Gabriel Cosmetics knows eyeshadow!

Gabriel Smokey Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio

Gabriel Smokey Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio

I can’t resist eyeshadow — ever! When Gabriel Cosmetics offered to send one of their three eyeshadow trios it took me no time flat to say yes and to pick Smokey Shimmer. I may be old but I hope I’m never to old for a little bit of shimmer in my life.

Gabriel Cosmetics box

Gabriel Cosmetics box

The back of the Smokey Shimmer Trio from Gabriel Cosmetics tells a lot about what makes this company special

> Gluten Free – there’s a lot of talk about gluten in food but not enough in other types of products. If you really have Celiac Disease or others that prohibit gluten in your life then finding a product without gluten is very special.

> Cruelty Free – see that bunny? That means it’s certified to be a cruelty free product.

> 100% Vegan – not enough brands are like this

> Eco Friendly packaging – “PELASPAN™ BIO packaging peanuts are made from 100% biodegradable material. Vegetable starch. PELASPAN™ BIO is totally biodegradable without any risk of ground water contamination.

> Made in the USA

Gabriel Cosmetics Smokey Shimmer e/s trio

Gabriel Cosmetics Smokey Shimmer e/s trio

There are three eyeshadow trios available from Gabriel. Two are all matte (Classic which is a matte nude and Smokey which is a matte grey) and the one I have called Smokey Shimmer and is described as a grey shimmer. But when you look at my pictures you’ll see that there’s only one grey shade and that’s the only one that has shimmer to it.

This is one of the easiest trios to wear. I love wearing it together but I enjoy switching out the grey shadow for a fun brown from my collection too. I included this in my Top Ten Summer Beauty post this week because I know I could wear this a lot all summer and I’d happily pack it to go away for a weekend.

Gabriel Smokey Shimmer shades

Gabriel Smokey Shimmer shades

The shades are a baby soft pink that you can build up if you want. I have worn this as both a lid and brow shade. There is the teeniest amount of shimmer in it but you need a magnifying mirror to see it. The bottom shade is my favorite. It’s a tan with a touch of gold and has a satin finish. I love it for the way it brightens my eyes. I’m sure that’s the shade that will be used up first since I keep reaching for it. The middle shade is a grey that almost looks green in my pix. It’s the shimmer shade but it’s a grown up shimmer. It’s not chunky, it doesn’t have fall out.

under artificial light

under artificial light

in natural light

in natural light

The trio is called Smokey Shimmer because of this grey shade but if you look at my swatches you really don’t see shimmer. That’s a plus in my book. All three shades have an easy to blend texture and wear throughout the day without touch up. You can change up eyeliner colors to make this have different looks, making this $24.50 trio more versatile.

Gabriel Cosmetics are carried on their website as well as many health food stores. Whole Foods carries the line in stores as do similar markets. Now that you know about Gabriel Cosmetics beyond all the love that their lip products receive, it’s time to check out their eyeshadow trios. I hope they make additional trios in the future. Do you see this in your future? — Marcia

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  1. That bottom shade looks absolutely amazing! I know I’d be reaching for it all the time.

  2. I can’t resist eyeshadow either – especially when they throw in colors that go well together. Will be passing this along to some of my friends who love vegan makeup!

  3. I’m actually very shocked that this trio is $24.50 as at first glance it looks like a drugstore compact, to be honest! But when you get into the ingredients and the environmental considerations it’s definitely set apart from drug store makeup!

  4. It’s weird that they call it shimmer since only one has shimmer, but for me too it’s a plus. I love my palette. When I reviewed mine, a number of women mentioned that the palette looked like Almay or Neutrogena’s packaging and that they got sticker shock when they saw the price. And I am wondering now why Gabriel didn’t create a more unique and expensive-looking palette. That said, I love Gabriel’s much-better-for-you-and-the-environment products!

  5. It almost looks like a khaki set. I like it!

  6. I need to try this brand. I have been wearing pink on my lids a lot lately.

  7. I’m not familiar with this brand. The trio looks nice!

  8. Those three shades are beautiful, especially the bottom shade!

  9. I really like this trio! That middle color looks like a great teal, and the shimmer tan looks almost like a duochrome. Very pretty!

  10. I love that middle grey shade! It looks like a gorgeous trio in all!

  11. Jess Scull says

    Wow! Those are so pigmented!!

  12. This looks like a gorgeous shadow trio!!

  13. These look amazing and definitely something I would wear often. Gluten isn’t something that is concerning to me but it’s great that they offer a gluten free option for people that need it.

  14. That’s a pretty trio! I have a matte neutral that is going up, soon. It’s really nice.

  15. That khaki/gold is so pretty! I love that they have eco friendly packaging…everything helps!