7th Heaven softens hands and feet with their great masks (giveaway time)

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I sure hope you don’t get tired of me and my obsession with masks (and with having mask giveaways!). I don’t seem to get tired of using masks so I keep sharing them with you. Today I have some totally different masks from 7th Heaven for you. You know I love the variety, convenience, and prices of 7th Heaven masks. Well how about masks for your feet, hands, and fingers? They are as great as they sound.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques, Soften Glove Masks, and Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

I’ve got to start with my favorite of these three, 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

My feet haven’t felt as soft in months. It’s better than a pedicure to treat my feet and lasts much longer too. If it cut my nails then it would be the perfect item ever. But I’ll forgive it since it makes my feet feel soft and conditioned for about 4 days. Taking a shower doesn’t even take away the effect of the moisturizing of these foot masques.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

The booties are made of a thin plastic outer and a mesh inner which contains the softening ingredients. It has both Shea Butter and Almond Oil to nourish dry skin and help repair cracked heels. It contains Peppermint to refresh your feet as well as Soybean to rehydrate them so you’re left with soft and smooth tootsies.

7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques

These take only 15-20 minutes to use but they are so comfortable (and I can walk in them with my slippers on) that I usually forget and wear them longer. 7th Heaven is a cruelty free company that uses natural ingredients, in this case pressed peppermint, ground shea nuts, and pressed soybeans. When the time is up, remove and massage the lotion onto your feet. These are going to be so perfect in the winter when my feet take a beating. To Walmart I’ll be going to stock up on these!!

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

Similar to the sock masque is the Soften Glove Masque. While wonderful at this time of year, you can imagine what these will do for dry winter hands! My skin becomes chapped easily in the winter so wearing the Glove Masques will be even better when your hands have taken a beating. If your hands are always in water these will be a savior too.

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

With pressed rose petals as one of their main ingredients they are fragranced which makes them not quite perfect for me.

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

7th Heaven Soften Glove Masques

They are very comfortable and actually I could do most of the things I wanted while wearing them for 15-20 minutes though typing is iffy. Like the Soften Sock Masque, massage in the rich cream to keep your hands soft as can be.

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques are a much better match for me and as much as I dislike winter weather I’ll be using these to save the skin on my fingers.

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

Each package comes with 10 finger masques. What’s great for me is that I can use as many as I need and save the rest for later. My left hand takes more of a beating since I use it more. It’s always drier than my right and my cuticles dry out more since I wash my hands so often. The Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques contain pressed argan seed oil and macadamia oils to help nourish the skin on your fingers and cuticles. It also contains juiced pomegranates for an anti-oxidant rich treat.

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

These are a great way to treat yourself before you do/have a manicure too.  After 15 minutes remove them and massage. Aaah what a spa treat. You really want these if you have damaged nails.

All three of these are available at Walmart stores and online for $3.94 a package. You can order them online and pick them up in the store if you want too. Like I said, the foot masques are going to be my besties come cold weather with the finger masques close behind. —  Marcia

Giveaway information: As much as I hate to give any of mine up there is going to be a giveaway for 1 package each of Soften Glove Masques and Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques along with 3 other 7th Heaven facial masks. This is open worldwide where permitted through 8/4/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. As usual if I can’t find your email subscription or your comment then you are eliminated. We don’t ask much of you on our giveaways but we do insist on that. Good luck and good tips and toes! – M

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