A new giveaway for Tresor Rare and their Japanese Binchotan Zumi Mask


 Intensive Recovery Japanese Binchotan Zumi MaskimageWe’ve been offered another giveaway for the amazing luxury line Tresor Rare and of course we jumped on it. Beauty Info Zone is thrilled to be able to have 1 US winner receive this $5000 Mask set. It’s not often that we’ve come across something like this and we only wish we could win. While we can’t, one of you can!  —  Marcia


This ultra-precise, high-performance, intensive age defying treatment mask is perfectly adapted to the skin. Its excellent fit assures ultimate penetration of unique double-layered specialty ingredients into the skin. An incredible formula with advanced technology that helps in detoxifying, lifting, refining skin texture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Once applied to the face, this mask made of active charcoal, releases negative ions also known as “Vitamins in the Air.” They are capable of balancing the skin and returning its natural balance. Skin looks younger and more radiant.

This amazing serum starts off black and disappears into the skin – containing active charcoal; Mother Nature’s natural skin purifier.

Tresor Rare Serum

Tresor Rare Serum

“An amazing serum that starts off blackand dissappears into the skin – containing active charcoal; Mother Nature’s natural skin purifier”



Tresor Rare Mask

Tresor Rare Mask

“This luxurious, active charcoal mask is saturated with beneficial ingredients and moisture. leaves skin feeling amazingly smooth, detoxified and younger looking.”

This double-layered mask contains positive ions and excellent age defying and lifting plant extracts for a complete over all skin treatment.


tresor rare mask skin

“This double-layered mask contains positive ions and excellent age defying and lifting plant extracts for a complete over all skin treatment.”


Use once a week. Onto clean skin, open the single mask pack and apply to the face, allow it to infuse the skin for 10 minutes or more. To fully experience, massage the mask with your fingers, this will cause more negative ions to be released, rinse with warm water.

The mask is made from 100% pure, mild, skin friendly plant fiber, and is 100% fully biodegradable. Contains 12 masks.

Retail Price: 5k

Available at Tresor Rare Stores Nationwide

About the company

Tresor Rare is not just another luxury perfume and beauty brand, it’s a philosophy,

a statement and a state of mind, to be worn with pride to show the world you’ve arrived.

Trésor Rare, French for “Rare Treasure” is composed of the refining effectiveness of gemstones, exfoliating diamond dust and the smoothing properties of deep water pearls all meticulously mixed with plant stem cells, liposomes, phospholipids and selected minerals sourced from around the world to form superb skin potions to form one of the rarest skincare in the world. Laboratory manufactured with Swiss expertise under health department license exclusively for Tresor Rare.

The Trésor Rare elite team of skin-care experts have pushed for over 7 years to set a new standard in superb, age-defying skin care products with one aim in mind: restoring skin to its most youthful appearance. The Tresor Rare line of products was selected as a finalist in the HBA (Health Beauty America) Skin Care Prestige Category for 2015.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  This fabulous giveaway is courtesy of Tresor Rare and their PR company. Beauty Info Zone will not be mailing this out and we’re not responsible for distribution. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with this PR company so we are excited to offer you the chance to win. This is for US only and you must be an email subscriber. The giveaway runs through May 17, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments (Speak Your Mind) close early email me at [email protected] and label it Tresor Rare Mask, then click ‘I commented” and continue on. Sending you lots of positive wishes for this rare giveaway!  —  Marcia with Press Release material

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  1. LaTanya says

    I have used Biore mask

  2. I haven’t used many masks at all in the past – not since I was young and used stuff like Queen Helene from the drugstore. I’ve tried a couple of Bliss masks and one from Bioelements (I think), but they didn’t do much for me so this is very intriguing.

  3. Lyndsey R. says

    I have used Biore masks, just the one for my nose. I also used a black African mask as well, although I don’t remember the brand name.

  4. Lyndsey R. says

    I left a comment on the post Sweet dreams with a trio of Sleep Masks. Thanks for this chance.

  5. I like Innisfree masks a lot

  6. Cynthia Richardson says

    I’ve used Shiseido Black Mask in the past.

  7. I have used so many masks. A Recent favorite is the Vichy mineral masque.

  8. Nicole Ackerman says

    I love lush masks and have also used Innisfree before!

  9. I use masks for acne and combination skin.

  10. Cassandra D. says

    I have used egg and rice.

  11. Mostly clay masks.

  12. Sunnymay says

    I’ve used a lot of masks. My Michelle Pumpkin Masque smells good and closes my pores. Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Mask soothes, moisturizes and calms acne. Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask makes my skin dewy and glowy for special occasions. Osmotics Micro Peel 3 Step Skin Resurfacing System exfoliates with charcoal mask, then Collagen Boosting Micro Peel followed by Protective Barrier Cream which is thick and seals all night. I use this mask for special occasions and it boosts collagen and reduces wrinkles and tightens pores. Queen Helene makes a clay mask that is cheap and works for oily skin to tighten pores.

  13. gloria patterson says

    I just found and started using SNAIL JELLY MASK from SKEDERM

    And I really like them

  14. I commented on the post: I finished things! Amazing empties for March and April.

  15. Holly Thomas says

    I haven’t tried any masks yet.

  16. Steve Weber says

    I’ve only done clay masks.

  17. Lesley F says

    I have tried a mud mask

  18. gloria patterson says
  19. I use Dermalogica

  20. I’ve never bought facial masks before but I’ve made several of them at home.

  21. Dan Dykstra says

    I’m not sure what my wife or daughters have used.

  22. I use Queen Helen’s masks

  23. Lisa Jordan says

    So many, my favorite is anything with rose & hibiscus

  24. Teresa L Koedyker says

    I have tried several masks the bikes, jeunesse and a few others can’t think of the names.

  25. Teresa L Koedyker says

    I commented on your post that you finished products up!!

  26. Omneya Andrea Acosta-Dhmaid says

    That looks amazing

  27. Shiseido retinol masque and Neutrogena hydrating

  28. Kimmie B. says

    I have used charcoal masks and a few do it yourself ones with honey.

  29. Mostly clay masks.

  30. Lori Culleiton says

    I have never used a mask. At 42 I’m thinking that it is time I start!

  31. Orogol24k and Dr Brant are my favs, along with leaders and Kluvuu sheetmasks

  32. Ancilla Jagdeo says

    I mostly use at DIY masks, I use a turmeric one weekly and a yogurt one bi weekly.

  33. DealinDiva says
  34. Dorothy Whelchel says

    This would be great to win and it’s rare!

  35. rita leonard says

    I have not tried any masks yet but I am anxious to try this one

  36. i love all sheetmasks and clay masks!

  37. Teresa A Thompson says

    I have tried a masque peel double éclat double glow peel mask.

  38. Sherry Barnes says

    I’ve never tried a mask

  39. Tee Anderson says

    I have tried Dermalogica, Peter Thomas Roth, Orogold and Tula.

  40. Sarah Mayer says

    I’ve used mud and clay masks before.

  41. Holly Thomas says
  42. Brenda Disimone says

    i commented on hand-cream/is-your-guy-handy-he-needs-duit-tough-hands


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