L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows got me again – Golden Emerald and Liquid Diamond swatches and review

“Calling Marcia, calling Marcia, this is your conscience speaking. What did I see you put in the cart at CVS? Did you really need that? Could you really afford that?”

“Dang, caught again. Yes I ‘needed’ it. Yes I can afford it. After all I used coupons.”

“Marcia spill the beans and tell everyone what IT is and let them judge.”

“Just two L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. Only two. They were $8.39 each. I had a $2 off $10 beauty purchase coupon and a $5 reward certificate and 25% off. So that $16.78 became $12.28 minus the $2 and minus the $5 equaling $8.28 and then there was $5 back for the future. That’s only $3.28 plus tax Ms Conscience. Remember, I don’t buy Starbucks so that’s my vice.”

“Well okay, I’ll let you go this time but spill the beans (and not coffee beans) and tell us all about the ones you bought.”

I have to say I’m magnetically attracted to the formula of L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. These shadows are a hybrid formula – a little bit cream and a little bit loose powder. They are pressed and you need to keep the inner lid so they don’t dry out. I’ve blogged about them twice – once before they were even available in the US and again as soon as they became available. I’ve bought others that I haven’t written about too. It’s not like they get worn that often either but whenever I need a quick look I love having these in my drawer to pull out. This summer they’ve come out with 6 new “fall” limited edition ones and I was really careful not to overbuy. The two I bought are Golden Emerald and Liquid Diamond. But I had others in my hand and put them back. I decided I just didn’t need another brown so even though I went shopping with the intention of getting Bottomless Java I didn’t buy it. See, I can resist (for now).

L’Oreal Infallible in Liquid Diamond

Liquid Diamond is a light silver with hints of purple which is why I decided I “needed” it. It was that purple that made it different from the others. Liquid Diamond is lighter than I anticipated it to be. To get an intense swatch I used my finger but when I then swatched it on my arm I realized that it was lighter than expected. Depending on how I apply this shade the color changes. It can be used wet to intensify the color. I prefer to use an eyeshadow primer with this formula since I think it makes the shades last longer, the colors truer and of course keep the creasing away.

Golden Emerald is brighter than I typically wear but the green was just too pretty to pass up. It has a light gold undertone to it. This shade is much more intense than Liquid Diamond and shows up well with little effort. Using a brush I get a darker look than if I use my finger. It’s darker than Golden Sage and a little more kelly green rather than a forest green.

One caveat with these shadows is that they are all sparkly and they seem to become a little more sparkly as the day wears on. It could be that the more your eyes move (blink) you are spreading the sparkle or it could be that the oils from your skin make them appear more glittery. I know I complain about sparkle often but I have exceptions to every rule and these two Infallible Eyeshadows are an exception to the rule.

How did I do Ms Conscience??? – Marcia

p.s. To see all 6 of the new shades check out xSparkage

p.p.s. Prices are all over the place on these. L’Oreal recommends $7.99 but I’ve seen them online at a variety of prices. Plus the sales at drugstores are usually great so if these interest you I’d watch for the specials.


  1. I find myself looking for the new shades all the time. It’s such an interesting texture. I like the silvery one and need to find that now.

  2. beautyin says:

    I’m dying to get the new bronze one. If there’s a special I’ll buy it for sure. They make pretty liners too.

  3. I love these! I own six of them and have to stop myself from buying more. I just love the color payoff and the glitter. I just love shimmery eyes!

  4. I have been looking for the Liquid Diamond all over the place! Still on the hunt….

  5. beautyin says:

    I went to half a dozen stores before I found it Andrea. And then of course I found it at another store shortly after.

  6. beautyin says:

    I’m too old for the shimmer but I don’t care. I love these!!

  7. I just bought two more today myself…a deep dark blue and a dark purple. For Vegas, baby!!! I have that green and it’s just so beautiful!

  8. I just bought these same two, as well, LOL. I, too, had other colors in hand, but put them back, since I have similar shades already. I’m thinking these two will look absolutely *gorgeous* together…

  9. beautyin says:

    Amy, buying these two have restarted my love for the Infallible and I’m wearing others in my collection. Liquid Diamond looks really nice with a lavender eyeshadow if you are mixing/matching.


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  2. […] L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows keep getting prettier and prettier. Beauty Info Zone wants to share some of the Fall 2012 shades to see if you’ll “fall” for them too. […]

  3. […] L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows keep getting prettier and prettier. Beauty Info Zone wants to share some of the Fall 2012 shades to see if you’ll “fall” for them too. […]