Find your perfect false lashes with the Esqido Holiday Lash Guide

Esqido Holiday Lash Guide 2The best false eyelashes I have ever tested were sent to us by Esqido.  Esqido carries mink lashes that last for up to 25 uses.  Esqido mink lashes are made from mink hair, and for those concerned about animal-based products, Esqido says “Our original mink lashes are handcrafted from the finest ethically sourced mink fur. Our fur is collected from the natural shedding/molting cycles of the mink animal, which are then sterilized to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and suitable for wear.

Esqido Holiday Lash Guide

Esqido has just launched their interactive Holiday Lash Guide.  This helpful questionnaire finds the very best lash choices for your eye shape, experience level with lashes, and lash needs.  They carry every style a girl could need, from super subtle to major drama.  The result gives three Esqido options, but you can take the advice and purchase lashes from anywhere knowing the style best compliments your eyes.

My results?  Unforgettable, Lashlorette, and BFF.  Here is a pic wearing Lashlorette, the most dramatic of the three Esqido mink lashes recommended for me.

Wearing Esqido Lashlorette Eyelashes
Wearing Esqido Lashlorette Eyelashes

Take a few minutes to find out which false lashes are perfect fits for you!  The Holiday Lash Guide can be found here:

Right now Esqido is having their biggest promotion of the year with an additional 20% off the sale price (lashes that are regularly $44.99 are on sale for $38 right now).  Plus, they are also having a 12-days giveaway to win lashes!  The sale and the giveaway both end on December 12th, so take advantage of the specials now.  Get the perfect false lashes for those holiday parties…and New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it!  – Lisa

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