Primarily pastels: 3 eyeshadow shades from Face Stockholm

Days are getting longer, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and it’s finally warm again! I have put away my dark heavy shades and made room for light and airy color options. Face Stockholm is an excellent place to turn for their beautiful palette of fresh, pretty pastel shades, and they sent us some great shades that are perfect for brown eyes.

Face Stockholm pastels 2

Face Stockholm says, “Light lilacs, petal pinks, minty greens, sky blues and lemony yellows, mix to make a smooth and delicious collection of sweet shades that will delight any and every palette with their refreshing versatility.

Subtle and fleeting in nature, these sheer washes of color offer a playful palette that can be ethereal and easy, light and lovely or striking and sultry.”

all the pretty pastel shades!
all the pretty pastel shades!

I love their shade recommendations for different eye colors:

For blue eyes, try blue, buttercup and lavender.

For green eyes, try mint, lavender and blush.

For brown eyes, try lavender, blue and mint.

I have brown eyes, so my blue shade is Pearl Shadow #16 ($19), mint is Vintage Eye Dust ($22), and lavender is Sky Eye Dust ($22).

Face Stockholm for brown eyes
Face Stockholm shades for brown eyes inside!
Pearl Shadow #16
Pearl Shadow #16
Pearl Eyeshadow #16
Pearl Eyeshadow #16

I absolutely adore Face Stockholm pearl eyeshadows. Honestly, I have so many eyeshadows I almost never reach pan…but I can see pan on every single Face Stockholm pearl eyeshadow I own. They go on like butter, and the ‘pearl’ makes them fantastic lid shades or highlighters. They have awesome pigmentation and last all day.

Pearl Eyeshadow #16 is yet another winning pearl shadow –  a shimmery ice blue that is such a happy shade…and it’s a wearable, flattering shade too.  It really does make brown eyes ‘pop’.

Vintage Eye Dust
Vintage Eye Dust

For the mint shade recommended for brown eyes, I went for the Vintage Eye Dust. This is a shimmery minty green with golden tones. Oh my is this gorgeous! It really brings out the green in my mostly brown eyes.

Sky Eye Dust
Sky Eye Dust

For the lavender to compliment brown eyes, I chose Sky Eye Dust. Strange name for a purple shade, but this shimmery blue-lavender is simply to die for.  Just look at how sublime that swatch is! This is a purple shade that even those wary of purple can wear.

great shades for brown eyes:  Pearl Eyeshadow #16, Vintage, Sky
great shades for brown eyes: Pearl Eyeshadow #16, Vintage Eye Dust, Sky Eye Dust

So which shade works best for brown eyes? My eyes are brown with a bit of green, and here is how they look with a wash of each shade:

Pearl Eyeshadow #16
Pearl Eyeshadow #16

You tell me — which shade looks best paired with my brown eyes, Pearl Eyeshadow #16, Vintage Eye Dust, or Sky Eye Dust? And which pretty pastel shades would you choose for your eyes?  – Lisa

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  1. Cindi | 24th May 14

    I really like the Pearl Eyeshadow 16, with your brown eyes~

  2. Erika | 24th May 14

    I have Grey eyes so I guess that they are neutral and I can wear anything? Hee! Hee!

  3. Phyrra | 24th May 14

    I need to try this brand!

  4. Betzy Carmona | 24th May 14

    I lvoe everything pastel

  5. Destany | 24th May 14

    Very pretty and soft look! Sounds like a great brand.

  6. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 24th May 14

    these are absolutely stunning!

  7. Nidia | 24th May 14

    I never would have thought ice blue for my brown eyes, but it looks great! I have to admit, the green is amazing on you – and I want it for me!

  8. Lisa Heath | 24th May 14

    All 3 of these look gorgeous! Loving the green!

  9. Justina | 24th May 14

    I like the vintage!

  10. Leelo R | 25th May 14

    Very pretty eye shadows!

  11. Citizens of Beauty | 25th May 14

    that lipstick is to die for.

  12. Anastasia | 25th May 14

    Beautiful shades, and perfect for Spring,

  13. Cosmetics Aficionado | 25th May 14

    Those pigments are so pretty!

  14. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 25th May 14

    I love Vintage and Sky!

  15. Melody | 26th May 14

    Not sure if I’m a fan of these. I would need to see these swatched with a primer.

  16. Jess Scull | 28th May 14

    These look fantastic!

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