Boxycharm July and August delights and a giveaway

I received my Boxycharm subscription boxes for both July and August at the same time. The July box inadvertently went to my old house and was returned to them. Boxycharm was wonderful about this (unlike Ipsy who made it difficult) and sent me the box again which I really appreciate. Both boxes are great and made me remember why Boxycharm is the best subscription beauty box around. I’ve even prepaid for the next 6 months since I don’t want to lose out on this.

No subscription box is going to be perfect unless you were given a huge range of products to pick from and got to do your own eeny meeny minnie moe. Because of that I have products from these two boxes that are going to make one Beauty Info Zone reader very happy.

Boxycharm for July 2017

Let’s see what the July box CUTIE PIE contained. Just a note first that Boxycharm is $21 a month and my July box has a value of $133. Yes $133!!

EYES are my thing so the first item opened was the Blinc Electric Eyes Palette ($45 on special for $25). I didn’t have a clue that Blinc made anything other than mascara so this was an excellent surprise.

Blinc Electric Eyes Palette

Metallic makeup is all the rage for now and will continue to be during the fall so this set of 5 highly pigmented shades are perfect. I love to mix a metallic shade with satin shades and I’ve got 5 new colors to do so with!

from swatches of Electric Eyes

Continuing with eyes is a UNI-BROW UNIVERSAL EYEBROW PENCIL by WinkyLux ($12). The name Uni-Brow is a little scary but it’s fun too. This is a medium brown pencil with a very nice triangular tip. I have one with the same tip from Tom Ford that was a whole lot more money. This is firm enough that I can build up the color and smooth enough to apply easily plus it has a spoolie.

WinkyLux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil

WinkyLux Uni-Brow Pencil

Lips come next since all Boxycharm boxes include lip products and this one is from ColourPop. While only $6 you know it’s hot as can be. They are taking the makeup world by storm. The Ultra-Matte Lip I received is in Thursday and it’s a very hot shade. You’ll be noticed in this red violet shade.

Ultra Matte Lip from ColourPop in Thursday


bareMinerals Mineral Shield Broad Spectrum SPF50 Daily Prep Lotion ($30) was my bareMinerals items. Other received their Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo which is marvelous.

bareMinerals Prep Step Mineral Shield Broad Spectrum SPF50

Since I own the powder duo already this works great for me, I can never have enough sunscreen and this one is an excellent addition to my collection. It combines a moisturizer with the SPF50 and has a unique color-adapting formula. I was especially happy to find it’s fragrance free (also paraben free and oil free).

One more for July and it’s from Ofra. Boxycharm has the B.E.S.T. brands! This Body Illuminizer is an all over lotion to give your skin a glow ($40). It’s not a self-tanner and it’s recommend for all skin tones.

Ofra Cosmetics Body Illuminizer

Remember this box cost $21 and look at the goodies! But now onto the August box, Beach Please.

Boxycharm for August 2017

One of my close friends finally gave in and ordered Boxycharm after my telling her over and over that she’d love this sub. Well when she got the August box she went bananas! Which she should. This box has a value of $106 and is only fabulous!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II

Eyes first of course and this month it’s from Tarte and it’s Rainforest of the Sea: Volume II ($36 but onsale for $18.95 now). One of my favorite palettes is Volume I so you know I bought Volume II instantly. That means someone is going to win my spare!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II

The application of these 8 cool toned shadows is terrific. They are very buttery. There’s a mix of finishes but nothing glittery. The shades are  Pearl (white shimmer), Conch (off white), Sunset (yellow gold), Marina (caramel), Seaside (chestnut), Siren (dark brown), Breezy (shimmering slate), Riptide (steel blue).

Bellapierre Waterproof Gel Eyeliner pencil ($15) is next and in spite of it being another black liner this one really works well. It’s quite smooth, it smudges when first applied if that’s what you want, and then it sets. This too is a product I already own so you know what that means.

Bellapierre Ebony Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

We’re not done with eyes and these PUR Cosmetics Pro Eyelashes (Diva, $14) are what I call fun. Can I apply false lashes? Not at all but my sister is a makeup artist and she’s great at it. There were two different lash sets that subscribers received but there are 7 pairs that Pur makes. These are 3D lashes that are handcrafted with silk to provide lightweight and natural looking yet fuller lashes. Cruelty free of course since they are PUR and you can reuse them up to 30 times.

PUR Pro Eyelashes

Lips are a given for Boxycharm and this month I received GRLPWR LIQUID LIPSTICK in Date Night. This applies creamy (according to the website) and dries to a matte finish. ($14.95)

GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Date Night

GRLPWR Date Night (from The Beauty Crop site)

We aren’t done and now we have my favorite of the box (since I already own the Tarte): MODA PRO 3 PIECE BRUSH SET by Royal & Langnickel ($26). I own brushes, boy do I own brushes, but when great ones come along count me in. These are so new that you can only see the collection on their website but they aren’t available yet – except for us Boxycharm subscribers! There are 3 brushes in the 100% vegan, cruelty-free set.

Moda Pro brushes from Royal & Langnickel

Pointed Brush BMX-130 is made to apply blush and powder with precision or to use the tapered edge to create a subtle contour. It is so incredibly soft and I love the handles of these. They are sort of quilted with a an easy to grip handle.

Moda Pro Chisel BMX-250 brush

The Moda Pro Chisel BMX-250 is unlike any brush I own. The shape is unique as it’s curved and fits my cheekbone exactly. Fabulous for apply highlight or contour.

Moda Pro Crease BMX-430

The Crease BMX-430 brush isn’t any different than other crease brushes except it is just great to use. It can define your eyes, it helps blend, it helps with buffing your eye. It’s soft yet firm enough to do its job properly. These are impressive brushes and I plan to add to this beginning collection.

Moda Pro brushes from Royal & Langnickel

Now the part you’ve been waiting for – a giveaway. Everything in the giveaway is fabulous but I either have it or don’t need it so one US subscriber will own 5 of these after the giveaway is over on 9/5/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments close be sure to email me at [email protected], label it boxycharm, and comment in the email. But ONLY if the comment box closes. Then you can click I commented and do more of the entries. Sorry about the US only but this box is heavy!

Boxycharm giveaway

** Tarte Rainforest of the Sea: Volume II palette

** ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Thursday

** #GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Date Night

** Bellapiere Gel Eyeliner pencil in Ebony

**  Ofra Body Illuminizer

Good luck and don’t forget that if you want to be included in Boxycharm fun you need to subscribe. I hope you’ll use my affiliate link.  —  Marcia

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