Giveaway alert! Win some luxe knickers with The Enclosed Valentine’s Lingerie Giveaway


There are subscription boxes for just about everything these days like vintage fashion from Redbird Vintage Box and fabulous everyday fashion from Stitchfix. Today we are featuring a very sexy subscription box from The Enclosed, along with an awesome giveaway for some luxe knickers valued at $55.

The Enclosed offers beautiful ‘unmentionables’ delivered right to your door. A lingerie monthly subscription box is an excellent suggestion you can subtly – or not so subtly – hint to your significant other for your anniversary or for your birthday. Of course it also makes for a great holiday gift, so why not plant that seed now? Or better yet, order this for yourself just because.

Going VERY brief with the Fondant Flower Cupcake G-String
Going VERY brief with the Fondant Flower Cupcake G-String

Based on your preferences (or his!) and your size, The Enclosed chooses a bikini, boyshort, tanga, thong, g-string or “clandestine” knickers to be delivered monthly. This is special lingerie that will make you feel totally pampered as The Enclosed searches the world for the latest designs and truly gorgeous fabric and lace. Every month a luxurious pair of panties arrive – a great surprise for you both!

Subscriptions are offered for one, three, six, or twelve months, and fit is always 100% guaranteed. Every month there are different brands, including Lou Paris, Clo Intimo, KissKill, Maison Close, Lost In Wonderland, Jenna Leigh, Eberjey, Mimi Holiday, Samantha Chang, Maison Lejaby, Mary Green, Millesia and lots more.

For those who love thongs, the Lace Cookies Thong is beautiful
For those who love thongs, the Lace Cookies Thong is beautiful

The ‘Just a Taste’ one month subscription is $55, A Season of Luxe 3 month subscription is $150, Six Months of Surprises is $275, and A Year of Decadence is $500. Be aware that shipping is extra – for the US, $5 per month, Canada is $15 per month, and delivery to all other countries costs $20 per month.

Loving these Blueberry Lime Compote Boy Shorts
Loving these Blueberry Lime Compote Boy Shorts
The Elegance Cake Bikini looks feminine and comfy, too
The Elegance Cake Bikini looks feminine and comfy, too
Enter now to win a one time gift from The Enclosed, a $55 value!  You can save your pretty knickers to use as Valentine’s lingerie, or you can wear them to work just because you want to feel sexy and confident.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  This giveaway ends November 21, 2016 at 11:59 EST. One winner will win a “Just a Taste” one month subscription from The Enclosed. As always, you must subscribe to Beauty Info Zone’s emails and comment. After those two requirements you can continue on. If the Rafflecopter gets cranky and the comments close before the giveaway is over, send us an email with your comment to [email protected] and label your message KNICKERS.  Best of luck for some beautiful lingerie!  – Lisa
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  1. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 9th Nov 16

    Having nice underwear always makes me feel sexy, we get so used to just wearing “every day” underwear.

  2. Meegan | 9th Nov 16

    I love the idea of getting underwear shipped to your door! Probably the best idea for a subscription box!

  3. donna | 9th Nov 16

    I love the idea of getting something cute in the mail

  4. Nelle | 9th Nov 16

    I think it is a cute idea to have a new pair of undies shipped to you every month it is like a nice surprise

  5. Shareena M | 9th Nov 16

    I want to win so that I can redefine my sexy

  6. Kim Pincombe Cole | 9th Nov 16

    I love the idea of treating yourself to pretty underthings. I love the idea of being sent something I might not pick out on my own…

  7. Anne C | 9th Nov 16

    This is perfect for me because I recently moved to a new country and I am still building up my wardrobe. This subscription will be really useful for me and those are really pretty undies!

  8. Starla | 9th Nov 16

    This is so awesome. I absolutely love some fancy things like these so this would be perfect to win! I would totally take advantage of these pretty items!

  9. Maren | 9th Nov 16

    I always need new & better undies. Mine seem to have a short shelf-life.

  10. Laura G | 9th Nov 16

    I have lost weight and am in need of new undies.

  11. Laurie Nykaza | 9th Nov 16

    I dont have any that are this beautiful love to wear these!

  12. Laurie Nykaza | 9th Nov 16

    I do follow on Instagram sorry I pasted the entry wrong.

  13. Adriana | 9th Nov 16

    Love the idea,pretty amazing.

  14. Austin Baroudi | 9th Nov 16

    This would be a great gift for my girlfriend! Thanks so much for the chance!

  15. Cara | 9th Nov 16

    This would be a great gift to win because I love surprises in the mail. It’s always exciting to receive a package and these are so cute!

  16. sarah s | 9th Nov 16

    I would gift this to my sister.

  17. Carrmen | 10th Nov 16

    These are beautiful 🙂

  18. Michelle Castagne | 10th Nov 16

    This would be a great giveaway to win because I need new luxe knickers.

  19. Aaron | 10th Nov 16

    This would be a great giveaway for me to win because I would share the gift with a special friend.

  20. Christy Peeples DuBois | 10th Nov 16

    I never buy myself sexy undies therefore this would be a treat for me. My daughter would probably end up with them but maybe not.

  21. Shilpa Shetty | 10th Nov 16

    I love fancy inner-wears, so this giveaway is great,..

  22. Sheila Chaffins | 10th Nov 16

    It’s a great giveaway because I really need some pretty underwear.

  23. Dana Rodriguez | 10th Nov 16

    I love beautiful underwear and I really like the idea of a subscription box for that.

  24. loraine | 10th Nov 16

    My bf would love this

  25. KV | 10th Nov 16

    I like that it would be fun to receive sexy underwear.

  26. latanya | 10th Nov 16

    I love fun and flirty underwear

  27. Steph | 10th Nov 16

    I need this to convince my husband to have a third!

  28. Mary W | 10th Nov 16

    This is one area of my wardrobe that I usually ignore. My undies certainly need an upgrade! This would be the perfect way to do that.

  29. Tabitha | 10th Nov 16

    I’d love to refresh my underwear drawer!

  30. Amna P. | 10th Nov 16

    I tend to buy similar undies every time, this would be a nice change for me!

  31. KENNETH OHL | 10th Nov 16

    I’m sure my wife would love for me to win this for her. thankyou, ken

  32. Danielle | 10th Nov 16

    I always buy the same kind of undies so this would be a great way to branch out.

  33. Sofia M | 10th Nov 16

    I can’t afford luxury lingerie now, because of the financial crisis and the upbringing of my daughter, so it would be nice if I won some!

  34. Kristi C | 10th Nov 16

    I need this because my husband left last month right after I had surgery for a brain aneurysm and I need a pick me up.

  35. gloria patterson | 10th Nov 16

    what woman would not like to win some new knickers these are beautiful

  36. Samantha Scarlett | 11th Nov 16

    Because lingerie makes me sexy for my lovely man <3

  37. Anita Duvall | 11th Nov 16

    I really need new knickers. My husband would love these!

  38. Tracy Robertson | 11th Nov 16

    It would be wonderful to win something that could help make me feel beautiful.

  39. Alison King | 11th Nov 16

    These would be awesome because I need new undies and these are so beautiful.

  40. Betty | 11th Nov 16

    Love to win pretty undies

  41. Jackeline | 11th Nov 16

    I haven’t bought new lingere on a long time.

  42. Gabrielly | 11th Nov 16

    I love the idea of getting something nice in the mail.

  43. Ashley Bree Perez | 12th Nov 16

    I would love to win this because i would love to look and feel pretty!

  44. Rachel | 13th Nov 16

    Because I need some new panties!

  45. Susan P. | 13th Nov 16

    I would choose the boy shorts or bikini since I can always use new underwear!

  46. gala | 13th Nov 16

    Nice underwear makes me feel confident and beautiful

  47. MARINA | 14th Nov 16

    i love the idea!

  48. Abigail | 14th Nov 16

    Who couldnt use new undies?! Fun idea!!

  49. Paol Trenny | 14th Nov 16

    It a great win for me because I need new lingerie for the holiday. Thank you!

  50. Dawn Monzu | 14th Nov 16

    I would love to win because I honestly have the most boring undies EVER! haha I’m serious though. As a matter of fact, my sister asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I said a GC to anywhere so I can get new underwear!!! God bless and good luck everyone!

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