What makes Make Up For Ever Pro Finish foundation so wonderful?

Make Up For Ever is a huge favorite at Beauty Info Zone so we were really excited about their first new foundation launch in four years – it’s called Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation ($36). This is an extremely unique multi-use compact foundation that you can use wet or dry. Wet, it gives sheer, satin coverage. Dry, it gives full matte coverage. Yes, you read that right – it’s just the opposite of most dual finish powder foundations! Dany Sanz, Make Up For Ever’s creator, tested more than 70 different formulas before perfecting this one. She wanted to create a foundation that could be used wet or dry, that would work for all skin issues, give buildable coverage, be portable, and give professional results in just minutes. Let’s see what Lisa and Marcia found as they tested the Pro Finish Foundation for this Side by Side review.

Pro Finish Foundation

Pro Finish Foundation

Lisa’s Side:

There is a lot to love with Make Up For Ever’s Pro Finish Foundation. The color selection is pretty amazing, with one of the most extensive shade ranges on the market. There are 25 different colors broken down into four undertones (golden, olive, beige and pink). I am in between fair and medium with neutral coloring, and my shade is #120.

three parts:  mirror, foundation, then sponge

three parts: mirror, foundation, then sponge

This is like no other powder foundation I have tried.  I have been leery of powder foundation ever since I was wearing an Armani powder foundation at the mall, and an MA stopped me. She said, “Can I please update your look for you? Your foundation looks so powdery it’s old fashioned.” The best part? She was representing the Armani line! There is much less talc in this foundation so it doesn’t make you look powdery. I like using it dry best since it gives a fuller coverage, although wet is a good option as well.


shade #120

I find that this foundation is perfect for touch ups throughout the day – over other foundation or even by itself.


#120 swatched

The reason it works so well dry is because the pigment has a patented vegetal lecithin coating that makes the pigment look really natural on the skin.  Plus, it’s long wearing, and water resistant so using the powder wet doesn’t ‘wreck’ the compact.

the sponge gives a great finish

the sponge gives a great finish

If I use this wet, I get the sponge a little damp and then wipe across the powder, then I pat it on my skin. Dry, I prefer to use a kabuki-style brush. It’s super easy to build and covers freckles, dark areas, and veins with ease. The finish is lovely, it looks very natural on. This foundation is superstar wet or dry, it’s a great versatile foundation that should be in your stash.

My Pro Finish FOD - I used it dry for a full coverage

My Pro Finish FOD – I used it dry for a full coverage

Marcia’s Side:

What I like best about Make Up For Ever’s Pro Finish powder foundation is how versatile it is. I can use it wet, dry or as a finishing powder. It’s wonderful for all 3 types of application. While Lisa seems to like it best dry, I prefer it wet.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation #110

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation #110

I’ve been using Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Coverage Foundation liquid since it first came out. I went to Sephora and was color matched to shade 115, described online as “Ivory – for light skin with pink undertones”. When Make Up For Ever color-matched me for the new Pro Finish I also needed those tones –  the description for #110 is Pink Porcelain. I really don’t find this to be that pink personally, I think they are both on the warmer side of pink. They both seem to help eradicate the redness on my face that I dislike so that makes me very happy.

#110 Pro Finish, #115 HD Invisible Coverage

#110 Pro Finish, #115 HD Invisible Coverage

The foundations are very different and don’t look the same on my face. Pro Finish gives me more coverage than HD Invisible Coverage does. Both though are flattering to my skintone and wear beautifully throughout the day. Pro Finish is a semi-matte finish while HD Invisible Coverage is dewier. The coverage of Pro Finish is also fuller.

#110 Pro Finish, #115 HD Invisible Coverage

#110 Pro Finish, #115 HD Invisible Coverage

I tested Pro Finish first by using it dry. I used my MUFE kabuki but felt the coverage was too heavy for me. Since my skin is dry in the winter it wasn’t the correct method of application as it made me appear more dry. I then used it as a finishing powder over their HD Invisible Coverage liquid and preferred that. I’ve since tried it over other liquids and like the light coverage it gives me with a powder brush. But I wanted perfection and that wasn’t achieved until I tried it wet. I love the finish I get when I use a wet sponge.

Pro Finish comes with a thin sponge that fits in the bottom of the compact perfectly. My preference though is to use a firmer sponge like the Beauty Blender. I get it quite wet and wring it out, then rub it on the compact to pick up the color. Then I pat that on. Done! And I mean completely done – I don’t need to top it with anything else. It’s perfect as it is. The sponge it comes with is great to use but only when it’s in my makeup bag, at home I love the Beauty Blender. As the “hot flash queen” I can attest to the fact that when I use it wet, it lasts. It doesn’t streak or become chalky. And finally, even after using Pro Finish wet, I can still use it dry. The finish isn’t compromised by wetting it.

Sponge for Pro Finish

Sponge for Pro Finish

Make Up For Ever’s Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation is available at Sephora and Sephora.com for $36. Our advice is to try to get to a Sephora store to be color matched; if that’s not possible then take a look at their color descriptions online since those seem accurate. Once you have it, experiment. Find your perfect finish because it’s there! Wet or dry you’ll find that one of these methods is going to be the proper one for you. Let us know once you’ve found it because we’re sure you will.

*Pro Finish provided for review *HD Invisible Coverage was a purchase


  1. I wasv wondering how it compared to the liquid. I’d like to try this out.

  2. I was wondering if the HD numbers corresponded to these powders but I think Marcia, you have answered my question. I will have to check this out in person more than online for a good match.

  3. Close but not exactly Olivia. I think the descriptions help.

  4. It’s rare for me to like a powder foundation Nancy but this one looks good on me.

  5. Can’t wait to try this! I love that Marcia and I wear the same color so it really makes it easy for me!

  6. I am SO curious about this foundation now! I have never tried MUFE’s base products (but I am *obsessed* with their liners and shadows) but I have heard really good things. The only thing I am hesitant about is the coverage–I like a light-medium coverage generally but I’m sure I could make this work. My already-VERY oily skin has suddenly become even more so lately and I am desperately searching for something that will help me stay matte

  7. @Becca, I have dry skin in the winter and I’m really not sure that this would be good for very oily skin. Have you tried Mally Pore Defender – the clear one? That’s what I love. Youngblood has a new primer coming out in March that I bought at IMATS but haven’t used yet. It’s supposed to be good for keeping skin matte.

  8. @Tricia, I forgot that we are the same shade. I’ll have to do more foundation reviews for you!!

  9. I was so conflicted when shopping on Sephora the other day as to whether I should buy this or not but I am kind of glad I didn’t because I want to go in store and try it out for myself. I would have bought the corresponding colour to my liquid foundation and that could have been a disaster.

    Thank-you Marcia for clearing that up!!

  10. @Kimmi – if they can apply it on you at the store and you wear it around that day, you’ll know if you like the foundation. Stores don’t love doing that but since you can’t return in Australia, that would be best.


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