Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care: Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment

My fascination with Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care began when I read that they are the only skin care company on Earth that actually grows their own ingredients on their own USDA certified organic farm. Pretty impressive! The ‘Lily’ of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is a 7th generation grower – her ancestors were growers before the American Revolution. Now this is organic farming at its best!

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment

I was anxious to try the Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment ($32.49) because of the extremely impressive ingredient list. Here’s the good stuff inside, and what it will do for your skin:

1. Almond Oil, an excellent emollient.

2. Kului Oil, an anti-inflammatory oil that is also known for reducing pain and healing wounds.

3.  Avocado Oil, an emollient oil with tons of antioxidants.

4. Vitamin E Oil, one of the finest antioxidant oils available.  It protects the skin from UV rays, fights free radicals, strengthens the skin’s barrier function, and keeps skin moisturized.

5. Primrose Oil, an emollient oil that is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

6. Rosehip Seed Oil, an emollient oil with lots of antioxidants.

7. Lavender Oil, an antibacterial that also just smells good!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment

That’s seven truly excellent reasons to add this facial oil to your skin care routine! I find that it is a fabulous facial moisturizer for dry, mature skin, just massage in a small amount every morning and night. It’s also great for rubbing on the temples to alleviate a headache, and it is a terrific massage oil. It can also be used to ease the pain of sunburn and heal the skin, and it is a wonderful hot oil hair treatment too!

You can find Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care online at  This is a unique organic line that is definitely worth investigating and the Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment is simply amazing for skin.  – Lisa

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  1. Carol | 23rd May 14

    Wow! Did you say for dry mature skin and headaches? I’m in!

  2. Moxie | 23rd May 14

    I’ve never tried anything from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. The oil treatment sounds great!!

  3. Leelo R | 23rd May 14

    I´ve never heard ot this brand before, but this stuff does sound great!

  4. Margaret | 28th May 14

    Hmmmm…interesting and impressive indeed! Love the list of ingredients for it has great list of essential oils that are very beneficial to the skin. I will def gonna check on this….

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