Taking a dip with Tom Ford Nude Dip eyeshadow palette

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette
Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette

I’m having a summer love affair and I hope it extends into fall and winter. This affair is with Tom Ford’s Nude Dip Eyeshadow Palette. I didn’t want to fall in love, I didn’t even want to meet this guy, I wanted to stick with my beautiful and less expensive palettes. But an $80 Nordstrom Reward certificate was coming to its end date and Helen (Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog) was tempting me as usual with her amazing review. You obviously know what happened which is why you are reading this. I caved and spent that $80 on Tom Ford Nude Dip instead of the shoes I really needed. I ain’t gonna apologize because this is fabulous.

Tom Ford Nude Dip (03) Eyeshadow Palette
Tom Ford Nude Dip (03) Eyeshadow Palette

This is everything I wanted Tom Ford palettes to be and a little more. There are no glitter shades in this but there is a beautiful shimmer to each one of these shadows. My eyes sparkle when I wear this. In my magnifying mirror I do see the shimmer but it’s not fall out shimmer, it stays on my eyes where it belongs. I’ve seen this described as frosty and I guess it can be but you know what – I don’t care!

Tom Ford Nude Dip Top row
Tom Ford Nude Dip top row
Tom Ford Nude Dip Top row
Tom Ford Nude Dip top row

The top row has a light gold and a light rose gold. Both are extremely flattering. I love the sunshine look of these. I’ve worn them each on my eyelid and/or on my browbone. They take my eye makeup to another dimension.

Tom Ford Nude Dip bottom row
Tom Ford Nude Dip bottom row
Tom Ford Nude Dip bottom row
Tom Ford Nude Dip bottom row

The bottom two shadows are a delicious taupe and a darker brown but one that’s not too dark. It fits in with the theme of “nude dip” perfectly. It’s not sooty like some browns can be.

Tom Ford Nude Dip
Tom Ford Nude Dip

These shadows glide on and feel very creamy. I use a brush like MAC 242 and 217 that doesn’t pack these on so the colors stay true. They blend with ease and no matter what combination I use, I’m always happy. The palette is a repromote from 2014 and I am bowing down to the company for this rerelease. It is now part of the permanent collection but I still wouldn’t wait to buy this if you have been thinking of a splurge. After all you don’t want to lose out on the last vestiges of summer beauty at its best. — Marciatom ford nude dip arm

tom ford nude dip open

If you are ready for some amazing pictures please visit Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog to see the glory of this palette by someone who’s a photographer and not a pretender.


  1. The Style Page | 31st Jul 15

    I’ve pinned this to the Neutral makeup and nails board, https://www.pinterest.com/thestylepage/the-style-page-neutral-makeup-and-nails/.

  2. [email protected] | 31st Jul 15

    Helen certainly is a Tom Ford enabler! It’s a gorgeous quad, certainly worth the splurge!

  3. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 31st Jul 15

    ohhh girllll… that is GORGEOUS. Between Helen with TF and Kath with Guerlain I’m so effing broke lol

  4. Jessica | 31st Jul 15

    That rose gold is gorgeous! I am such a sucker for palettes like these, even though I have a *ton* of them. LOL!

  5. Heather | 31st Jul 15

    Oh thanks for the review, I have been eye balling lots of TF beauties and now I know I gotta have them!

  6. Lola Seicento | 31st Jul 15

    I feel completely responsible for being your Tom Ford Temptress! Thank you for your very kind words, and link love! I knew that you would really love Nude Dip though, and it is the one can’t live without Tom Ford Palette in my estimation! Your review is fantastic, as always!

  7. Mandy Chameleon Stampede | 31st Jul 15

    Holy pigment batgirl! I’ve never tried TF, but this palette looks beautiful.

  8. Chelsea | 31st Jul 15

    Ahhh, these look way prettier swatched than in the palette! I mean, the palette is stunning, but it didn’t look like they’d be so gorgeous. LOVE them! I need some Tom Ford in my life.

  9. BeautyJudy | 31st Jul 15

    Oh man. This is a gorgeous palette those shadows are so smooth!

  10. Linda M | 31st Jul 15

    Beautiful colors! Enjoy your splurge.

  11. Julie | 31st Jul 15

    Gorgeous shades! If I didn’t just spend a mess load of money during the Nordies Anniv sale, I’d buy this right now! lol

  12. Valerie C. | 31st Jul 15

    If I had an extra $80., I’d pick it up for sure! I just added it to my wish list.

  13. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 31st Jul 15

    I want this SO bad! Now to get that extra $80……

  14. Phyrra | 31st Jul 15

    It looks so luxe!

  15. Renu | 31st Jul 15

    You are SO making me regret not buying TF eyeshadows – and foundations. I liked three of those quads, and then foolishly walked away. To top it all, TF was about 5 Euros cheaper than in the US.

  16. Erika | 31st Jul 15

    Over, I just fell. I could almost feel those shadows just looking at the pictures.

  17. Anastasia | 31st Jul 15

    Be still my heart, this palette is unbelievably pretty. I’m yet to try anything from Tom Ford, but I think I will start with lipsticks.

  18. Miranda Mendoza | 31st Jul 15

    Oh wow, the pigmentation is outstanding!!

  19. Crzymom | 1st Aug 15

    I just had to click on the link in the email! I haven’t looked at new eye shadow in forever, but I need to check this out!

  20. Bailey | 1st Aug 15

    Gah, such gorgeous shades!

  21. Kath TheFabZilla | 1st Aug 15

    Tom Ford is addicting. Once you pop, you can’t stop!

  22. Nidia - Lit From Within | 1st Aug 15

    One day, I’m going to try Tom Ford. The reviews of his products are always glowing, and seem to be worth the price!

  23. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 1st Aug 15

    These shades are gorgeous. Just the sort of thing I want.

  24. Destany | 1st Aug 15

    What lovely shades! That is a very nice palette.

  25. Lisa Heath | 1st Aug 15

    Such a nice neutral palette! Definitely one I’d use again and again!

  26. Kim | 1st Aug 15

    These are pretty neutral shades. Very pigmented, and if you’re into frosts, perfect.

  27. Brianna | 2nd Aug 15

    WHOA. This palette is incredible. I want!

  28. Color Me So Crazy | 4th Aug 15

    These are gorgeous! They all look so creamy and smooth. Very pretty and now I’m in love with him, too

  29. beautyin | 4th Aug 15

    Tom Ford himself is so gorgeous and this palette lives up to the man.

  30. Sandy Weinstein | 5th Aug 15

    i love nude eyeshadows for everyday wear. i likw the nude dip -03

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