Be fashionable with Q&Q watches and butter LONDON polish

Q&Q Smile Solar watch and butter LONDON polishes
Q&Q Smile Solar watch and butter LONDON polishes

When it comes time for gifting having a plan is always helpful. I created a post about a nail themed stocking yesterday and today I have a wonderful idea to add to that. These Q&Q Smile Solar Watches are perfect gifts and would make a stellar set when paired with a butter LONDON nail lacquer. I received the gray and silver combination and I just love it.

Q&Q SmileSolar watch in grey
Q&Q SmileSolar watch in grey

Q&Q is a division of Citizen Watches with some very reasonable prices. They have styles for men and women with a huge variety of designs. I have a SmileSolar in gray that looks fabulous with butter LONDON Diamond Geezer Polish. There are 16 different watches in the SmileSolar family ($40).

Q&Q SmileSolar
Q&Q SmileSolar

Once you charge the watch by leaving it in the light, the solar powered battery will keep it running for 3 to 5 months before you need to recharge it. All it takes is light. The watch is made of recycled material. Q&Q (Quest & Quality) has changed light into energy all while keeping the world green.

Q&Q SmileSolar watch and butter LONDON Diamond Geezer
Q&Q SmileSolar watch and butter LONDON Diamond Geezer

butter LONDON Diamond Geezer Nail Lacquer ($15) is a holiday polish that is festive but surprisingly not glitzy. A diamond geezer according to butter London is what the Cockneys call a kind, helpful and reliable man; A gem of a man.

butter LONDON Diamond Geezer
butter LONDON Diamond Geezer

This metallic polish is fabulous on. What amazes me most about it is that there were no streaks at all. Not even a hint of one. It applied smoothly and evenly. Definitely a gem.

butter LONDON Diamond Geezer in sunlight
butter LONDON Diamond Geezer in sunlight
butter LONDON Diamond Geezer indirect light
butter LONDON Diamond Geezer indirect light

I couldn’t get enough of either the polish or the Q&Q watch. Diamond Geezer is New Year’s Eve ready and the watch helps me keep time of how my life is frittering away. Which combination would be the most exciting for you? — Marcia

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When you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated to TABLE FOR TWO to deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.


  1. Lola Seicento | 8th Dec 15

    What a cute watch, and I love that it coordinates withe their polishes. I definitely would get the gray watch and butter LONDON Diamond Geezer Polish as well– it’s a stunning combination!

  2. [email protected] | 8th Dec 15

    Oooooh, I love those fun, modern watches and love how you paired them with butterLONDON polishes! So clever

  3. Tina @ My Highest Self | 8th Dec 15

    Diamond Geezer may be the best phrase ever! Love the nail color too :).

  4. Esther | 8th Dec 15

    Ilike matchy matchy. fun

  5. NICULCEA DANIELA | 8th Dec 15

    I love you nail polish! I love butter London ! 🙂

  6. The Beauty of Life | 8th Dec 15

    How fun! Diamond Geezer is one of my all-time fave butter LONDON polishes.

  7. Amanda ODell | 8th Dec 15

    I love those watches! Very cool.

  8. Erika | 8th Dec 15

    How cute. A mani and matching watch. I love the name of that polish. Diamond Geezer. Hee! Hee!

  9. Aleya Bamdad | 8th Dec 15

    This is such a cute idea. Loving your polish and nail combo.

  10. Carleen | 8th Dec 15

    Neat collaboration! I like the gray and silver watches.

  11. Kim | 8th Dec 15

    I like the idea of matching the watch to the nails. Cute watch.

  12. Jess Scull | 8th Dec 15

    That watch is so cool looking – Love that it matches your mani

  13. Phyrra | 8th Dec 15

    I love the silver nails!

  14. Nidia - Lit From Within | 8th Dec 15

    I love matching my nails to my outfit, but have never tried matching it to my watch! What a great set. I love the silver, and I adore Butter London.

  15. Anastasia | 8th Dec 15

    How fun! I love that these are all color coordinated 😀 I have a pair of Teeks flip flops the same color as my Essie polish.

  16. Honeygirlk | 8th Dec 15

    I am a watch nut so I definitely love this style and how well the polish is a great match. I am loving that polish shade.

  17. Leelo R | 9th Dec 15

    These watches look very cool and I love the idea of matching mani and watch 😀

  18. Kath TheFabZilla | 9th Dec 15

    This watch remain me of SWATCH w/c I used to own in several styles circa 90. I can wear this watch to work!

  19. Renu | 9th Dec 15

    What a genius idea, matching your watch to the mani! I want them all!

  20. Bailey | 9th Dec 15

    I love this idea! That is such a great silver polish too.

  21. Destany | 9th Dec 15

    What an interesting idea!

  22. Christine wagner-miller | 9th Dec 15

    I really like ei5her the black watch, or the watch on the right side of the blue Butter London polish.

  23. Miranda Mendoza | 9th Dec 15

    Love the idea of matching accessories to polish, and solar powered!!

  24. Kendra | 9th Dec 15

    I love those ideas!

  25. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 9th Dec 15

    What a cool idea!! I love the combination of colors and that some of the proceeds go to charity!!

  26. Shipra | 9th Dec 15

    SO cute! I love how beautiful these look together! <3

  27. Linda M | 11th Dec 15

    I never would have thought about matching a watch with nail polish. Cute idea!

  28. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 11th Dec 15

    What an awesome gift idea, I love the bright watches!

  29. StephanieLouise | 14th Dec 15

    Pretty combo!

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