Makeup Geek eyeshadows – review and swatches

If you want some fantastic tutorials and fabulous looks, you have to visit Makeup Geek’s blog.  Marlena is simply stunning, and her step by step instructions make achieving even the most complicated combinations pretty fool proof.

Like her high quality tutorials, her cosmetics line is full of gems.  Makeup Geek eyeshadows are affordable (pans are $5.99, compacts are $7.99), and there are 56 gorgeous colors from which to choose.

My pretties!

The pans are big, the same size as MAC eyeshadows but so much cheaper.  They fit into MAC palettes, although I love my Z Palettes (which you can also buy at Makeup Geek’s store).

My Makeup Geek eyeshadows in my Z Palette

The texture is flipping awesome. They are smooth and creamy, they go on like silk.  And they are super highly pigmented, plus they blend like a dream.  These eyeshadows last and last, even on my oily eyelids.  I love, love, love these eyeshadows.  Trust me, you want some of these, and there are so many great colors to collect.

Here are some of my favorite shades for a pretty autumn look.


Bling is a frosted slightly warm ivory.

Bling swatch

This makes a gorgeous lid shade, especially for deep set eyes.  It really makes your eyes POP, and the shimmer is beautiful and not too over the top.

Shimma Shimma

Shimma Shimma is a metallic champagne.

Shimma Shimma swatch

Shimma Shimma leans brown, while Bling leans yellow.  Shimma Shimma is also an excellent lid color, and I love it for the brow as well.


Glamorous is a shimmery bronze gold.

Glamorous swatch

Oh my, it doesn’t get much more gorgeous than this one.  It’s such an amazing color on, and it’s perfect for fall.


Twilight is a pale shimmery muted purple.

Twilight swatch

Jaw droppingly gorgeous.  This is a wonderfully unique color that pairs with so many other shades – gold, green, brown…it really makes hazel eyes pop.

Bada Bing

Bada Bing is a deep brown with flecks of gold.

Bada Bing swatch

As a big Sopranos fan, I absolutely love the name!!  This is a stunningly pretty deep brown that is very versatile.  It’s dark enough to work as an eyeliner, and it can be packed on for glamour or sheered out for a more subtle look.

Makeup Geek eye look:  Shimma Shimma, Gorgeous, Twilight, Bada Bing, and Bling

Makeup Geek eyeshadows come in a variety of excellent colors, they have wonderful texture and tons of pigment.  I highly recommend that you take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed in these awesome eyeshadows!!  – Lisa

*pr samples


  1. These are such gorgeous shades!

  2. Glamorous is beautiful! I’m a sucker for a gold/bronze shadow. Loving the lashes by the way.

  3. Love the shades you chose, I’ll have to try this line.

  4. Love the colour Twilight! 🙂

  5. I just recently discovered MUG shadows too, and have been very impressed. All the shades you selected are GORGEOUS yet amazingly none of the same that I picked, so these definitely gives me ideas for my next order.

  6. Thanks for the review! I’ve watched Marlena’s tutorials for a couple of years now, but I’ve never purchased any of her products. I wasn’t sure if they were high quality or just a cheap line she added her name to. I think she does great tutorials, and I’m glad to see an impartial review of her makeup line. I’m heading over there today to look at the products and place an order! (BTW….I’m new to your site as well! I come by way of Pink Sith. I couldn’t see where to sign up for email updates though. Could you send me a link or the location on the website?)

  7. Ann Welcome to Beauty Info Zone. I sent you an email about subscribing. There’s a box towards the bottom on the right side for subscribing.
    Meanwhile we love the MakeUp Geek eyeshadows. I too was afraid that they wouldn’t be the quality I expected but that fear was quickly gone. I have another review coming up with more of the eyeshadows.


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  2. […] Info Zone has discovered Makeup Geek eyeshadows and can’t stop thinking about what they want to buy […]

  3. […] Info Zone has discovered Makeup Geek eyeshadows and can’t stop thinking about what they want to buy […]