Will you listen to the Call of the Wild from Tarte?

Tarte Call of the Wild

If you said the words “Amazonian clay” to people I’m sure that 95% of them would talk about South America, the Amazon River and maybe even the clay in the Amazon. But to the rest of us, the 5%ers, we’d instantly recognize the term as TARTE! We know all about Amazonian clay from tarte and we love it for the properties it has. I’d like to introduce you to one of the newer products from tarte using this ingredient – Call of the Wild; an Amazonian clay 8-shadow collector’s palette.

Call of the Wild


The first thing you notice is the great packaging of the palette. The name is so fitting with the shiny black palette outer palette and the faux fur design. It makes you feel like you are ready to take a walk the jungle with the colors of nature calling you. There are 6 square clay eyeshadows and 2 rectangular clay eyeshadows. Both of the rectangular ones are matte and can be used as base shades or subtle eyelid colors. The squares have 4 lightly shimmered shadows and 2 matte shadows. It’s almost like going from morning to night with the colors.

Tarte Call of the Wild, shades named

Meow – a golden brown that’s a midtone shade. For me it’s a good color to wear on my lower lid especially in the inner corner since it seems to brighten up my face.

Jungle – a simply gorgeous shimmery chocolate that’s perfect as a crease color as well as a liner shade.

Call– a light peach, a shade you’d almost call flesh. The texture of this matte shadow is soft as silk.

Meow, Jungle, Call

Meow and Jungle

Instinct – this is the color I’m sure to use up the quickest. It’s a very lightly shimmered cream shade that works for me on the browbone with every color in the palette. I can use this on my lid, browbone or use it to blend the other shades together.

Wild – this is the darker of the two browns but it’s not a plain brown. It has a lot of purple to its base. In some lights it looks like a dark purple, in some it looks like a dark and beautiful shimmery brown.

Lynx– I’d like to describe this as sand but that’s not quite right since sand to me would glisten and this is a matte. It’s a cross between a very light brown and a light gray.

Call and Lynx on sides, Instinct and Wild squares

Instinct, Wild

Instinct, Wild

Call and Lynx swatches

better swatches of Lynx and Call

Primal – this is a matte gray with a cool almost blue undertone. It’s a medium toned shade though if you pat it on lightly you’ll find it will go on lighter but you can also build up the intensity of it if you wanted. This to me is one of the night colors. It reminds me of dusk.

Roar– is a matte cool dark blue, also one of the night colors. It reminds me of the night sky. It has an almost denim quality to it. One of the ways I like to wear Roar is to pat my brush into both Primal and Roar and pick up both colors; it tones down Roar and gives another dimension to it.

Primal, Roar

Primal, Roar

better swatches of Roar and Primal

All of these eyeshadows go on smoothly without much fallout. Normally when there are as many dark shades in a palette as this one has I find that I get a powdery residue near my eyes when applying those shades. But with an eyeshadow primer there isn’t a lot of that fallout.

“Tarte knows there is nothing beautiful about cruelty to animals which is why all materials are faux; meaning they’re 100% cruelty-free promoting welfare to animals everywhere.” We love tarte for their humane practices and animal friendly stances. We love that their colors are from the earth.

Call of the Wild is an Ulta exclusive and it’s only $36 which is a wonderful price for 8 gorgeous shadows. I think it would make an excellent companion to the Amazon Escape Amazonian Clay Eye and Cheek Palette that Lisa recently reviewed. With these two palettes you’d be able to go off on the trip of your life and never worry about variety in what you wore on your face. Are you feeling the call of the wild or even the tame?? — Marcia

*pr sample


  1. Did you have fun with this one? I adore it. I’ve been wearing Wild SO much lol

  2. This looks so gorgeous and with any Tarte cosmetic, you can’t go wrong!

  3. I have seen this palette around and think it is sooo pretty & sophisticated. So far I have managed to resist it, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out… Thanks for the swatches!

  4. Thanks Heather. You can’t beat Tarte for great palettes at a great price.


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