Makeup Wars: our favorite Holiday Metallics are ready to shine

This week our group of Makeup Wars bloggers are excited to share with you METALLICS! What a perfect time of the year to bring out the bling. Between the winter holidays and New Year’s Eve we all want to shine in one way or the other. As soon as I found out what our assignment was I ran to my shelves and pulled out my sparkly Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Luminous shadows, my Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Waterproof Eyeshadows, my new Lancôme ‘Color Design’ Infinite Luminous Eyeshadows and my L’Oreal Infallible shadows. Those are mostly metallics and mostly all gorgeous. Then I realized that I had something new to delight you that might make you sit up and take notice.

Sephora+Pantone Universal Precious Metals Shadow Palette

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The Sephora+Pantone Universal Precious Metallic Palette is my choice for favorite holiday metallics. The funny thing is that while I was expecting some eyeshadows I could only wear at night, it turns out that this is probably called the Metallic Palette because of its case. The palette itself doesn’t really have many metallic eyeshadows.

Precious Metals Shadow Palette with the number overlay

Now why am I choosing something not quite metallic for this challenge? First I think you are going to see a lot of sparkle in this topic and not everyone really wants sparkle. Second it’s a terrific palette that will bring you enough looks for the holidays and beyond. You can wear this palette day and night. You can create a neutral everyday look, a slightly darker going out for dinner face, a smokey eye, or a full out holiday look. It’s so versatile!

Sephora+Pantone Universal Precious Metals Shadow Palette

What you’ll find are 35 colors that were inspired by Pantone’s 2013 Plus Series Metallic Book. There’s a variety of finishes from matte to shimmer to pearlescent and finally to some metallic finishes. What I love about this palette is that it is so incredibly easy to use. The 7 rows of shadows are like 7 different palettes in one. Take a row and work from top to bottom and you’ve got a complete look. You’ve got 5 colors in each row so you can play around with just that row and have a perfectly blended combination with one color flowing into the other. Or you can use any of the 35 shadows to create your own look.

Precious Metals Shadow Palette back of the box

I didn’t swatch these all because most of the colors are light and don’t show up well in my pictures. That’s not a criticism though. It’s just a fact. These eyeshadows are not overly pigmented until you get to the bottom. The bottom of each row has deep colors that are great for eyelining or a mysterious eye. I’ve used the bottom shade with each of the 6 looks I’ve done so far as my liner, I put a drop of a mixing medium like Illamasqua’s Sealing Gel in my Mineral’s Mate mixing palette and use that to wet the shadow. I use just a small corner so that I can still use the shadow as a shadow. One thing to note about these shadows is that even though the pigmentation on many of the shadows is very light, they are long lasting. I have been thrilled with the length of time these look good on without needing any touch up at all.

I’ll be happy to do an in-depth review of the shades in the Sephora+Pantone Universal Precious Metals Shadow Palette if you want, just let me know in the comments. I was lucky enough to buy mine during the VIB sale but I’d happily pay the full $48 price. If you are searching for a way to be part of the Metallic crowd then consider this gem of a palette.

Be sure you use the arrows or icons to visit my fellow Makeup Warriors. I’m excited to see what they’ve chosen and which ones I’m going to need to buy myself. — Marcia


  1. Such a beautiful selection of shadows!!! Can’t wait to go check it out!


  3. That’s one beautiful palette!

  4. I haven’t seen this palette–it’s really pretty! Looks really versatile, too. Good pick!

  5. Well this baby is the PERFECT fit for our Makeup Wars. And why haven’t I seen it in stores? *tears*

  6. I was considering this palette when I was buying my Sephora+Pantone nail polishes, but I had heard about the lighter touch of the pigments in these shadows and decided to skip it. But now you are making me want it all over again!!! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful palette!!!

  8. @Pink Sith, you are the one that got me hot and bothered about Sephora+Pantone. There was another palette you liked and I thought about that. Then I saw this and I’m so happy I did. There are a lot of light colors but they all work so well with the darker shades.

  9. This is such a beauty @Brittany. I put everything else aside once I opened my Sephora package.

  10. Thanks @Nancy. Each time I use it I like it a little more.

  11. You’d love it more on your beautiful blue eyes @Gouldylox!

  12. @Brooke, I haven’t been inside a Sephora in a while. I’m so glad though that I got that 20% off in time for this challenge!

  13. Yes, we need an in-depth investigative report on this palette!

  14. I’ll try Ms Cindy. It is working its way into my heart each day.

  15. Definitely a very pretty set of makeup! I love those palettes!

  16. Carleen, this is the best one yet from Sephora+Pantone.

  17. Polarbelle says:

    I agree with Cindy; I’d love to see more of this palette. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. And I’m wishing I’d known during FF. 🙂

  18. Thanks Polarbelle. I’ll hope for some sun this weekend to retake some swatch pictures.


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