Make Up For Ever Spring 2013 Technicolor review and swatches




It sounds like a massively pigmented color-saturated eyeshadow parade, especially from Dany Sanz, one of the best color experts in the industry. There are some good things about this new Make Up For Ever eyeshadow palette, but it was a challenge for me as I’m not quite as young and daring as I used to be.

Is it as good as it looks?

Is it as good as it looks?

The Technicolor palette is mostly matte eyeshadows with one shimmer eyeshadow, plus some mini brushes.



The brushes are typical mini-brushes. While the bristles are soft, they aren’t densely packed, so they are good for travel but probably not what you would choose for everyday application.

first four

Left to right:  Black (04), Yellow (Juane), Apple Green (91), Turquoise (72)


Black (04), Yellow (Juane), Apple Green (91) and Turquoise (72) swatched

Black (04) – I like this shade because it can be used as a liner, or sheered out into a grayish black that isn’t too intense. This is great over the Chocolate Brown shade to define the crease, which is how I often find myself using it.

Yellow (Juane) – why is this the only shade with a real name?? Ok, name confusion aside, I was excited for this color. Yellow shades brighten up deep-set eyes, so I was geeked to try this. The texture is somewhat powdery, and on me it wore off unevenly. I wanted to love this but it just didn’t work for me, I think it’s just too warm of a yellow to go with my skin tone.  So bummed! I will keep trying, there’s got to be a way to make this work for me.

Apple Green (91) – This is a very bright apple green.  Because I am a big chicken, I use it sparingly, and I find it looks great along the lash line with a black liner over it.

Turquoise (72) – This is a very pretty but somewhat powdery bright blue.  If you like to experiment with bright colors, this one will make you happy – it’s definitely technicolor!  I have seen some amazing pictures of people who use this as their main shade in eye looks, but that’s not something I could ever get away with.  I have learned that at my age, the brighter colors are best used sparingly.  Doing so is flattering and will really update your look without making you look like you are trying WAY too hard.

next four

Left to right:  Lilac (116), White (00), Chocolate Brown (17), Beige Shimmer (126)


Lilac (116), White (00), Chocolate Brown (17), Beige Shimmer (126) swatched

Technicolor is an interesting palette in that all shades are matte except for one.  Beige Shimmer seems a little lonesome in the sea of matte eyeshadows. That said, the Beige Shimmer has my favorite texture of all of them!

Lilac (116) – I love purple eyeshadows, and I was surprised at how sheer this one is.  Even those of you who are afraid of color will like this, it’s actually quite subtle.  My swatch is super dark to show the color, but to get that much on your eyelid you would really have to pack it on.

White (00) – I love this, it’s a real winner. This is a sheer white with a creamy texture, it blends beautifully.

Chocolate Brown (17) – another winner for me.  I love brown shades, and this is a fabulous medium brown that is one of those staple shades everyone needs. The texture is beautifully smooth and it plays well with all sorts of other colors.  I am super happy to have this color and have such plans for it!

Beige Shimmer (126) – this is my favorite shade of them all.  Beige Shimmer has a slightly peachy cast to it, and it’s beautiful on, it really brightens up the eye.

Black, Chocolate Brown, Beige Shimmer, White

Black, Chocolate Brown, Beige Shimmer, White

For the eye look below, I used the shades swatched above.   I used Beige Shimmer on the mobile lid. I put Chocolate Brown in the crease, then followed with a thin line of Black in the crease and down the outer edge of the mobile lid. I used White on my brow and the inner corners. I need to give a quick shout-out to my fabulous friend Olivia (gorgeous inside and out!), her amazing tutorials are the best – look HERE.  I also used Make Up For Ever Kohl Liner in Black on my waterline and looking back I wish I had lined my upper lid.

there are bright spots to this palette...they just aren't the bright colors!

My Technicolor eyes using the softer shades

All the colors except for the yellow shade are in the permanent collection, although buying them individually is more expensive ($20 per shade versus $45 for the palette).   I like that this palette has encouraged me to be more daring. I tend to play it safe with neutral colors so it’s nice to have some brighter colors challenging me to grow a bit.  How about you, are you up for trying some bright shades for spring?  – Lisa

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was afraid of this palette!