Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Shadow palettes are calling and you want to answer

Rimmel Long Magnif-Eyes Shadow palettes

Rimmel Long Magnif-Eyes Shadow palettes

I have a confession to make. This past winter I splurged and spent a small fortune on two Tom Ford palettes. I was swayed by the beautiful photography I saw online and the descriptions. The confession is that I have worn them so little yet I’ve worn these Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Shadow palettes ($7.99) over and over and over since they were sent to me. I learned a lesson here that I want to pass on. Even though I crave luxury cosmetics, you can find products at the drugstore that are absolutely lovely and that you’ll love.

These are actually called MAGNIF’EYE EYESHADOW CONTOURING PALETTE but that’s too long and unwieldy. The palettes though are not unwieldy. Each has 12 shades that have gradient colors from light to dark. The contouring comes in since the back of the palette shows you that you can look at the palette in terms of lightest for all over the lid or highlighting, medium shades to add depth, and darkest shades for contouring and definition.

Rimmel Magnif'Eyes palette back

Rimmel Magnif’Eyes palette back

Rimmel London created 3 different Magnif’eyes Palettes with 12 shadows each. I have London Nudes Calling and Grunge Glamour and I refuse to play favorites since at that price you can have all 3 if you desire. Grunge Glamour is available at Ulta right now while all three can be found at Walgreens (sale going on now too).

Rimmel Magnif'eyes London Nudes and Grunge Glamour

Rimmel Magnif’eyes London Nudes and Grunge Glamour

Many of the shadows have a light shimmer to them but you won’t find that they are glittery. I’ll attempt to describe the shades.


Rimmel London Magnif'eyes London Nudes Calling

Rimmel London Magnif’eyes London Nudes Calling

  1. light shimmery white
  2. light shimmer gold
  3. light satiny cream
  4. matte beige (blends in invisibly on my eye)
  5.  (out of order on my arm) satin sand
  6. metallic rose gold

    Rimmel Magnif'eyes London Nudes Calling

    Rimmel Magnif’eyes London Nudes Calling

  7. satiny copper
  8. satin taupe
  9. satiny golden taupe
  10. satin chocolate
  11. satin deep chocolate with a hint of purple
  12. lightly metallic bronze

There’s just about every shade you want when you are playing with nudes, even smokey eyes are easy to do. What I love about this palette is that the colors apply well but even more important is that they last. You don’t need another palette to find a base coat or eyeliner since London Nudes Calling has it all!


This palette has a darker feel to it and while there are a few nudes, it goes beyond to help you have more drama aka glamour.

Rimmel London Magnif'eyes Grunge Glamour

Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Grunge Glamour

  1. matte cream
  2. satin very light golden sand
  3. matte flesh
  4. lightly shimmered golden taupe
  5. satin pewter
  6. metallic denim

    Rimmel London Magnif'eyes Grunge Glamour

    Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Grunge Glamour

  7. satin charcoal
  8. matte charcoal
  9. matte milk chocolate
  10. shimmered dark charcoal
  11. shimmery black
  12. almost metallic purple

This is a perfect companion piece too to London Nudes Calling for me since I love the purple with some of the shades in that one.

With an eyeshadow primer these last the day for me. I get a little fallout when I’m first applying but that’s easily cleaned up, other than that they don’t budge or fade. They really stay true throughout the day. While the palette itself doesn’t have the class of a Tom Ford palette neither does it have the price. I am much happier with these two palettes and will make sure I have an eye out for any future editions.  —  Marcia

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  1. I love these colors! What makes them perfect is that they will go with just about any eye color. I have brown eyes and would use just about any of these shades. 🙂

  2. Omneya Andrea Acosta-Dhmaid says:

    Love those pallets, They go together perfect, especially with brown eyes

  3. Paula K says:

    Pretty palettes. I am always worried about drugstore palettes because of color payoff and staying power. But, it’s absolutely amazing how much drugstore makeup has stepped up their game.

  4. Both of these palettes are really pretty and I wear mostly nudes. I’ll probably pick up both of them.

  5. i love the colors! i’ll put these on the list of to-try’s.

  6. I have a couple of these palettes, and REALLY like them a lot! The price point is incredible, too!

  7. These are really well pigmented – such great palettes for $7.99!!!

  8. I really like Rimmel. I think their makeup is a great value. Love the pigmentation on these shadows and all for less than 8 bucks, wow

  9. What a great palette! These colors are right up my alley.

  10. These look like very nice neutral palettes at a good price. I’d pick one up but I’m swimming in neutral palettes. lol

  11. SO many pretty colors!

  12. What nice neutral palettes! I love the pink one.

  13. These are great! I kind of pass by Rimmel but next time I’m at the drugstore, I’ll stop and look.

  14. Which Tom Ford did you buy? I don’t have any of those yet but I did buy the Rimmel with the blue in it.

  15. I was pretty pleased with these, especially for the price.

  16. Sometimes the best items are found right at the drugstore! I have a TF lippie, and I cannot believe I paid $50 for it, so not worth it!

  17. Jana Williams says:

    Hi Marcia & Lisa I You Two Are Having a Beautiful Day Today! Thanks So Much for Sharing Your Thoughts on This Lovely Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eyeshadow Palette, I Really Appreciate it! I Really Love Rimmel Products and I Really Think You Get Great Quality Products for the Price! I’m Not Currently Working So I Really Appreciate How Affordable Their Products Are! My Favorite Eyeshadows are Usually Pretty Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes With Some Shimmer But I Still Love to Play Around With Some Earth Tone Colors & Neutrals From Time to Time! I Love That They Added Some Shimmery Shades in This Palette, They’re My Favorite and I Just Think Shimmery Makeup is So Pretty for Summer! My Favorite Color in This Palette is the Lightly Metallic Bronze But They All Are Really Lovely! Well Thanks Again for Sharing Ladies, I Sure Do Appreciate it! Have a Wonderful Weekend My Friends! – XO, Jana

  18. I’ve seen these in Walgreen’s and didn’t even give them a second look. Now I wish I had. I like those metallic shades.

  19. Wow – I just passed this display in a store the other day and passed right by. I thought to myself… hmmm… haven’t tried anything from Rimmel in ages, I’ll put in on my list. I’m glad I seen this post – I’m truly amazed at the quality. I’ll check it out for sure.

  20. Sherry P says:

    Very happy that you did a swatch for these! I have been eyeing them for a bit now and my Walgreens has them. Thanks!!!