IT Cosmetics Superhero™ cosmetics make my day

No surprise to find out that I’m a fan of IT Cosmetics, as a matter of fact I think every blogger I know is a fan of the brand. Cruelty-free, anti-aging, some fabulous buys, and innovative products make it a unique cosmetic company that I find so reliable.

IT Cosmetics Superhero: mascara, liquid eyeliner, Eye Transforming Super Palette

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In the Superhero family there’s the wonderful Superhero mascara, Superhero eyeliner (a black liquid liner), and Superhero™ Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette. That mouthful is what we’re concentrating on today and that you’ll be wanting to add to your eye wardrobe.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette

IT Cosmetics Superhero Anti-Aging Super Palette (from

In this delightful palette you’ll find 12 eyeshadows: a set of Superhero Nudes, a trio of Superhero Neutrals, a line up of Superhero Liners, and 3 eyeshadow base shades. Mix and match or use the shadows in their grouping for dozens of combinations.

What makes this so special is that Jamie created this palette with plastic surgeons. She aims for anti-aging products for us and these shadows are formulated with hydrolyzed collagen, silk, peptides and antioxidants, plus innovative Superhero Pigment Power Technology™. They are very long lasting, don’t fade away, aren’t powdery, and don’t have shimmer yet they stand out.

Superhero nudes

Confidence eyeshadow base and Nudes in Limitless, Powerful, and Aura

The Superhero™ Nudes contain a light tan, a peach cream and a bright/beautiful milk chocolate. These can be worn alone for a no makeup look or do what I do and combine them with the Neutrals. Confidence is one of the top Eyeshadow Bases and it has a very light peach undertone to it.

Superhero™ Neutrals

Pow! Eyeshadow Base and Superhero™ Neutrals in Unstoppable, Superstar, and Fearless

The Superhero™ Neutrals go beyond neutral in my opinion. These are the ones I’ve worn the most. They make great crease colors with any of the eyeshadow bases or with the lighter nudes. Unstoppable is a golden shade that I love on my lid. I think it brings out the gold in my brown eyes. No shimmer though so it’s not garish. Superstar is a taupe with a purple undertone.  Fearless is the brightest of the bunch since it’s a copper and is very pigmented. Pow! is the eyeshadow base above it in the palette and it’s a light creamy nude.

IT Superhero™ Liners

Magical Eyeshadow Base and Superhero™ Liners in Bold, Daring, and Superhero

The Superhero™ Liners are matte shades that have super pigment. These can be used as a contour shade easily or as an eyeliner. They can be used wet or dry. Bold is a beautiful blue that’s not quite navy, it’s more of a dark denim. Daring is brown but it has a little bit of red undertone making it not “boring brown”. And Superhero is a charcoal that’s almost black but not harsh in any way. Magical is the eyeshadow base above it that I like as a lid shade. I think it looks fabulous with Fearless in the neutral section.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Anti-Aging Super Palette

There’s a great brush that works well with this palette and other eyeshadows that is bundled with the palette on QVC. I was amazed to see the price together as $39.54 since the palette sells on Ulta and IT’s website for $42.

IT Cosmetics brush

The one I have isn’t exactly the same but very close. Mine is the Heavenly Luxe No Tug Dual Eyeshadow brush while QVC has a Superhero Dual Eyeshadow Brush. The brush has one end for lining and the other for sweeping color on your lids and for blending. Here’s what Ulta has to say about the Superhero brush:

“To experience your Superhero eyes, use the eyeshadow brush end to apply your all-over shadow. Slide up the brush base one click to buff in your crease shadow. For added definition, slide up the brush base another click and smudge shadow along your lower lash line. To finish, use the angled eyeliner brush end to effortlessly apply your liner.”

IT Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette

What a buy! And what a way to pamper your eyes with anti-aging ingredients to help you conquer the world with your Superhero powers.  —  Marcia


  1. I got super excited when I saw the name “eye foundation ” and the shade Confidence because I thought it would be a coverup. Pretty palette but I’m looking for a substitute for Bye Bye Redness that’s way too yellow. Pretty cool toned palette though

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  13. Shilpa Shetty says

    Nice eye-shadow shades and also the IT Cosmetics brush

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  17. Melissa Storms says

    Very pretty shades. I need this in my life mostly because of the formulation.

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    That’s a great palette!

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    I love the setup of this palette. Especially the three shadow foundations.

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    This Palatte is gorgeous and with the antiaging benefits how can you go wrong. I would love to get one for my daughters and myself. Thanks for the great review.

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