L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows return with more love

What a treat to be the first one to massacre a cosmetic display, especially when it’s something you’ve been looking for. I’ve previously reviewed L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows when I found them in Canada. This time I found them in the US at Rite Aid and was thrilled. Unfortunately I didn’t have my cell to capture a picture of this undisturbed display but I brought home a little part of it to share with you. These are $7.95 each (there can be slight differences between stores plus there’s often sales or money back)  and there are 12 shades. My Canadian purchases were navy, green and reddened black. This buy contains more neutrals. Bronzed Taupe is the one I was most looking forward to getting. I also picked out Amber Rush and Eternal Sunshine. And then a few days later went back and bought Iced Latte and Eternal Black.  I bet that doesn’t shock anyone who’s followed Beauty Info Zone!

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows

The US version is almost identical to the Canadian version but the spelling is slightly different (Infallible in the US and Infaillible in Canada) also the color names aren’t the same. I didn’t examine all the names but I did notice that the greens looked similar though the US might be greener and not as dark. The US one is named Golden Sage and the Canadian version is Permanent Kaki. The packaging is identical. No matter the spelling or names, I’m just happy to have a less expensive version of this type of hybrid shadow.

These have that unusual crossbreed texture – not quite a cream, not a powder. They feel quite velvety. While you can use your fingers to apply them I prefer a brush especially one that’s fluffy like the MAC 217. First, with longish nails it’s very hard to pick up the color, second I prefer having the control of a brush.

These last amazingly well. Sometimes I’ll use a primer under them but if I’m in a rush I don’t bother and there’s very little difference. They really do last the day. As they meld with the oils in my eye they become a little shinier but they don’t become creased.

Colorwise my favorite is Bronzed Taupe, but that’s no surprise. Two of my favorite colors blended together to bring one pretty shade. When wearing these shadows I prefer to wear them alone on the lid with something subtle on my browbone. Bronzed Taupe has the number one spot. On my eyes it appears as a golden taupe.

Bronzed Taupe

Bronze Taupe

The hardest one to capture in a photo is Amber Rush. In some lights it photographs too dark but it’s actually a beautiful midtone shade of copper with a touch of rose to it.

Amber Rush

Amber Rush

Bronzed Taupe, Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush swatches

Looking at Eternal Sunshine and Iced Latte just through the packaging they appear similar but they look totally different once on. Eternal Sunshine is a beautiful golden shade that is so well named. Iced Latte has a warm white tone to it and looks fabulous on my browbone.

Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine


Iced Latte


comparison of Iced Latte & Eternal Sunshine

The reason I bought Eternal Black (besides the BOGO ½ sale the second time I went to the store) was that these make outstanding eyeliners. Eternal Black is the one with glitter and sparkle. It will make a fabulous smoky eye. For me though I prefer to use it to line my eyes, the little bit of sparkle just draws someone’s eyes in.

Eternal Black and Iced Latte

Iced Latte and Eternal Black swatches


Eternal Black

Obviously with 8 of these shadows in my collection, you know I’m recommending them. I still enjoy my Armani and Chanel ones and will eventually review the ones I haven’t shown yet, but it’s hard to beat a $7.95 cost for a product that is almost identical to the ‘high price spread’. — Marcia


  1. I have a few and they are great. Now I want Amber Rush after seeing your pictures. Great descriptions.

  2. I just bought these too! Thanks for the great ideas on how to use them. After seeing your swatches, I might need some more colors! 🙂

  3. I got Bronzed Taupe and Eternal Sunshine–big shock huh? These are very nice, I’d like to find Amber Rush.

  4. I didn’t realize how much I liked these until I saw I had accumulated most of them. I think I need 3 to finish the collection. If L’Oreal comes out with LE colors, well I am there to get them!

  5. Will someone please tell me how to apply these shadows? Is the best application achieved using fingertips, brushes or sponge-tipped applicators? I have a few and tried once with my fingers (it’s a grey”ish” shade (Stormy, maybe?), and I thought I applied too much. It set so quickly I couldn’t buff off the excess. Love the colors and love the idea but not sure how to apply properly.

  6. Some people use fingertips, some use a sponge type brush but I LOVE the MAC 217. I thought I mentioned that in the review. I love the way the color applies with that brush and I can control it. My nails are too long for fingertips personally.

  7. Bronzed Taupe is my favorite! But I’m really loving them. I’m very much on the fence about the Maybelline Color Tattoo and my upcoming review next week will show that.

  8. I really like those colors and the texture and pigment looks amazing!!

  9. Bronzed Taupe looks utterly gorgeous, I saw it in stores but was a little iffy about picking it up. Now I know that I have to go back to get it!

  10. This is the first I’ve heard of these. Of those reviewed bronze is my fave but amber rush sounds very intriguing. A lemming is born.

  11. Very pretty colors!

  12. So pretty, so unfair that the only seem to have 4 shades available over here!

  13. I have Bronzed Taupe and Perpetual Purple. Both are so pretty! Do you have any tips on how us gals in America can get a hold of the Canadian versions? I’m really lemming Sahara Treasure and have only seen it online. I don’t live anywhere need the Canadian border so driving isn’t an option :).

  14. I wish I’d bought Sahara Treasure when I was in Canada. Other than finding someone that lives in Canada and begging them for help, I don’t know what to say.


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