Will you KISS me if I bring you a Kiss lash and nail giveaway?

Kiss Impress and Lash Couture for giveaway
Kiss Impress and Lash Couture for giveaway

It’s time for a KISS. Or 3 kisses as it may be with today’s giveaway. We were sent a variety of products from KISS to share with our readers. Kiss nail products are ones we’ve used before but the lashes are newer to us and oh so pretty.

Among the many products that KISS makes are the imPRESS PRESS ON MANICURE SETS. There are so many to choose from. I was shopping at Rite Aid and the variety is so much fun. You name a color and you’re sure to find it either in the store or online.

imPRESS One Step Gel sets
imPRESS One Step Gel sets

What you’ll like about these is that there’s no glue that’s needed and they are easy to apply. Since they aren’t too long they are an easier fit. The directions on the back are easy to follow and once you do 1 or 2 nails the rest will be a breeze to apply. Each set has 30 nails which includes 6 accent nails. You don’t need glue and it comes with a prep pad and mini file in each set.

imPRESS Boogie Nights
imPRESS Boogie Down

Wouldn’t Dream Weaver be perfect for 4th of July?

imPRESS Dream Weaver
imPRESS Dream Weaver
Kiss imPRESS directions
Kiss imPRESS directions

To add fun to a manicure you’ve done yourself there are Accents to help create designs for people like me who have no nail art skills. Two of the different types are Jewel Accents and Real Crystals accents.

Kiss Real Crystals and Jewel Accents
Kiss Real Crystals and Jewel Accents

These stick-ons go right over your current manicure. Make sure your nails are clean and dry, peel off the designs, place them and VOILA you have some fun going on. In each of the Real Crystals packages there are 30 crystal designs and in the Jewel Accents there are about the same. Real Crystals doesn’t need a top coat but Jewel Accents does to make them adhere for longer. At $2.99 each these are fun to have around to punch up your nails and toes.


KISS LASH COUTURE is the latest and greatest from Kiss. There are 6 styles and we were sent three. At $5.99 these faux mink lashes make for some sensational looks. All have knot free lash bands, come with glue and have multiple lengths, curls, and angles to make them look more natural. These are reusable if you take care of them.

Kiss Lash Couture
Kiss Lash Couture

NOIR is the most dramatic of the three.

Kiss Lash Couture Noir
Kiss Lash Couture Noir

GALA lashes are full but not as long as Noir.

Kiss Lash Couture Gala
Kiss Lash Couture Gala

BOUDOIR are the flirtiest of the ones I have for you. These are my favorites.

Kiss Lash Couture Boudoir
Kiss Lash Couture Boudoir

Another that appeals to me is Little Black Dress as it seems the most natural. These all feel so soft and give a more expensive appearance.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: At last I can offer an international giveaway since they aren’t too heavy. We pay postage ourselves which is why WW are few and far between. What you need to decide is if you want to win Lash Couture or imPRESS and accents for nails. I’ll have 3 winners: lash winner gets all three pairs, nail winners each get two sets of imPRESS and 1 set of accents. If you enter for nails you might want to mention which are your favorites of the imPRESS that are in my photos (Sets in the giveaway are Swept Away, Boogie Down, Harlem Shakes, and Gossip Girl.). The giveaway goes through 7/6/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.  Good luck on this fun summer giveaway.  —  Marcia

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products sent by Kiss to facilitate this giveaway

Look for Kiss at drugstores like RiteAid, Walgreen, Walmart, Meijer, and stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.


  1. Joyce Chitwood | 28th Jun 17

    I would love to win either. Ur the nails would be worn much more than the lashes I think. I would like any of them is fine with me. I have commented on several last one I think was the Melodie Susie mirror but there may have been others. Lol. I’m sure there is. Thanks so much.

  2. Luna S | 29th Jun 17

    Nails, I love them!

  3. Marilyn Nawara | 1st Jul 17

    I would like to win the nails — Dream Weaver are my favorite!

  4. Natashakat | 1st Jul 17

    I would love to win either. !11

  5. Marci | 2nd Jul 17

    Nails would be great!

  6. Bonny McDevitt | 2nd Jul 17

    I like both but if nals, the floral ones are my Fav.!

  7. amanda whitley | 3rd Jul 17

    i think i would get the most use of the nails but i love them both

  8. Jc Loh | 3rd Jul 17

    Kiss Nails would be fantastic, fingers crossed.

  9. Michelle Tamasa | 3rd Jul 17

    The Lash Couture looks great! A fun little addition to a night out with the girls or to add drama anytime!

  10. Bilqees Bano | 3rd Jul 17

    I love to win nails giveaway .. Jewel Accents look awesome.

  11. Chelsea m | 3rd Jul 17

    I would love to try the Lash Couture lashes. They look really pretty.

  12. Lisa | 3rd Jul 17

    I would like to win the nail, I love the oval shaped ones.

  13. Nora Grahe | 3rd Jul 17

    I LOVE to win the Lash Couture! I really need them and love to try them too! Thank You for the chance!

  14. Nora Grahe | 3rd Jul 17

    I love your review on Au Naturale Organic Creme Blusher is the way to go au natural, from July 2nd, Thank You! I commented on it too!

  15. Laurie Nykaza | 4th Jul 17

    Kiss Nail products looks so cute love to try them all.

  16. Kelynnma | 5th Jul 17

    I would love the lashes 🙂

  17. Sandy P | 5th Jul 17

    The Kiss Nail line would be great to win. Since I have never tried this type of product I would be delighted with any of the styles!

  18. Sandy P | 5th Jul 17

    Just commented on the VENeffects line

  19. Shannon Davis | 5th Jul 17

    I like all of them but I’ve never used false lashes, and they’re really pretty so I’d like to try them.

  20. Tina | 6th Jul 17

    Kiss Nail products, orangr with stripes

  21. Pauline Milner | 6th Jul 17

    My niece would have tons of fun with the Kiss nails. She is always experimenting with things for her nails. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

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