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Pixi Beauty products you need
Pixi Beauty products you need

Pixi Beauty continues to surprise and delight me with the products that they send. These 5 cosmetics will bring you brighter skin, gorgeous nails, and lips & eyes that shine. All of these will give you a special glow.

Pixi Glow Mist
Pixi Glow Mist

Pixi Glow is almost a cult product. It’s one of the most popular products that Pixi Beauty has created. They’ve taken it one step forward now and created Pixi by Petra Glow Mist. This mist works with Pixi Glow but it’s a totally separate product. Its goal is to give you an all-over glow for a radiant, dewy effect. It’s a spray that really works. You can use this before makeup to hydrate, protect and nourish your skin. Or use it after makeup to add a dewy finish. Plus you can use it any time you want to refresh your makeup look and add that wonderful glow. At $15 for this 2.7 oz bottle you’ve got yourself a reasonably priced winner.

Pixi Beauty Fairy Dust in Olive Gold
Pixi Beauty Fairy Dust in Olive Gold

Pixi Beauty makes a pigment product that they call Fairy Dust ($10). There are two new shades added to this collection and they are beauties. First is Olive Gold which I knew I’d love before I even opened the package. Olive Gold is described as “vintage gilded moss shimmer” and that alone made me want it on my eyes instantly. I have brown eyes and I think that the gold with an undertone of green makes for an especially pretty eye.

Pixi Olive Gold Fairy Dust
Pixi Olive Gold Fairy Dust

Another new shade is Silver Glow which is described as “Satin silver with a lavender-gold sheen”.

Pixi Fairy Dust in Silver Glow
Pixi Fairy Dust in Silver Glow
Pixi Fairy Dust in Silver Glow
Pixi Fairy Dust in Silver Glow

I bet that reading the name Silver Glow sounded a bit scary since silver isn’t the easiest shade to pull off once you are over your twenties. But silver that isn’t metallic is a beautiful shade and this has that touch of lavender and drop of gold to make it gleam.

The sponge applicator doesn’t apply on my eyes smoothly so I take their recommendation of using a fluffy brush and use this all over my eyelid as a wash. If I want to get more dramatic I’ll use a mixing medium to darken the silver or I’ll use a charcoal or black in the outer crease.

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Lucent Glow
Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Lucent Glow

While not a new product Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Lucent Glow ($14) is a new shade for me. Actually it’s not really a shade, you don’t want to wear this alone, or at least I don’t. I love Pixi’s lip crayons because they hydrate, are easy to apply, and look good. Lucent Glow is a very light luminous rose gold shimmer in a translucent pink base. This goes well with the theme of GLOW for February’s products. This will look good all year round though and bring a lift to any lipsticks you happen to be wearing. 

Pixi Beauty Amethyst Amore nail polish
Pixi Beauty Amethyst Amore nail polish

For me the star of the show is Pixi’s Amethyst Amore nail polish. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people took my hand over the week I wore this to look at this fabulous deep blue-violet shade. Amethyst Amore is well named since it was instant ‘amore’ with this polish. Pixi wears beautifully on me, lasting a week with no problem.

Pixi Amethyst Amore
Pixi Amethyst Amore

I’ve raved about Pixi many times before and products like these will keep me raving and talking about their virtues. All 5 of these are being used and will continue to be used by me with amore. — Marcia

Pixi Beauty is available at their website as well as at Target stores. These products will be available March 5 at stores but to be assured of getting the products I want though I rely on Pixibeauty.com.

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  1. Eugenia | 23rd Feb 15

    I have a few Pixi products but none of these! That blue polish is really pretty!

  2. Destany | 23rd Feb 15

    LOVE that polish. I’ve also heard such great things about the toner.

  3. Allison | 23rd Feb 15

    I agree, that the blue polish really speaks to me most!

  4. BeautyJudy | 23rd Feb 15

    I was surprised by how much I love Glow Mist, but I don’t know why, since the Glow tonic is part of my everyday routine. The nail polish is so eye-catching, as well!!! Love your swatches of it.

  5. Aleya Bamdad | 23rd Feb 15

    I’m loving that polish!

  6. Nidia | 23rd Feb 15

    That blue polish is stunning! I haven’t tried Pixi’s Glow before, but I’ve heard of it! This mist sounds like a quick way to get a light glow.

  7. Phyrra | 23rd Feb 15

    I need the silver! I love the Pixi Fairy Dusts!

  8. Amber | 23rd Feb 15

    I love Pixi! I’m excited to see some new spring products, yay!!

  9. Erika | 23rd Feb 15

    I have never tried Pixie but those Fairy Dusts and the polish are really speaking to me.

  10. Jess Scull | 23rd Feb 15

    That nail color is giving me life – such a perfect blue shade

  11. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 23rd Feb 15

    Those Fairy Dust’s are gorgeousssss. Obsessed over Olive Gold!

  12. beautyin | 23rd Feb 15

    @Brooke, the silver one is pretty too but I couldn’t get a good swatch. But the Olive Gold is fabulous.

    @Jess, you wouldn’t believe how many compliments I got on this Pixi polish. People would just grab my hand to look.

  13. beautyin | 23rd Feb 15

    Erika, I hadn’t tried the Fairy Dusts before but now that I have I’d like to try more. Olive Gold is so me!

  14. beautyin | 23rd Feb 15

    Phyrra I just couldn’t get a good swatch of the silver. I don’t know why but I love that it has that touch of purple to it.
    Amber, I love that Pixi brings out just a few products each month and doesn’t overwhelm us.

  15. beautyin | 23rd Feb 15

    Judy, Allison, Aleya and Nidia – I think we have a clear winner with the Amethyst Amore nail polish.

    Judy, I hadn’t tried the Glow tonic before but now I want to.

  16. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 23rd Feb 15

    Great stuff, that polish looks beautiful on you!

  17. Justina | 23rd Feb 15

    That nail polish is perfection! The only thing I own from this line is their lip balm. I would love to try more though. Their glow tonic stuff looks fantastic.

  18. Lisa Heath | 24th Feb 15

    I’m a fan of Pixi! Love that polish on you!

  19. Kath TheFabZilla | 24th Feb 15

    Thanks for reminding me about Pixi. Time to revisit this brand

  20. Honeygirlk | 24th Feb 15

    there are a few products I like from Pixi. I got one of their sample Pixi Dusts and love them.

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