it can get daily.

  34. NORA GRAHE says

    I can use all the help I can get! I am aging and under tremendous stress, which is affecting my health, especially my skin too, and I need lots of help! I have lossed my dad, son, brother and now the love of my life for 23 yrs.! All in the past 4 years! Stress does so much to your skin and it shows on mine, especially when I am now all alone with no help from any family!

    Thank You for this Giveaway and all you do to help us!

  35. Bethany Suire says

    I have really been thinking about giving Beauty Supplements a go! I love the fact that they do not contain any of the yucky stuff that other brands might have! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  36. I am close to thirty, time to take skin care seriously!

  37. Interested in trying something for skin from the inside out!

  38. This sounds amazing! Very interested in trying something new and seeing results!
    Pill form makes it even more interesting!

  39. Megan Zuchowski says

    I would love to try it because I have never tried beauty supplements

  40. I would like to win because lately I’ve been having problems with my skin and I think these would help!

  41. Stephanie Grant says

    I have always disliked my skin and have been looking into some sort of beauty vitamin regimen and after reading about Correxiko I’m thinking this may be the product for me!

  42. I’ve never tried this brand before and I would love to try it because my eyes caught the part where it stated “Natural Energy + Mood boosters to help awaken your body and mind”