Sunday Riley Lady Godiva and Burnt Eggplant review and swatches

The secret is out and it’s all Lola’s fault. When I first discovered Sunday Riley cosmetics I did searches to see what I could learn about the colors that I should be buying. I found a few blogs like The Beauty Look Book and The Non-Blonde and then I found Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog. Not only did Lola sway my judgment but she led me astray by helping me spend more money to get Barney’s gift with purchases. I must admit I love Lola and my mantra is “whatever Lola wants, Marcia gets”. You need to check out her 6 posts about Sunday Riley eyeshadows to see all her swatches and descriptions. I wish she’d had these before I purchased the 8 that I have now but she’ll help me when I go on my next binge I’m quite sure.

Lady Godiva and Burnt Eggplant

With 32 shades shades of Prismatic Eye Colors Sunday Riley has me intent on starting a collection. Two of my favorites so far are Lady Godiva and Burnt Eggplant. Since I bought my SR shadows just by swatches online I wasn’t sure what I was in for so it was a pleasant surprise to find that I bought some shadows that work together. You can’t tell the nuances of shadow nor the undertones when buying online so luckily I chose well including shadows like these two that work great together.

Burnt Eggplant image from

Burnt Eggplant

Burnt Eggplant is described by Lola as “a silvery purple plum taupe shimmer with a brown base”. Burnt Eggplant isn’t purple on me even though I expected that from its name. Instead it’s brown with a purple undertone. I’d compare it to MAC Style Snob and Satin Taupe. The two MAC eyeshadows  are frostier than Burnt Eggplant so if you liked the color of those but not the finish than Sunday Riley Burnt Eggplant  is a great alternative.

MAC Style Snob, SR Burnt Eggplant, MAC Satin Taupe

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is harder for me to describe but Dermstore calls it a light coppery tan while Lola calls it a rich and complex coppery red brown shimmer. Personally I wouldn’t describe it either way. I see some mauve in it so I’d describe it as a light brown with mauve undertones. It doesn’t show up as a dark shade once on my eyes. Since both Burnt Eggplant and Lady Godiva have some cool undertones they are a delicious match. When on my eyes I feel both are a satin finish, not a shimmer.

Lady Godiva Image from (my shadow doesn't look like this at all)

Lady Godiva and Burnt Eggplant

Lady Godiva and Burnt Eggplant

If you want to know about more Sunday Riley eyeshadows check out my reviews for Pot O’Gold and Siberian Sable HERE  and for Olive Branch and Leprechaun HERE . Sunday Riley products are not only available at Barneys but now Dermstore carries them. The eyeshadows are $26 each. If you discover some you like, put them in your Dermstore favorites list for a future discount. Or wait to see what Lola comes up with from Barney’s as she’s got a secret up her sleeve. What’s not a secret is that these air-milled eyeshadows blend like a dream and are the latest and greatest on the market. — Marcia


  1. Oh Marcia– how do I love thee?! Thank you for saying such lovely things about me and my blog! This is a spectacular review, and your comparisons are amazing!

    How is your mom doing?
    xoxox, Lola

  2. beautyin says:

    I only tell the truth! Unfortunately my love for what you show me continually costs me money. LOL

  3. I am touched! Well, if it makes you feel any better- you enable my obsessions as well! I just did a post directing everyone to this fantastic review!! I also did a review for SR Dimples blush. xoxox, L

  4. Tootsie says:

    You tempt me so much when you review Sunday Riley.

  5. Hi, Marcia, I definitely learned a lot about SR’s skincare over at Lola’s blog. I own some SR lipglosses and tried their foundation, but I haven’t played with the eyeshadows yet. These colors are amazing looking. I must check them out at Barneys next time.

  6. Burnt Eggplant is talking to me!! The more I hear about Sunday Riley cosmetics, the more my lemmings grow. We only have her skincare over here at the moment.

  7. I swear you two are out to get me!

  8. Olivia says:

    For a moment I thought you had some recipes for a post. You have better though, new lemmings for eyeshadows.

    Wait, drats, I am on an eyeshadow no buy. I will put these on my list for next year.

  9. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    You made me guffaw over “Whatever Lola wants…”! Loved the post, love the products!

  10. I love Sunday Riley’s eye shadow in Fools Gold too. It’s a blacken gold. I wish I had bought more than this one shadow when I was in New York.


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