Makeup Wars – favorite summer manicure with FACE Stockholm

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I was very excited when the MAKEUP WARS group decided to do a favorite summer manicure for this go-round. I instantly knew what was going on my nails for it. Recently I mentioned that my two favorite nail finishes are metallic and holographic. I’m a lot like a magpie – attracted to pretty shiny items. Put me in front of a nail polish display and my choices will all be this type of beauty.  FACE Stockholm isn’t necessarily known as a nail polish company but as of now I proclaim they should be. They’ve come out with a new collection that appeals to the magpie in me and hopefully you.

Face Stockholm

FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm Holographic shades

FACE Stockholm Holographic shades

The collection is called Optical Diffusions and there are 6 Holographic shades. I was sent Aura to sample and it’s totally amazing. When I went to get my nails done there was a woman who had finished her manicure but wouldn’t leave until she saw mine. The polish fascinated her and she was amazed that there is no glitter in it.

Face Stockholm Aura holographic polish

FACE Stockholm Aura holographic polish

FACE Stockholm Aura polish

FACE Stockholm Aura polish

The surface looks glittery but instead it’s a smooth field of intricate color. The main shade is a lavender while the hologram effect comes through with glimmers of pink, blue and gold shining through. In normal light Aura mostly looks like a shiny lavender with interest. The beauty really comes out in bright light though since that’s where you see the holographic beauty of the polish.

FACE Stockholm Aura holographic polish

FACE Stockholm Aura holographic polish

Face Stockholm Aura nail polish

FACE Stockholm Aura nail polish

Aura is a linear hologram that applied beautifully. It looked perfect with one coat but you really need two to bring out the full glory of the radiance. FACE Stockholm polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP. If I have any complaints about these FACE Stockholm polishes it’s “how do you pick just one?” I want them all. These are available at Face Stockholm stores and their website for $16 each. Is there a shade you’d pick? — Marcia

Be sure you click on all these icons to see what all the other Makeup Wars bloggers have chosen. Summer is the perfect time for a manicure so I’m excited to see what else is out there for me!

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  1. That holo is STUNNING! The promo images don’t do it justice. I think I might “need” all of them. LOL At at least the red one and blue one and green one and….

  2. I NEED this!! I would not be able to keep my eyes off my nails if I had this on!

  3. Oh.My.Gawd. That is the perfect freaking holo! wowowowow!

  4. WOW! I need that now!

  5. I really like how Aura looks!

  6. WOW! Now those are amazing holos!

  7. Wow, that’s quite the amazing Holo! I always forget that FACE has polishes.

  8. Love that holo! Wow!

  9. Wow!!! GORGEOUS holograms!!! OMG! I must find these!!!

  10. Wow that’s gorgeous and it looks great with your skin. I love complex colors!

  11. beautyin says:

    Thanks Cindy, I love pinks and purples and sometimes forget how much.

  12. beautyin says:

    @Pammy, I could wear holos every day and not get tired of them.

  13. beautyin says:

    @Phyrra, holos like this are dreams come true!

  14. beautyin says:

    @Christine, I’m about the only one that didn’t pick coral but I can’t help but love holos to pieces.

  15. beautyin says:

    @Perilously Pale, The polish wore as beautifully as it looked. It was perfect for a solid week.

  16. beautyin says:

    @Teri, thanks. I couldn’t stop looking at my fingers.

  17. beautyin says:

    @Brooke, I so agree with you – it’s perfect.

  18. beautyin says:

    @Kelly, it’s such an amazing shade of lilac.

  19. beautyin says:

    @Pink Sith – Face Stockholm needs a good photographer because their items are so much better than they appear on their site.

  20. beautyin says:

    @Eugenia – I drove with my hands in the sun so I could look at the holo.

  21. I had never heard of FACE Stockholm until last week, when I stayed at a hotel that carried it as their go-to shampoo and conditioner. Suddenly I’m hearing about it everywhere! This polish looks awesome.

  22. Nice Holo! I haven’t tried their polishes.

  23. Awesome! So glad companies have figured out how to make awesome holo polishes!

  24. beautyin says:

    @jbrobeck, if anyone knows holo polishes it’s you. I’m glad you like this.

  25. beautyin says:

    @Carleen, love FACE Stockholm products. This is my first polish from them but I’d love to try others.

  26. beautyin says:

    How lucky Elizabeth to see the line in person. I’ve only gotten it online.

  27. Wow, how stunning!! Such a beautiful color! 🙂

  28. beautyin says:

    Thanks @Amber. It’s better in real life.

  29. This brand was one of my first holo polishes. Love it!

  30. beautyin says:

    Thanks Liz. I can’t wait to wear Aura again.


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